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7590 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Apr 2007 at 12:52 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-26 12:59:24 AM  
Moving discussion over here because the other thread's hugeness is actually part of what's causing our obnoxious speed problems. I ordered some more RAM for overnight delivery which will help. The speed has nothing to do with the HTML or CSS or anything like that, it's server load issues over here. The same thread in the old design woulda done the exact same thing. So yeah, I kinda bonered on that. But it'll get fixed.

We're making some other tweaks to the layout, in particular switching from fixed-width to variable-width. pattonx is furiously working on that one now, and the holdup is hacking around IE6 CSS bugs (we have it pretty much working in IE7 and Firefox and Safari already).

Most visited links should change color now instead of staying the same color. If not, clear your browser cache or wait for the variable-width change (which will not require a browser cache clear).

Also, the previous thread had images disabled in just that one thread so that it wouldn't be flooded with "do not want" and meme-cat type of images. :) Image posting is definitely not going away entirely. No worries there, eh?

Just be patient, please. And thanks for the suggestions we've gotten so far. But please, if you've got a gripe, being specific about the exact issue will get it fixed much faster than ZOMG HATE HATE DIE FARK posts. Thanks. :)
2007-04-26 01:01:03 AM  
oh hi, i upgraded your ram!
2007-04-26 01:01:57 AM  
I'll get over it.
2007-04-26 01:02:12 AM  
I'm in your Fark, doing stuff. Durr.
2007-04-26 01:02:12 AM  
some one set us up the bomb!!!
2007-04-26 01:02:16 AM  
I know there's probably been a great deal made of this, but I'll throw my opinion into the ring just to confirm it: now that the headlines are off to the left, it feels very cramped and unbalanced. Try to move things back to the middle.

Otherwise, the new color scheme and tabbing business looks pretty cool.
2007-04-26 01:02:20 AM  
The blinding white really does cause eye issues.

/Just so ya' know.
2007-04-26 01:02:22 AM  
2007-04-26 01:02:24 AM  
and something tells me, since HTML is enabled in this thread... that it'll turn into a random pictures thread
2007-04-26 01:03:15 AM  
Please consider moving the text back towards the center. The current layout is like having to sit all the way to the right in a movie theater, and it is hurting my eyes.
2007-04-26 01:03:17 AM  
Oh, nice. Making it variable-width gets rid of my #1 complaint about the whole thing.
2007-04-26 01:03:36 AM  
Well, that's a LITTLE better...
2007-04-26 01:03:46 AM  
I just don't like change.
2007-04-26 01:03:52 AM  
2007-04-26 01:03:57 AM  
New fark layout and a wootoff tonight? The internets are conspiring against me.

I am a bit surprised that none of the Farkit/Farky features made their way into the new layout. A quote or reply button would be nice.
2007-04-26 01:04:17 AM  
here's a quick fix for firefox users

make a new bookmark on you personal toolbar

paste the following into the location

javascript:(function(){var e = document.getElementById("bodyHeadlineContainer"); = "100%";e = document.getElementById("bodyMainContainer"); = "100%"})()

load a page, click the button

this'll stretch the comments and push the ads to the bottom
2007-04-26 01:04:39 AM  
You know the name bars? and everything else that use to be grey and is now purple?

make them grey again. The Stylish "classic" style looks great though, so use that.
2007-04-26 01:04:46 AM  
img207.imageshack.usView Full Size

We fear change.
2007-04-26 01:04:55 AM  
Maybe make the hotlink on the Headline link to the comments instead of the link.

It would be better than clicking on the (number of post) number, and there is already a big click zone for the article (which you might only click once)
2007-04-26 01:05:05 AM  
Looks like you changed your submission policy, too.

Basically by submitting anything we assign our work to you, and you grant us back a "non-exclusive" license to use it.

I forsee Photoshop contests being less popular when people realize posting their work is giving up all rights to it.
2007-04-26 01:05:17 AM  
It looks bad and its annoying to read the posts. I like the subtle highlighting when you mouse over a link but honestly I cannot stand this new design compared to the old one.

That being said I am sure you'll just read these posts and not change it as you've put time in so you can have a huge goddamn ad on the side.

It is a downgrade as compared to the simplicity of the old design, seriously.
2007-04-26 01:05:26 AM  
(we have it pretty much working in IE7 and Firefox and Safari already).

still fark loads in Firefox and then shiats the bed, no good -


disappointed in Kentucky
2007-04-26 01:05:39 AM  
2007-04-26 01:05:41 AM  
Remember how Fark was before 5:00 pm yesterday? Perhaps using that as a reference on how it should be now would help.
2007-04-26 01:05:48 AM  
Took me about 3 visits to be OK with the new layout... change is, well, teh suck, but I kina like it after a bit./// (Slashees)
2007-04-26 01:05:49 AM  
Love the link highlighting, kinda hate the left side alignment. Other than that, the design all looks clean and crisp.. the color coded tabs are good, its just this whole Left thing thats kind of awful. I could even handle it if it was to the right, or back in the middle.. but not the left.

