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(Chicago Breaking News)   Chicago teen arrested over an essay. Police insist they can arrest someone if his writing "disturbs" someone else. In related news, death warrant issued for Stephen King   ( divider line
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2007-04-26 5:38:55 PM  
While i don't necessarily agree with the concept of home-schooling, it is starting to become quite an attractive option for my child.
2007-04-26 5:51:09 PM  
Well, at least if this kid *does* go on a shooting rampage, we can cite the exact day and time of the stupidity that triggered him.
2007-04-26 7:48:08 PM  
Once again, teachers are too stupid and overpaid for their own good.
2007-04-26 8:23:41 PM  
Ah, it's over-reaction time again. Isn't it always over-reaction time?
2007-04-26 8:27:44 PM  
"I refuse to turn in my homework on the grounds it might incriminate me."
2007-04-26 8:42:26 PM  
Even more proof that if they want you to arrest you, there is always a way.
2007-04-26 9:21:32 PM  
*Cheers for freedom of speech*
2007-04-26 9:23:08 PM  
Al, I'd like you to meet Mike Diana. Mike, Al.
2007-04-26 9:23:08 PM  
asinine tag?
2007-04-26 9:23:16 PM  
I am a founding father of America, and I am getting a kick out of these replies.
2007-04-26 9:23:36 PM  
Why do I have the feeling that some day I'm going to be telling my grandkids what free speech was like?
2007-04-26 9:24:08 PM  
Yeah, let's give him a reason to REALLY hate the school he attends. ARREST HIM!
2007-04-26 9:24:18 PM  
Also, obligatory "he'll get over it."
2007-04-26 9:24:48 PM  
Hal5432, your post has disturbed me. The cops should be at your door any moment.
2007-04-26 9:26:03 PM  
Am I the only one here thinking: LAWSUIT?
2007-04-26 9:26:37 PM  
"...The Aristocrats!"
2007-04-26 9:27:09 PM  
"I'm not going to lie. I signed the petition," said senior James Gitzinger. "But I can understand where the administration is coming from. I think I would react the same way if I was a teacher."

God I farking hate this saying. I remember telling people how much I hated it 4 years ago and everyone was like "what? nobody says that."

2007-04-26 9:28:23 PM  
Oh no, he's asian and he wrote an essay that was somehow disturbing! Arrest him, he will surely go on a shooting rampage just like that other kid.
2007-04-26 9:30:17 PM  
Arrested for writing an essay?

What country is that? Not America, probably China.
2007-04-26 9:30:51 PM  
After reading Fahrenheit 451 20 years ago I thought it was a crock of shiat. I mean the Amercian people would never allow our blessed rights to be thrown away...
Now 20 years later I guess we are seeing the steps that will one day lead to massive book burnings.
Soon we'll be submitting pics of the Statue of Liberty with an Ironic tag.... that is if Fark doesn't get taken down before that!
2007-04-26 9:31:30 PM  
From TFA:

Our staff is very familiar with adolescent behavior

They should be. It sounds like they practice it constantly.
2007-04-26 9:31:34 PM  
I've seen some very stupid **** happen in schools with the way the admin. handles situations... but this has to be in the top ONE list.
2007-04-26 9:31:40 PM  
does this mean every single romance writer is a sexual deviant? :p

/thanks god he is out of english classes
/wonders what philosophy teacher is thinking of last paper
2007-04-26 9:32:09 PM  
I wish I could read that essay.

//the article is no good without the essay.
2007-04-26 9:32:12 PM  
In these post 9-11 times we can't be too...
2007-04-26 9:32:39 PM  
Oh, and slightly off topic, but...CAN WE HAVE THE OLD FARK BACK YET!?

2007-04-26 9:32:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/mmmmm, I love that new cliche smell
2007-04-26 9:32:43 PM  
Well, this is going to call for at least another six beers tonight, jebus chris...
2007-04-26 9:33:03 PM  
First off, it is in Cary, a pseudo-suburb (NW?). Suburban schools tend to have more time on their hands than their CPS counterparts. CPS teachers are more worried about getting jacked by their students (happened to my cousin and a friend of mine). Second off, Cary police seem to also have too much time on their hands. What is so wrong with notifying the parents and have the kid go see the school counselor?

When my cousin and friend got beat downs, the police were called and warrants for the kids arrests were issued. That was justified. This is silly.
2007-04-26 9:34:09 PM  
They arrested a student for an essay, even if it was Cho-like?

