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(KATV)   Teen girls no longer wanting all A's. Now looking for some C's and D's   ( divider line
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36081 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2007 at 1:56 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-05 03:04:44 AM  
Here's a thread that will be useless...

Just getting it out of the way.
2007-05-05 03:24:13 AM  
I can understand if a girl was lopsided, I mean, most people at that age are so body conscious anyway that a situation like that would be hell, anything else and its just stupid.
2007-05-05 03:53:03 AM  
CD's nuts
2007-05-05 10:04:31 AM  
I find the most erotic part of the woman is the boobies.
2007-05-05 11:33:33 AM  
Teen Breast Implants Triple Nationwide

Eccentrica Gallumbits, you have a call on line one. Eccentrica Gallumbits to the white courtesy phone, please.
2007-05-05 12:32:49 PM  
Teen boys still looking for T & A though.
2007-05-05 01:59:49 PM  
When will people realize that fake tits are ugly and totally, obviously fake?
2007-05-05 02:01:00 PM  
Golf clap to the subby
2007-05-05 02:02:50 PM  
What these girls don't realize is how painful any breast surgery is. I didn't have implants. I had a large tumor removed from my side & under my pectoral muscle. My husband still has to be careful about the way he touches me and the surgery was in December 05.

Avoid breast surgery if you can.
2007-05-05 02:04:31 PM  
wow nothing like a girl butchering herself just to make herself feel more accepted to her other 15 yr old peers. Think of how much more popcorn her girlfriends will give her on a friday night because of her stylish alteration. Man wouldn't that make her future husband proud.
2007-05-05 02:04:38 PM  
Here is where we go either down the sophomoric humor path (Agrees with Klyde: Golf Clap for subby) or we go the moral high ground and talk about how people are putting to much stress on looks, celebrity worship, etc.

Me, I prefer anything that can get a laugh and a golf clap.
2007-05-05 02:04:50 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new large boobied teen overlords (overlordesses, overladies?)
2007-05-05 02:05:04 PM  
I think most women are probably slightly lopsided. My ex g/f was, though it was only noticeable if you were looking for it or aware of it really. Basically one bra size was slightly tight one side, and the next one up was slightly loose on the other.

But is it really worth surgery to fix it?
2007-05-05 02:05:11 PM  
I'd post some pictures, but they'd just get shot down by the mods...
2007-05-05 02:05:12 PM  
tumor was benign...size of small Nerf football.
2007-05-05 02:06:03 PM  
Great headline, subby
Bad idea, girls

/loves natural boobies, big & small
2007-05-05 02:06:53 PM  
My girlfriend (who wasn't at the time, though I knew her) had C's by 14, and DD's at 16. No implants for her, just awesome genes.

/I fear the droopage though :(
2007-05-05 02:07:24 PM  
Since when did people start calling boobies "shoes"? I'm so out of touch.
2007-05-05 02:08:00 PM  
Free the cleavage!!111
/but keep 'em natural
2007-05-05 02:08:36 PM  
I know I'm a freak, but I'll just come out and say it. The smaller, the better. I like my wimmins nice and lean, with small tits. They have a lot more energy in the bedroom, fellas. Trust me on this.
2007-05-05 02:09:08 PM  
The pornstars of tomorrow, today
2007-05-05 02:09:33 PM  
But, but, but they're really good for a girl's mental health. Just look at Anna Nicole Smith.
2007-05-05 02:10:22 PM  
Therion: The WHITE courtesy phone, please.
2007-05-05 02:10:41 PM  
GIS for lopsided boobs
2007-05-05 02:13:59 PM  
The one thing I asked of my wife, as a favor to me, was that she is free to get anything pierced or tattooed except the nipples. Some things cannot be improved upon. Everything else is fair game.
2007-05-05 02:16:14 PM  
What kind of indulgent parents would fund anything that wasn't a deformity? My mom wouldn't even buy me undies that didn't come in packs of 6.
2007-05-05 02:17:06 PM  
FTA - "The number of teen breast implant surgeries nationwide has tripled in the past decade"

...and yet they fail to give an exact number.

wtf kind of story is this?
2007-05-05 02:18:14 PM  
lordargent: "CD's nuts"

*golf clap*

2007-05-05 02:19:12 PM  
HTML except for images. Who woulda thunk it?

