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(Fark)   Drew will be on the "Bob & Tom Show: this morning. Also: Indy Fark party tonight 8:00 p.m. Crackers Broad Ripple   ( divider line
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2007-04-26 07:20:45 AM  
Now all the people foaming at the mouth about the site re-design can have a second medium to biatch about it.
2007-04-26 07:22:29 AM  
I may call in to biatch, ask for beer.
2007-04-26 07:22:48 AM  
someone please call in and biatch.
2007-04-26 07:23:12 AM  
Oh whats the number... Im in
2007-04-26 07:26:16 AM  
Could i get a recording of this show later? i can't catch it due to school.
2007-04-26 07:27:36 AM  
Burn up the phone lines....
The Bob & Tom Studio
Talk to BOB&TOM or Producer Dean Metcalf
(317) 239-1095
(888) BOB-TOM1
2007-04-26 07:29:04 AM  
Do it for you.
Do it for your country.
Do it for the Fark of yesteryear.
2007-04-26 07:29:48 AM  
oh boy more self masturbation I can't wait! Who cares!
2007-04-26 07:31:12 AM  
Double damn, that's two miles from my old house.
2007-04-26 07:32:11 AM  
wtf you have to pay to listen to streaming audio on their site.. what a joke... first the site redesign and now this.. Drew.. you disappoint me... going back to slashdot and criagslist...
2007-04-26 07:32:50 AM  
Speaking of the site redesign... WTF?
2007-04-26 07:33:13 AM  
New FARK: Looks like ass.

Same old taste . . .

(you figure it out)
2007-04-26 07:33:48 AM  
Liked it a lot better when the threadcount number was blue, and turned black after it was clicked.
2007-04-26 07:35:44 AM  

still does that, chief
2007-04-26 07:35:51 AM  

Yes, it's Drew's fault that the radio show he's going on is pay-to-listen. That bastard!!
2007-04-26 07:37:29 AM  
I'm going to call in and say "I love the 'Bob and Tom Show', but there's too much white space."
2007-04-26 07:39:07 AM  
mgbeach it's black and turns blue.
2007-04-26 07:39:20 AM  
Find the site of an affiliate station, many of them play the show online for free.

No, I won't tell you which one I'm listening to, but here's a hint: It's a Classic Rock station in the midwest, it starts with a "W", and they have a late night dj who makes lots of thinly veiled drug references.
2007-04-26 07:39:23 AM  
You don't have to pay - go to their station site - (pops) and you can stream live there.
2007-04-26 07:40:54 AM  
Most talk radio shows have a subscription fee, the subscription to Bob and Tom also grants access to their audio archive which has tons of great comedy bits from top comedians as well as comedic songs, so yeah you are actually paying for a product there.
2007-04-26 07:41:14 AM  

that's all I ever hear when I tune in to that farking show.

I want music in the morning, not some tool laughing over and over again.

/rant off
2007-04-26 07:41:22 AM  
We don't get Bob & Tom on any regional stations anymore. On a related note, Fark you, Clearchannel. DIAF.
2007-04-26 07:41:26 AM  
This should end well....
2007-04-26 07:42:16 AM  
btw- I think I love you.

/obscure? NO!
2007-04-26 07:42:43 AM  
Also, Dan Mengini and Scotty K from Fark TV. Scotty K is already on
2007-04-26 07:44:39 AM  
Holy crap! This site redesign BLOWS!!! Why are the comments in a fixed-width column?!?!?! WASTED SPACE!!! ARGH!!!! I WANT CLASSIC FARK!
2007-04-26 07:44:53 AM  
is he gonna take the white with him?
2007-04-26 07:45:35 AM  
Yeah, I think I'd be cancelling these kinds of affairs for a while if I were him.
2007-04-26 07:45:51 AM  
FYI, Bob & Tom subscription = $6.95/month, just about what Fark costs. The $1.95 more? Goes toward less white space.
2007-04-26 07:47:03 AM  
Someone call and ask what it feels like to run a site and yet be so far removed from the community and its train of thought.
2007-04-26 07:53:11 AM  
And his response???, C'mon, Voramyr, don't keep us in suspense!
2007-04-26 07:53:45 AM  
I've got a better idea. If someone is going to suffer through listening to the show, if they talk about the "new look" then comment about it here so everyone can biatch about it while we still use the site we are complaining about.
2007-04-26 07:54:43 AM  
You can also go to WOFX in Cincinnati:
Select the streaming radio
2007-04-26 07:55:01 AM  
Someone call and ask what it feels like to run a site and yet be so far removed from the community and its train of thought.

Oh good. I was beginning to think the melodrama day-shift was on strike.

2007-04-26 07:56:50 AM  
I'm with curlyjoe. This stupid site is crap, and I hate it. You would have to be some kind of asshole to waste your time here.

Let's talk about that! (da doo run run)
2007-04-26 07:57:32 AM  
Who knew farkers would be so vehemently against change. You sound like a bunch of old Republicans... or at least what you think they sound like when they aren't signing your paychecks.

Welcome to adulthood, crybabies.

2007-04-26 07:59:47 AM

St Louis rock station has it streaming.
2007-04-26 08:01:51 AM  
He should help that show. Bob and Tom couldn't come up with something funny if you put a gun to their head (although, that itself is funny to me).

/Don't forget Kristy, the news reader who can't read
//and Chick, the seething racist (at least he does say something funny now and again)
2007-04-26 08:04:04 AM  
i i i HATE the new look

and could someone post a link with the audio after the show...stupid no radio at work /grumble
2007-04-26 08:04:19 AM  
Wow, looks like a bunch of people haven't had their morning coffee.
2007-04-26 08:04:24 AM  
Go Fast Turn Left: Goes toward less white space.

*fake radio laugh*
2007-04-26 08:05:01 AM  
I haven't heard any mention of Drew being there this morning, yet.
2007-04-26 08:05:36 AM  
I always thought that Bob and Tom could be a pretty good show if they would just get rid of Bob and Tom
2007-04-26 08:08:36 AM  

Who doesn't like change you dolt? If you're handed a million bucks that's gonna cause some change in your life. GREAT! Now imagine you're told you have cancer. See the difference there?

This is a farking UGLY website now. Just god awful. THAT is what people are upset about.
2007-04-26 08:09:22 AM  
Man, thet do laugh a lot at absolutely nothing. More even that the Tappet Brothers. I suspect drugs. Good drugs.

Rule: Never have way more fun than your audience will ever have.
2007-04-26 08:09:34 AM  
The only people who laugh at Bob and Tom's crap are Bob and Tom, and the two idiots that they pay to do so.
2007-04-26 08:10:47 AM  
However, The Electric Amish do crack me up.
2007-04-26 08:11:31 AM  
You guys know that there's a thread on the main page talking about the changes and what they're still working on, right? Right?
2007-04-26 08:12:14 AM  
Man, this radio show is farking inane! Entertainment for the Brain Dead, Inc.
2007-04-26 08:12:27 AM  
North Carolina options: Bob & Tom or Johnboy & Billy.

Bob & Tom win. Besides, the skits and crap might suck, but they've done a lot for standup comedians, and exposed me to many more than I just would have seen on Comedy Central or whatever. Gotta appreciate that.
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