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(Nine News)   "The scam was uncovered when Japanese movie star Maiko Kawamaki went on a talk-show and wondered why her new pet would not bark or eat dog food. She was crestfallen when told it was a sheep"   ( divider line
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24565 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Apr 2007 at 10:07 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-04-26 8:29:26 AM  
2007-04-26 8:32:58 AM  
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2007-04-26 8:38:14 AM  
This has got to be fake.
2007-04-26 8:42:59 AM  
bakarocket: This has got to be fake.

I am thinking the same thing. With damn near every sentence in the article, I said to myself "Oh, COME ON."
2007-04-26 9:03:24 AM  
There is no news on this in Japanese online. I think this is a fake. The earliest sign I could find of it is on the Sun Online, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is bullshiat.
2007-04-26 9:15:19 AM  
Wouldn't be surprised if this were true actually. Most Japanese actually don't know what a sheep looks like.
2007-04-26 9:16:10 AM  
That is, Japanese who are from Japan. Not, for instance, Japanese Americans.
2007-04-26 9:21:35 AM  
Let's cut all the palaver and get to posting some pics of hot Japanese women.
2007-04-26 9:23:41 AM  
2007-04-26 9:29:31 AM  
The woman this article is supposedly about has nothing about this on her site, and the TV station she appeared on three days ago has nothing about this online either.

I've emailed the original author about it.
2007-04-26 9:57:54 AM  
True or not it's pretty damned funny.

Photo from another article.,,2-2007190295,00.html
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2007-04-26 10:10:47 AM  
2007-04-26 10:12:02 AM  
Wait, what?
2007-04-26 10:12:07 AM  
how the hell do you not notice the hooves?

on the other hand, being dumb just makes japanese women even hotter
2007-04-26 10:13:17 AM  
There are small dogs everywhere in Japan, and lots and lots of poodles. For someone in Japan to not know what a poodle looks like is unthinkable.

I call BS.
2007-04-26 10:13:24 AM  
"they took their "dog" to have its claws trimmed and were told it had hooves."

Clue number one
2007-04-26 10:13:57 AM  
HAHAHAHAHAAA ok, whether its real or not, i don't care, first thing in the morning, this is farking hilarious!
2007-04-26 10:16:03 AM  
Your dog wants FAKE!!
2007-04-26 10:16:11 AM  

you win. +5

2007-04-26 10:16:47 AM  
THIS is why I read FARK

/even if it is scary ugly new fark
2007-04-26 10:17:15 AM  
This has got to be a joke, right? How many times does April 1st come in a year? I can *maybe* understand a couple of gullible people being swindled but "thousands" of people?
2007-04-26 10:17:41 AM  
Unavailable for comment:
2007-04-26 10:18:12 AM  
If you don't know what your new pet is supposed to look like, that makes it exotic enough to be trendy?

/or japanese people are ignorant?
2007-04-26 10:18:16 AM  
It's a . . . sheep.
2007-04-26 10:18:20 AM  
2007-04-26 10:18:21 AM  
what the hell is this new look?
2007-04-26 10:20:03 AM  
lol@scary ugly new fark

//funny cuz its true
2007-04-26 10:21:56 AM  
'They're gonna get the crook'

[image from too old to be available]

/Japanese Version of the onion
2007-04-26 10:22:13 AM  
Yet another sign of the coming Apocalypse. (...that people would believe a newspaper article like this. Snopes is going to be all over this like wool on a sheep.) So stupid, it's not funny.
2007-04-26 10:22:40 AM  
Reminds me of the urban legend of the women who bought a "rare mineature chuihuahua" that turned out to be a mexican rat with mange......
2007-04-26 10:24:31 AM  
Wow people are stupid. How could you not figure out that a sheep (plant eater) isn't a dog (carnivore). That and the whole hooves thing.
2007-04-26 10:26:07 AM  
Blast, j__z! You beat me to it!
2007-04-26 10:26:17 AM  
mmmmm... rack of poodle
2007-04-26 10:29:58 AM  
Yeah, this is fake. People are stupid, but this would take things to a whole new level.
2007-04-26 10:31:39 AM  
how the hell do you not notice the hooves?

My thoughts, too. Lots of dog breeds look really strange, but none that I know of ever go klip-klop-klip-klop across the kitchen floor.

Also, what the hell could she have been feeding it? VERY different diets involved.
2007-04-26 10:34:08 AM  
Someone photoshop the ha ha guy with "Now I have plenty of dog wool" hahaha
2007-04-26 10:36:56 AM  
I was going to say this thread was useless without pics, but there are pics.

/loves hot sheep
//specifically mutton stew
2007-04-26 10:37:17 AM  
Wow... just... wow. I suppose for a country that isn't used to seeing livestock the excessively ignorant among them could fall for such a thing. But 2000 of them?!
2007-04-26 10:37:22 AM  
True of not, this is one of the best things I've woken up to in a long time. farking finals.
2007-04-26 10:39:57 AM  
This has to be fake. Even if a lot of Japanese people have never seen a sheep before, they should all know what a dog looks like. And a sheep looks nothing like a dog.
2007-04-26 10:42:12 AM  
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2007-04-26 10:43:30 AM  
2007-04-26 10:44:11 AM  
gungfu: Tatsuma of the East
2007-04-26 10:44:57 AM  
Your dog is steak.
2007-04-26 10:47:52 AM  
england has been using sheep doggystyle for years... i agree.

i'm glad we can have a meeting of the minds
2007-04-26 10:48:29 AM  
They should have sold the sheep as this breed
puppyfind.comView Full Size

/hotlinking badness
2007-04-26 10:49:02 AM  
Man, the Japanese are so weird. After all the wonderful technology that comes out of Japan you would think they would actaully be kind of smart.
2007-04-26 10:49:40 AM  
uppity you say?
2007-04-26 10:50:49 AM  
That's farking stupid logic people. Do any of you really think that Japanese people don't know what sheep look like?

Do you idiot amariKans know what kangaroos look like? Are there many hopping around there?

/c'mon people. does it really hurt that much to think a bit?
//the word gullible isn't in the dictionary. no, really. it says so on the internet. you just read it.
2007-04-26 10:52:10 AM  
Wouldn't "poodle" come out something like "pooter" when pronounced by the Japanese?
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