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(Hot Air)   A quick note about the Digg revolt and DMCA from Drew. Link goes somewhere, check it out then see thread for Drew's comment   ( divider line
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2007-05-02 9:34:32 AM  
Here is Fark's stance on this issue:

We're not a silicon valley venture-capital funded behemoth startup. Fark is self-funded and run out of my living room. They have parties with limos and live bands out there, while here in Kentucky I get pretty excited when I find a new bourbon at the store around the corner.
Fark isn't in a financial position to stand up and take on the DMCA/MPAA/WTFOMG in a head to head legal battle, they'll crush us into fine paste. I can however say with confidence that the DMCA is a load of crap, the MPAA and their attorneys are douchebags, and someone needs to take them down. More power to Digg, if we can help we will. We just can't take point on this one. Digg has millions of VC dollars in their bank account, they're in a much better position than us to take this one on. Go gettum guys.

(Btw this does mean we'll have to continue deleting posts and links containing the code until some BS politico in Washington changes that BS law. Please don't post it thanks)
2007-05-02 9:37:26 AM  
makes sense.
2007-05-02 9:37:43 AM  
Love ya Drew!!!

(Psst - DUKE SUCKS!)
2007-05-02 9:38:18 AM  
Understood this all along.
2007-05-02 9:38:33 AM  
Tell us how you really feel Drew
2007-05-02 9:38:37 AM  
Good attitude, shame that you're not in a position to go along with them, but them's the breaks.

I wonder if slashdot will? I saw two articles on their front page earlier that have been tagged with the key.
2007-05-02 9:38:45 AM  
You know, if I had a dollar for every time someone broke a silly rule, I'd totally have like 13,256,278,887,989,457,651,018,865,901,401,704,640 dollars.
2007-05-02 9:38:51 AM  
If you want to post the code or participate, go to slashdot or digg. Or get it tattooed on your head. Or a bumper sticker.
2007-05-02 9:39:10 AM  
This is why I love Fark :) 09F9 forever!!!!
2007-05-02 9:39:49 AM  
I could totally go for some bourbon.
2007-05-02 9:40:23 AM  
Dammit... I missed the first memo.

Whatever you say Drew... it's your house. Thanks for letting us play.
2007-05-02 9:40:30 AM  
What? My $5/mo doesn't go toward hookers and blow? I'm disillusioned.
2007-05-02 9:40:54 AM  
I like fark more than large primes.
2007-05-02 9:41:05 AM  
Candor appreciated, Drew. This battle will get interesting.
2007-05-02 9:41:10 AM  
The current spasm on Digg is pretty much a perfect storm of Nerd Rage.
2007-05-02 9:41:16 AM  
I have no clue what the code is and I ain't gonna fark about posting fake ones either!
2007-05-02 9:41:47 AM  
Mmmmmmm bourbon.

/Still like Tennessee Whiskey better
//But Makers is like heaven in a bottle
2007-05-02 9:41:55 AM  
2007-05-02 9:42:03 AM  
Drew: we'll have to continue deleting posts and links containing the code until

Dude, you realize you just kept the mods busy for the next 18 hrs in this thread alone, eh? (I counted three smart-asses already, before I posted this.)

/Quick everyone! Time for the naked clown wrestling now that Drew's distracted.
2007-05-02 9:42:29 AM  
werd, drew. I want to get into the film business, and hate the mpaa as well. that should say a lot about them.
2007-05-02 9:42:46 AM  
You know, with all the good publicity Fark has gotten in the past year or so, I think some had forgotten that fact, Drew. Thanks for reminding us. :)

On a side note, I had no idea this was going on. Shows how much I pay attention, eh?
2007-05-02 9:42:51 AM  
Amen, Drew.
2007-05-02 9:42:51 AM  
I tried to go to a few times, but FARK is soooo much better.

2007-05-02 9:42:51 AM  
The same idiots up in arms about censorship over a "numbers" are the same idiots acting like monkeys in cage throwing their own poop around, over numbers.

Take your number, STFU, and watch a farkING DVD
2007-05-02 9:43:06 AM  
Drew: Digg has millions of VC dollars in their bank account

Jesus Christ...they're working for the Viet Cong?!
2007-05-02 9:43:14 AM  
Way to pick your battles to fight drew. Let this one go, pick a battle that involves boobies, the ha ha guy, squirrel nuts, the o'rly owl, and the redesigned fark.

