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(St. Petersburg Times)   Guy builds $90-million media empire copying other artists' work. He would have gotten away with it too, if not for those meddling internet kids   ( divider line
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2007-05-09 12:59:36 AM  
Damn You Guy that builds $90 million media empire! You were supposed to be a delinquent teacher!
2007-05-09 1:00:23 AM  
Scooby seen sulking as he didn't get mentioned.
2007-05-09 1:02:05 AM  
Boo Hiss!

The deviant teacher trifecta would have started this day off right damn it!

2007-05-09 1:03:13 AM  
This was newsworthy... when it happened.
2007-05-09 1:03:26 AM  
This is just barely making news?
2007-05-09 1:03:32 AM  
I've never liked this guy's crap... too cute & "clever" by half. Good to see confirmation of his douchebaggery.
2007-05-09 1:04:01 AM  
Wow. This got to Fark way later than I thought it would.

It's been all over SomethingAwful for about a week now.

Schmorky (the original artist) is a regular there.

You can find links there to support him, if you wish.
2007-05-09 1:05:16 AM  
Eric Bauman?
2007-05-09 1:07:58 AM  
submitter: artists'


2007-05-09 1:08:12 AM  
Gratz to Schmorky over at SA for getting recognized and pulling down some cash for getting his work stolen. His Flash Tubs always make me point and shake like the deaf-mute kid after he sees the dog run into the wall.
2007-05-09 1:08:21 AM  
BoingBoing (.net) has a great collection of the pictures he ripped off and his "modifications."

I'm to lazy to post a link.
2007-05-09 1:09:44 AM  
too lazy to type an extra "o," too
2007-05-09 1:10:35 AM  
I RTFA yet... Eric Bauman i assume?

/hes prob the biggest douche in the internet universe
2007-05-09 1:11:06 AM  
$90 million is a lot of farking money.

Too badd he spent it all on on capping his teeth, fake tan, and hair plugs.

Vanity, thy name is this douchebag:

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-09 1:11:11 AM  
Angry hipsters, unite!!!!!! Now you will have to find some other place to get your ironic slogan message tee to wear with your converse and girls jeans!!!!!!

/enjoy your PBR
2007-05-09 1:11:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I think this picture is the "public shaming" they were talking about.
2007-05-09 1:12:42 AM  
RadioactiveApe beat me too it.
2007-05-09 1:12:51 AM  
Who cares, he stole and now the guy he stole from is going to be a millionaire after doing nothing more than drawing some crappy cartoons.

Yeah the guy that stole them is a jackass but he turned these pathetic cartoons into a $90 million empire. The other guy clearly had neither the no how or the talent to make it work and now he's getting a huge payday.

I'm sure the original artist is quite happy.
2007-05-09 1:12:55 AM  
Grade a douchebag.

2007-05-09 1:16:50 AM  
Never heard of this guy or his stolen t-shirts. Am I just out of touch or something?

/probably needs to spend more time in Hot Topic.
2007-05-09 1:17:11 AM  
I'm don't understand why the artists this fark-o ripped off aren't making more of a stink. I imagine that they are entitled to a sight more than the 15k from the oil paintings and a half-assed apology; "I thought your work was in the public domain."

/Is car theft only punishable by internet shaming now?
2007-05-09 1:17:34 AM  
Um... this is old news. And was linked by Fark to SA a few weeks ago... when it was actually current and relevant and people were finding other blatant ripoffs.

Cue the "Old News Is So Exciting" guy.
2007-05-09 1:20:43 AM  
Old news indeed, but it bears repeating to get the word across that this guy is a thief as well as an all-around ass.
Here's a profile of his art-stealing (pops).
2007-05-09 1:22:27 AM  
Who cares, he stole and now the guy he stole from is going to be a millionaire after doing nothing more than drawing some crappy cartoons.

Yeah the guy that stole them is a jackass but he turned these pathetic cartoons into a $90 million empire.

While the terms weren't disclosed, I doubt the settlement broke even half of a million dollars.

An empire built on theft deserve to be toppled -- just because the original artist wasn't Mr. Merchandising (didn't have $250,000 given to him by his father -TFA) doesn't justify his comics being stolen.

There's more to this debacle though, when the news first broke... Goldman had written up a form letter for everyone that e-mailed him about this saying, "I get my inspiration by drawing the works of a pedophile." So, there were grounds for a serious defamation of character type suit here as well. Not to mention the business of sending out porn (which his email also had linked) to minors and such.
2007-05-09 1:23:11 AM

More douchbaggery, a complete list of plagarism. It's several hundred images....the artist who sued him just started a line.

\Sounds like eric bauman
2007-05-09 1:24:15 AM  
"A University of Florida graduate, Goldman started his T-shirt company, David & Goliath, in 2000 with a $250, 000 loan from his father."

