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(KUTV Utah)   Mitt "flip flop" Romney changes his mind about his favorite book. Apparently it's not "Battlefield Earth" like once thought. Anyone wanna guess what it REALLY is?   ( divider line
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20194 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 May 2007 at 8:33 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-04 04:45:16 PM  
"The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli?
2007-05-04 04:48:08 PM  
My Pet Goat
2007-05-04 04:49:09 PM  
Geez. If he was going for sci fi, he could have at least picked Orson Scott Card.
2007-05-04 04:49:31 PM  
Without RTFA... The bible.
2007-05-04 04:50:34 PM  
2007-05-04 04:51:42 PM  
Easy. This one.
2007-05-04 04:52:21 PM  
Illuminatus Trilogy?
2007-05-04 04:52:42 PM  
"Without RTFA... The bible."

I came in here to say the exact same thing.
2007-05-04 04:53:31 PM  
Ender's Game?
2007-05-04 04:54:25 PM  
2007-05-04 04:54:51 PM  
You know, I don't want to vote for a pandering opportunist. So, if it comes down to Hillary vs. Mitt, am I SOL?
2007-05-04 04:55:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-04 04:56:18 PM  
A flip book?
2007-05-04 04:57:05 PM  
Romney later clarified, Battlefield Earth is his favorite novel, the Bible is his favorite book.

Geee, Romney, not only are you a flip-floper and a liar, you have no imagination at all. Booo.
2007-05-04 04:57:29 PM  
Hop on Pop?
2007-05-04 04:57:57 PM  
TFA: "What is your favorite fitness activity?"
Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Walking fast

Yes, yes, Dennis: it's having a sense of urgency that's going to get you a good cardio workout.
2007-05-04 04:58:11 PM  
Which book is more violent and poorly written?
2007-05-04 04:58:37 PM  
Book of Mormon
2007-05-04 05:02:04 PM  
What an utter farking non-story. What's the point of this "article" again?
2007-05-04 05:02:40 PM  

I noticed that too.

I think "Walking fast" is code for "I don't do shiat", since anyone who "walks fast" as a workout would say "speed walking" most likely.
2007-05-04 05:02:41 PM  
"Exceptions to Commercial Zoning Variances For Cook County, ILL, '87" is my fave book.

I can only go at most two pages before I start masturbating.
2007-05-04 05:03:09 PM  
content.answers.comView Full Size
2007-05-04 05:04:37 PM  
How to sleep at night?
2007-05-04 05:07:33 PM  
Shiat, if you're going to claim a SciFi book as your favorite, at least have the common sense to choose something by Heinlein.

/<i>The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress</i>
2007-05-04 05:13:05 PM  
Leather Love?
2007-05-04 05:29:36 PM  
kucinich.usView Full Size

Don't worry, I am sure Dennis is getting plenty of physical activity at home
2007-05-04 05:31:41 PM  
Mitt "flip flop" Romney

His real nickname is "Multiple Choice" Mitt Romney
2007-05-04 05:36:26 PM  
Who farking cares?

I'm just glad that douchebag isn't in the corner office up on Beacon Hill anymore.

Anyone who votes for that incompetent stuffed shirt is a moron in this MAsshole's opinion.
2007-05-04 05:44:02 PM  
Joseph Smith: After Dark

What do I win?
2007-05-04 05:55:36 PM  
Cheerleaders in Chains?
2007-05-04 05:57:21 PM  
Oh, wait. I thought I was supposed to name MY favorite book.
2007-05-04 05:59:50 PM  
Must be another poorly written novel, like a bible
2007-05-04 06:08:51 PM  
Can we please rip on a candidate for something substantive, for once?


Well then.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2007-05-04 06:17:59 PM  
Jesus, what an unmitigated whore. Fark you, Mitt.
2007-05-04 06:35:21 PM  
I am tired of politicians being criticized for shanging their mind. Don't we all do that through life? People claim politicians change their mind "conveniently". I'm sure, though, a lot of politicians change their minds in inconvenient ways, except that those politicians don't usually stay in office.

The point is, some people change their minds from a formerly advantageous position to a currently advantageous position without regard for the advantage, but for personal reasons. But anything for sensationalistic politics and journalism, I suppose.

/citizen of MA
//Prez Mitt? DO NOT WANT
2007-05-04 06:37:27 PM  
What's more saddening is the fact that he finds a book by a hack Sci-Fi writer to be his favorite.

Who cares that he started Scientology, he was a shiatty author. But he had his own Navy, and that my friends, will win you the wife of a rocket scientist. (See Jack Parsons)
2007-05-04 07:07:03 PM  
"Atlas Shrugged"?
2007-05-04 07:45:08 PM  
Even some supporters say the book about aliens enslaving humans seems an odd choice.

"It's almost as bad as him saying the Book of Mormon was his favorite book. It would work for Mormons but scare a lot of the non-Mormons," said Craig Thorne.

I thought it would be tough to follow up "Even some supporters say the book about aliens enslaving humans seems an odd choice" with an even more bizarre quote..

but yeah.. thanks for your support Craig. Mitt's gonna put something special in the next jello mold he sends you.
2007-05-04 07:46:21 PM  
Wait a minute.. I just realized it.. Mitt Romney is the Manchurian Candidate for the evil aliens. After all, his full name is Mittard Grayalien Romney.
2007-05-04 08:36:46 PM  
Anyone with that lack of discretionary taste shouldn't be leading the country. Alien brain wave food for thought.
2007-05-04 08:37:22 PM  
Our Bodies, Our Lives.
2007-05-04 08:37:39 PM  
Obama is our next president. The hoops angle will get a huge youth vote.
2007-05-04 08:38:05 PM  
I would have guessed:

"Can you hear me God? It's me, Margaret"
2007-05-04 08:38:18 PM  
anybody REALLY give a shiat?
2007-05-04 08:38:48 PM  
At least he didnt say A Signal to Noise by Eric S. Nylund.

The US and China relations in that book would make him look bad.

Oh wait... THAT Battlefield Earth?

Yea.. he is screwed.
2007-05-04 08:43:07 PM  
The hoops angle will get a huge youth vote.

You know he's only half a hoop, right?

He's also half taxpayer.
2007-05-04 08:43:16 PM  
Oh Please, as a good Mormon I'm sure he meant to say Ender's Game.
2007-05-04 08:43:26 PM  
A collection of Mapplethorpe's works?
2007-05-04 08:43:34 PM  
jeebus, please tell me he didnt say Battlefield Earth was his favorite book. thats more disturbing than choosing the bibble.

/ dnrtfa
// also guessed the bible
2007-05-04 08:43:46 PM  
Battlefield Earth is a good book.

So fark off, you farking farkers.
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