See girls? Don't do it: you just end up NSFW!
2007-05-05 02:19:28 PM  
I think I speak for all men, or at least all men who have appeared on Dateline, when I say that anything that makes teenage girls look better is a good thing.

Unfortunately, breast implants are not one of those things.
2007-05-05 02:20:45 PM  
Ahhhhhh . . . gummi Venus di Milo.
2007-05-05 02:21:20 PM  
HTML enabled, except for images

Pre-emptive strike?
2007-05-05 02:21:46 PM  
whenever I see karge breasts on a woman I get irritated. Small is good. A handful is perfect.
2007-05-05 02:22:31 PM  
Also, mandatory, proving women are neurotic mentalists.
2007-05-05 02:22:38 PM  
i love a cups :)
2007-05-05 02:23:20 PM  
From article:
If they're not emotionally and physically ready for it--they think that it's going to be a quick fix, like going to make them popular in school, or they're doing it for their boyfriend--that's not the reason to do it.

There are other reasons for getting implants??? Health issues???
2007-05-05 02:23:25 PM  
Trust This Girl
GIS for lopsided boobs

You know, normally I wouldn't... but for some reason I trust you.
2007-05-05 02:24:03 PM  
UKerupt: FTA - "The number of teen breast implant surgeries nationwide has tripled in the past decade"

...and yet they fail to give phone numbers.

2007-05-05 02:24:35 PM  
If I had an educational and totally relevant pic of surgically enhanced teen boobies, I wonder if it would be allowed in this thread?
2007-05-05 02:26:35 PM  
After breastfeeding, some women wish to enhance what once was there. I for one love all boobies, real faux or real. I like stick-built homes and I also like pre-fab. See? It's all good.
2007-05-05 02:27:02 PM  

If I had an educational and totally relevant pic of surgically enhanced teen boobies, I wonder if it would be allowed in this thread?

That's a judgement call, you'd have to send me them by e-mail before I can make a decision.
2007-05-05 02:27:43 PM  
So basically, this thread is useless.

(period, not ellipsis)
2007-05-05 02:27:48 PM  
Dumb girls. Boobs don't make you popular. Being HOT is what makes you popular!

Go fix that deformity on top of your neck first before cutting up your boobies.
2007-05-05 02:27:58 PM  
NEWSFLASH: Males like small boobies, too.

The most farked up thing about the concept of a teen girl getting breast implants is the possibility if her body was set to develop big ones later, anyway...
2007-05-05 02:27:59 PM  
You FARKers of a certain age are slacking. Now repeat after me: MORE THAN A MOUTHFUL IS WASTED!! Girls, ladies, women; if your bf/gf wanted to chew, suck or fondle a BAG of goo, we'd go fill a ziplock w/ cooking oil and play with that. geeeeeeeze peeps, givit a rest. Please?
2007-05-05 02:28:27 PM  
2007-05-05 02:28:44 PM  
yaanu: Just follow Prime Minister Botha.
2007-05-05 02:28:46 PM  
in even a situation involving a minor deformity Dr. Yee advises parents not to mention it. Instead let your daughter talk about it when she's comfortable.

I can't possibly imagine myself talking to my teenage daughter and specifically bringing up the topic of her breasts with her. "Sooo... **takes a sip of tea** ummm... How are those boobies coming along? You okay with their size? Firm enough? Anything about them crushing your self-esteem?"
2007-05-05 02:29:29 PM  
Small titties FTW
2007-05-05 02:30:07 PM  
Triple breast implants? WTF, two is enough.
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