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(Salon)   Drug companies spend more on ads than research   ( divider line
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816 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jul 2001 at 9:05 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-12 09:53:52 AM  
Oh no! A business its spending its resources as it chooses!

2001-07-12 10:41:25 AM  
The pharmacutical companies make the tobbaco industry look like saints
2001-07-12 10:48:01 AM  
Yeah, I would rather have polio or smallpox than see those capitalist pigs make a dime
2001-07-12 10:54:10 AM  
I don't remeber anyone biatchin about prices, untill the bastards got the o.k. to advertise to the public. Hell, why bother with R&D. It may or may not pay-off, just advertise your cheapest to make shiat, pump up the price and let the money come to you.
2001-07-12 11:16:07 AM  
The article is a little off. It's probably closer to 10x on the advertising than 2x. I interned at a pharmaceutical company for a while.

A bottle of name-brand aspirin in the store (discounted) at the time was ~$10. The exact same bottle in the company store was $1.37. I tend to doubt they are taking a loss on the materials in the company store.
2001-07-12 11:36:41 AM  
DrDave nailed it. These guys are the scourge of the earth. Have you noticed what drugs these guys are advertising for? "We can help you with your (pick one: hair loss, weight gain, mild anxiety, allergies), at the cost of 'certain side-effects'. They aren't curing cancer or AIDS, or even working on any dibilitating health issues. They are marketing life style drugs and making a killing at it.
2001-07-12 12:34:32 PM  
DaveX is correct. We're not talking about smallpox or even AIDS here. What irks me are the ads touting a cure for something that probably shouldn't even be considered a problem in the first place. For example, there's a heavily advertised drug out there for treating a fungus that turns toenails yellow. Apparently you need to take it for weeks or months to be effective.

I'm also annoyed by ads for Nexium "the purple pill" that makes it sound like the Second Coming. All these colorful pills gives me worrisome visions of Brave New World.

2001-07-12 12:46:04 PM  
Not to be the defender of the drug companies, but their choice of products to advertise makes sense. They are working on cures for cancer, but why would you mass market advertise "Ask your doctor about our new treatment for non-hodgkins lymphoma". There aren't enough people to make it worth the cost. They do advertise drugs to alleviate some side effects (anemia) common to many chemotherapies, because there are enough people with the problem to make it worth the cost.
2001-07-12 02:18:14 PM  
Economic point well take, Mudphud, but I guess the larger question is "What is wrong with our society when we put a price tag on everything?"
2001-07-12 02:29:21 PM  
Personally I hate the drug ads on TV. The science of medicine is far too complex to be pushing the choice of prescription medicine (especially for things like depression, arthritis, and high blood pressure where the side effects and drug interactions can be very complex) upon the consumer and not the professionals.

I have a rare blood disorder and have seen ads on television that target it... and still I'd rather talk with my doctor who actually understands the disorder than take my life into my hands and play guesswork with my medication.
2001-07-12 05:48:05 PM  
Hmm. Why should everything have a pricetag?

I guess because if everything did not have a pricetag then we would live in a socialist nightmare society where we all stand in line and wait for our allotment of bread. But at least we would all be equally pathetic.

Cripes. If the drug company wants to invest in a cure for back hair and people want to buy the product why can't we be happy that we live in a country that allows this freedom of trade? Why do we have to act like we are so morally superior to those who go to work because they...gasp...want to make money?

If you are so unhappy with capitalism I know of a country called Cuba where you can go live in a cardboard hut and eat rocks.
2001-07-12 06:26:58 PM  
No, if nothing had a price tag, we would live in a communist country. Communism, however, doesn't exist. It's a nice little fairy tale like Cinderella or Jesus. If communism wasn't totally against human nature, I'd say go for it.

However, how does maybe asking our public health providers to be more responsible equal socialism? You'd think a healthy populace would be a benefit for even the most cutthroat capitalist society. Are you suggesting we eliminate all social safety nets and programs? Ask any sociologist how much a strong infrastructure adds to a society.
2001-07-12 07:18:51 PM  
I am saying that private drug companies should be able to do what they want with their resources without us wringing our hands and whining about it. I pay plenty of tax money for social safety nets and programs. Too much, in fact. And private drug companies do too. Now you think that they should give their products away for free too?
2001-07-12 11:32:51 PM  
Pardon me DaveX. Just because some of his students called him Messiah dosn't mean Jesus wasn't a great teacher, like Muhammad, Ghandi, Confucius, King, (et al). All "prophets" of the time were called miracle-workers by their followers.
2001-07-13 12:49:05 AM  
Speaking of drugs, has anybody seen the chatbot on Realllllly messed up. Scary.
2001-07-13 03:40:32 AM  
?socialist nitemare society ? WHY NOT , the corporate billionares and farkin' politico's are livin in tier Marxist utopia , so why not us, BAD SPELLERS OF THE WORLD UNTIE !
2001-07-13 04:33:18 AM  
Rant of the Day:

Sometimes i wished i knew truly important stuff, like the fact people can get rich by making stupid descisions. Ooh wait, that's already invented, it's called politics. No system is perfect.
2001-07-13 08:04:10 AM  
The only people who are better off in a socialist nightmare society are the BELOW AVERAGE PEOPLE. Everybody else loses opportunity to get ahead. As that opportunity is lost, so is the opportunity to make any social, medical, technological or scientific progress.

Our country will suck. Just like Cuba, China and Russia. And liberals want to take us there.
2001-07-13 08:38:26 PM  
Well said, Ham.
You're rivaling Demosthenes as my favorite Farker.
2001-07-14 01:27:45 AM  
drugs are expensive, let's not forget that.. i'm forgoing my anxiety medication because I cant afford it. I could always bounce a check to get it.. (bad)... steal it (bad) or live without it and suffer.. (best choice, but i'm suffering).... I have no problem with advertising, but, god damnit, when there are ppl are suffering and their putting top money into advertising for celebrex... I mean, jesus, it's not like ppl can go and just buy these things outright! and docter's wont prescribe something cuz their patient "saw it on TV and it looks like it might work".. granted, it might help in the way if the dr overlooked it, but, that's a rarity...
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