Typical Clearwater trust-fund-trashiathink I dated his cousin.

/When I was younger and stoopider
//I dumped him
///still get random emails from the dude.
2007-05-09 1:25:07 AM  
If Shmorks would only give up the closet-furry-who-hits-on-juvenile-internet-girls thing, we'd have a completely unambiguous good-vs-evil battle to watch.
2007-05-09 1:26:19 AM  
The only clever shirt I have is an Initech one. I bet this guy prints it and he stole the logo.

2007-05-09 1:27:20 AM  
trintrin: Here's a profile of his art-stealing (pops).

2007-05-09 1:27:44 AM  
Eric Bauman?
Puff Daddy?
2007-05-09 1:29:00 AM  
cancerous86 2007-05-09 01:07:58 AM
submitter: artists'




plural. RTFA.
2007-05-09 1:29:39 AM  
My sis just got me a "chillin with my gnomies" hoodie for my birthday. Guess it's heading for the back of my closet on top of the Maroon 5 CD from grandma.
2007-05-09 1:29:41 AM  
He needs to go down for fraud.
2007-05-09 1:29:42 AM  
old news? how about who gives a farking shiat news?
2007-05-09 1:29:48 AM  
I thought this story was going to be about eBaum when I read the headline.
2007-05-09 1:30:10 AM  
I thought it was Puff Daddy too!
2007-05-09 1:31:04 AM  
Okay, I've been barely following this story, but from what I understand, he stole ONE drawing. ONE singular drawing. Does that make it right? No. It doesn't. He's a douche for profiting off of something sent into his inbox. He didn't even LOOK to see if anyone could lay claim to it.

THAT BEING SAID, the headline and much of the ensuing internet spectacle has been extremely, overwhelmingly stupid. Okay. We get it. He's a horrible, horrible person. But he didn't build his "empire" on stolen work. He stole ONE piece. It was a mistake. He was a douche about it in the way that he has basically blamed all but himself since it began, but it still stands that everything is settled, it was one piece of art that has been circulating forever. It is a pretty common Livejournal icon, so who knows who sent it in. But this is such old goddamn news and it is so overblown. Internet kids cry way too much.
2007-05-09 1:31:26 AM  
another one bites my dust...
2007-05-09 1:31:46 AM  
Analogy: I thought this story was going to be about eBaum when I read the headline.

God, I hoped someone was going to bring that bastard down. But nope! He lives.
2007-05-09 1:31:56 AM  
Wait, so this thread isn't about Carlos Mencia?
2007-05-09 1:33:57 AM  
He stole ONE piece.

2007-05-09 1:35:55 AM  
He did not steal just ONE piece. His entire line if you look at the linkaboe that shows every goddamn thing he ever has done is a "derivative work"

Hes stolen bits from School House Rock, from an Intel commercial from many other web artists.

Stumbs.. you shot your mouth off while knowing Jack and shiat about the situation. Good job idiot.

And its "news" again because the settlement came out just yesterday.
2007-05-09 1:36:10 AM  

Look at the list in the link provided above. He didn't take one he took HUNDREDS!

\The true evil empire is the yankees
\\it doesn't matter anyway because he's already 97 mil up
\\\i wish i had 250k to start a business.
2007-05-09 1:37:38 AM  
Stumbleine: from what I understand, he stole ONE drawing. ONE singular drawing

See trintrin 2007-05-09 01:20:43 AM above.
2007-05-09 1:39:25 AM  
Rob Liefeld is next!
2007-05-09 1:39:34 AM  
Springy23: Wait, so this thread isn't about Carlos Mencia?

I thought so too for a flash and then thought "Carlos Mencia and $90 million just won't ever go together in the same breath"
2007-05-09 1:39:45 AM  
theteal1: It's been all over SomethingAwful for about a week now.

It's been all over SA and other places for weeks
2007-05-09 1:41:41 AM  
The guys at Penny Arcade have some more light to shed on Goldman's douchebaggery:

"Todd" (poppy)
2007-05-09 1:44:04 AM  
Reached last week, Solomon said his client had made an honest mistake.

"The guy knocked it off, but he didn't do it on purpose, " Solomon said.

I like the use of the term "honest mistake". What could be a more honest mistake than passing off someone else's artwork as your own and making a ludicrous profit from it? He didn't mean to do it, after all, it just happened. It's reminiscent of that time Ken Lay accidentally misled shareholders about the value of Enron's stock, or when Dick Cheney mistakenly claimed Saddam had WMDs.
2007-05-09 1:44:28 AM  

Yeah, I realized my mistake after posting... Didn't feel like correcting it with another post.

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