/maybe the last isn't that important
2007-05-02 9:43:15 AM  

I wasn't told there would be clowns. Naked wrestling, for sure. But no clowns.
2007-05-02 9:43:27 AM  
I respect that sentiment.
2007-05-02 9:43:33 AM  
This was pretty obvious from the beginning. I am shocked at digg's comepletely huge balls on this issue. Serious props and good luck to them. The outright pirates make it hard for legitimate reverse engineers genuinely interested in the exchange of knowledge to operate. DMCA needs to be scrapped and retooled into something realistic. If I own a game or movie and I want to decompile it, examine it, and mod it, I should be able to.
2007-05-02 9:43:50 AM  
Although I applaud and support Digg's actions, I have a feeling that they themselves will be "crushed into a fine paste" by the MPAA and they will cease to exist. Digg might have millions of VC in the bank, but that's just a molecule on top of the tip of the iceberg as far as what resources the MPAA has. So long, Digg.
2007-05-02 9:43:50 AM  
Drew: Kentucky I get pretty excited when I find a new bourbon at the store around the corner.

Me favorite new bourbon is the one that I drink until I piss myself...UH OH!

Seriously...Maker's Mark is like candy for drunks.
2007-05-02 9:44:26 AM  
What exactly is the BS law that Drew speaks of?

I read the link and can't find that info.
2007-05-02 9:44:45 AM  
The REAL decrypt keys:

iddqd idkfa
2007-05-02 9:44:45 AM  
My sympathies lie with Kevin on this. He's being accused of censorship, a charge that really only ought to be leveled at the government and only when censorship is actually occurring, when all he's doing is abiding by intellectual property law.

Well, it is censorship... but it's justified and it's his goddamn website, he has no obligation to allow (silly, but) illegal content on the site. He also isn't depriving his readers of access to that information, should they choose to host it elsewhere.

/censorship != violation of first amendment, unless it's the govt
2007-05-02 9:44:47 AM  
You know your business is in trouble when you are in a battle over people posting lists of numbers in the age of high speed internet.
2007-05-02 9:44:56 AM  
Drew: Digg has millions of VC dollars in their bank account

Viet Cong money? I knew they were communist. I knew it.

OlafTheBent: Whatever you say Drew... it's your house. Thanks for letting us play.

And sorry about the carpet stains. It really was vodka. I swear.
2007-05-02 9:45:02 AM  
Digg to users: You'll get over it.
2007-05-02 9:45:02 AM  
Anyone notice this "Drew" guy has 4333 approved links!!?!?!?!

I suspect he's giving sexual favors to the admins ;)
2007-05-02 9:45:08 AM  
Rose couldn't let Digg become the place where the HD-DVD code got out.

The code has been out for months. Author of TFA has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

That said, I appreciate your comment for us, Drew, and I understand and agree with your position.
2007-05-02 9:45:10 AM  
So I RTFA and just wondered... wtf does any of this have to do with Web 2.0?
2007-05-02 9:45:11 AM  
marcwithac: /maybe the last isn't that important

You'll get over it.
2007-05-02 9:45:18 AM  
Seriously, am I the only person on the internet who fails to see why this is a big deal? I've seen the code, I have it, and I don't know why I should care.
2007-05-02 9:45:35 AM  
2007-05-02 9:45:37 AM  
I left the code in my other underwear.

/am I wearing underwear...
//good stance for FARK
2007-05-02 9:45:48 AM  
2007-05-02 9:45:51 AM  
4 8 15 16 23 42

2007-05-02 9:46:06 AM  
2007-05-02 9:46:46 AM  
The "it's just a number" angle people are taking on this seems odd to me. I'm sure Drew would delete a post with someone's credit card number, ATM PIN or password, those are just numbers too.

(and yes, I think the limitations on fair use of DRM is a bad thing)
2007-05-02 9:46:58 AM  
Action Replay Nick

For once I agree with you, the law should absolutely not be complicit in restricting what people can do with media they've paid for.

There were already rules about distribution. Those ought to be enough.
2007-05-02 9:47:08 AM  
Someone once said that locks are there to keep honest people honest. There's no way that they can come up with a workable encryption scheme that can't be broken by people who want to break it, just like you can't keep burglars out of your house, but you CAN make it as difficult as possible for them to get in.
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