I could MAYBE see the kid being expelled from the school, since schools can do whatever they want, esp. private ones, but arresting?

Am borderline considering denouncing all public education, as there is no shortage wacky behavior from them.

I note they didn't post the essay. Nice reporting!
2007-04-26 9:34:15 PM  
I wrote an easy once, and I am getting a kick out of...brb, someone at the door.
2007-04-26 9:35:05 PM  
I know the name of one kid who's gonna have to go stag to the prom this year...
2007-04-26 9:35:11 PM  
d'art: Why do I have the feeling that some day I'm going to be telling my grandkids what free speech was like?

Wishful thinking.
2007-04-26 9:36:16 PM  
Aye, turn in your homework and you may be arrested. Conform, and you'll pass ... at least if your teacher is an asshat. And, dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back to this school and tell our teachers that they may over-react to a stupid essay, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!
2007-04-26 9:37:03 PM  
Let the thought police take care of this lawbreaker ma'am.

/nothing to see here citizen. move along now
//and hope you're not next
2007-04-26 9:37:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Your lack of a compliant essay disturbs me"
2007-04-26 9:37:20 PM  
Hear that faint sound in the distance?..... 's George Orwell chuckling in his grave

"The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed-would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper-the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you."
2007-04-26 9:37:26 PM  
img299.imageshack.usView Full Size

/Frank Stallone
2007-04-26 9:39:16 PM  
Guess it's time to burn my old short stories. What's the statute of limitations on writing horror fiction?
2007-04-26 9:40:55 PM  
I am calling for the arrest of Ann Coulter. She has made numerous threats, from wishing that the men behind the Oklahoma City bombing had blown up the New York Times building instead, to stating that the USA should be killing the leaders of those not worshiping the Christian God and forcing those people to convert.

If this kid can be arrested for this bullshiat, surely we can put Coulter, Hannity and some of these other chickenshiat Repubs behind bars also.
2007-04-26 9:41:43 PM  
Anyone know the elements of this disorderly conduct statute (I'm too lazy to look it up)? Anyway, bullshiat outcomes like this always make me think that the law has to be overly broad.
2007-04-26 9:42:08 PM  
"Oh, it's horrible what he wrote, we had to arrest him. What'd he write? Oh no, it's too bad, we can't tell you, you'll have to take our word on it.."

2007-04-26 9:42:57 PM  
A round-table discussion with district officials conveyed, with lively debate, and they decided to report it to the police.

I find this disturbing. Should the police arrest the district officials ... or the author of this article?

/lively debate = one poor bastard hollering "It's a farking essay!"
//deeply disturbed
2007-04-26 9:43:51 PM  
So Columbine had videogames as a scapegoat, and now VT has "disturbing" writings. Right.

What a crock of shiat.

The charges will be dismissed prima facie, and the administration will lose their shirts in the lawsuit.
2007-04-26 9:43:57 PM  
From TFA: "Children, she said, are not as sophisticated as adults and often show emotion through writing or pictures, which is what teachers should want because it is a safe outlet."

Has anyone informed these morons that the guy is 18? He seems to be just as sophisticated as most of the adults at the school, if not more.

\Thinks schools are about as close to Big Brother as you can get.
\\In loco parentis is the biggest infringement on civil rights there is - especially since it seems to apply after the age of 18.
\\\A first offense goes straight to the cops? What is this madness?! Try talking to the guy!
2007-04-26 9:44:14 PM  
Amen, JestersTear, whatever this kid wrote, I can't believe it would measure up to even an average Coulter column.
2007-04-26 9:45:59 PM  
The story you requested is available only to registered members.

Anybody got it cached?
2007-04-26 9:48:14 PM  
palad: The charges will be dismissed prima facie, and the administration will lose their shirts in the lawsuit.

Wishful thinking.
2007-04-26 9:48:52 PM  
d'art: Why do I have the feeling that some day I'm going to be telling my grandkids what free speech was like?

You and me both, buddy.

Ah, well. If getting arrested for having a "not-so-normal" thought is the case now, I guess I'll be getting used to the idea of prison really soon.

/I'll get over it, I'm sure
2007-04-26 9:49:17 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, the terrorists have won.
I have an Associate's degree in Fine Arts-Creative Writing, so I find this post disturbing. After all, with some of the stories and essays I've written, which include drug use and sex, I could be serving a few jail sentences right...

*Ding Dong*

Now who'd be visiting me at this time of night? Oh, shiat!
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