/Down with lefties.
2007-04-26 01:05:49 AM  
I agree with Beachcomber. I feel like I'm reading Arabic. But if I say I like the redesign, will I get more submissions greenlighted?

/just askin'
2007-04-26 01:05:51 AM  
Acting rationally and asking for patience won't satisfy the Farkers who have already broken out the pitchforks.

What a pathetic display of internet fanboyism I've seen today.

2007-04-26 01:05:57 AM  
Go back to the way things were and we'll all happily forget this little unpleasantness ever happend.
2007-04-26 01:06:03 AM  
It's not bad. It just takes some getting used to. I'm used to it now.
2007-04-26 01:06:04 AM  

It's been said many many times, but I don't think anyone had any gripes with the previous layout. There was no need to fix it, and this one is, frankly, balls.

But hey, whatever. Your site.
2007-04-26 01:06:11 AM  
1.) Change the background color to something more reasonable if you're going to be using so much whitespace now
2.) Get rid of the margin around the username/postdate block.
3.) Holy crap, make the username/postdate block grey again. Some of us have eyes.
4.) Test your shiat beforehand
5.) Test your shiat beforehand
6.) Test your shiat beforehand
7.) Test your shiat with your users beforehand
8.) Stop lying about how this would have happened with the old server. We've had some pretty monumental threads on Fark.
9.) Tell Jeff to eat a bowl of dicks
2007-04-26 01:06:13 AM  
It's just way too farking bright.

The margins should go back to the blue that they were before, it cuts down on the blinding factor in ways you can't imagine.

Also the lack of Farky/Farkit compatibility.

The single two most USEFUL and NECESSARY add-ons that make TotalFark work, and they were just ignored outright.
2007-04-26 01:06:19 AM  
Thanks for making the site variable-width, it's about time. Fixed-width sites make me stabby. And yeah, maybe toning down the background from !!!WHITE!!! to a dimmer off-white would help my eyes from bleeding.
2007-04-26 01:06:23 AM  
i liked the 'centered' fark of the past.
variable width would be good too.
do totalfarkers really have to have such a dark nickname box?
2007-04-26 01:06:25 AM  
Why not use a dark background instead of light grey?

How about a larger size font if variable width is coming back?
2007-04-26 01:06:38 AM  
A couple of things I really dislike:

The headlines highlighting when you mouse-over them.
The text of the headline being a clickable link.

Also, where have the Fark SWF and TotalFark SFW links gone?
2007-04-26 01:06:39 AM  
The one biggest problem I have (other than the fixed-widthness) is that the links on the mainpage highlight on mouseover. I don't see what UI benefit this has. I think it's distracting and unnecessary.
2007-04-26 01:06:55 AM  
I'm glad your not just ignoring all of us because of our whining. I would suggest to incorporate the old comment layout into the new site layout, like if you were using that style sheet (posted in the massive thread). The current comments are a bit hard to read, but I can't tell you exactly why. Only that the old comments were much easier to read. Of course the whitespace is still rather annoying, but I don't know what to suggest about that with the new layout.
2007-04-26 01:06:57 AM  
I don't particularly fear change, but I'm sorry...this is awful. I find it off balance and much more difficult to read. So much of the point of Fark is in the comments and now they're crammed into one smallish off-center column. I pray for a pattonx fix post haste. My panties, they are in a wad.

The feng shui is horrible.

If it ain't broke...
2007-04-26 01:06:58 AM  
Did i say Bling? I obviously meant Blong...

/Im apparently too blind to type...
2007-04-26 01:07:08 AM  
I've gotten over it.

2007-04-26 01:07:09 AM  
Use Opera. Every page is variable width.

/Ctrl+Mousewheel up FTW!
//Making it actually variable width farks with Opera's zoom feature :(
2007-04-26 01:07:17 AM  
Today has been an eye opening experience. I've always seen most Fark users as thick-skinned people, able to take most anything. Today, I've realized most Fark users are whiny little fanboy types. You know, the kind that whine and biatch because every little detail isn't followed when their favorite comic is made into a movie.
2007-04-26 01:07:21 AM  
The tabs at the top (Not News, Sports, Etc.) seem a little out of place. Maybe a little shading to make them fit in a little better.
2007-04-26 01:07:21 AM  
I don't like it at all.

Just being honest.
2007-04-26 01:07:44 AM  
Sucks for all the whining happening.
Why does this happen on every site every time there's a redesign? I guess people really do fear change that much...or people just like to biatch.

/doesn't care either way, as long as Fark runs
2007-04-26 01:07:47 AM  
I just read 4000 posts and there's not one Quizzical Dog.

/Oh Mylanta
2007-04-26 01:07:47 AM  
Shift the response text to the center, this left handed crap is annoying.
2007-04-26 01:07:57 AM  
The color contrast is way too much to look at for any length of time.

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