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20073 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Apr 2007 at 7:53 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-25 05:29:31 PM  
ugly. that is all.
2007-04-25 05:29:34 PM  
2007-04-25 05:29:40 PM  
A) Ads/tabs need to be on the left. Links/threads on the right.
B) Fixed width, BAD.
C) I don't like this empty space below the bottom of my post. We didn't have that before.
2007-04-25 05:29:40 PM  
Hard on the eyes to the point of burning,
No Images,
Too much White space,

I served with classic Fark: I knew Clasic Fark; Classic Fark was a friend of mine. New Fark, you're no Classic Fark
2007-04-25 05:29:41 PM  
2007-04-25 05:29:41 PM  
I also don't like that the handles don't stay highlighted after you click them.
2007-04-25 05:29:43 PM  
oh nasty

What is up with this left bias????
2007-04-25 05:29:46 PM  
if it AINT BROKE dont fix it

it was fine before
2007-04-25 05:29:47 PM  
Good way to get a crick in your neck from looking to the left. I'm a patient guy but I am not digging this at all.

My uninformed guess is that purpose of the change is to allow more space for ads. Obnoxious, blinking, slow to load, buggy, ads. I'll give it a chance but my first impression is that this sucks - had fark looked like this 5 years ago I doubt I'd still be here to be biatching about it today.
2007-04-25 05:29:53 PM  
I bet this redesign pissed off a black activist group somewhere

Sponsors retracting

networksolutions demanding a suspension

Drew apologly speech on CSPAN at 11
2007-04-25 05:30:02 PM  
Also - I do not think we should have/be able to click on the headline to get a link, i liked it when it was only the icon to the right.
2007-04-25 05:30:02 PM  

2007-04-25 05:30:14 PM  
Whoa, whoa, whoa...I go take a shiat and refresh, then suddenly everything's different! This is crazy!

I kinda like it.
2007-04-25 05:30:16 PM  
This sux. Change it back. Just when I was considering paying for more Fark.
2007-04-25 05:30:19 PM  
Immediate dislike immediately.
2007-04-25 05:30:21 PM  
You know, I skimmed reddit for content/commentary and fark for hilarious pictures and the commentary to go with them. Without pics, why bother?
2007-04-25 05:30:29 PM  
Please change it back.
2007-04-25 05:30:37 PM  
Is this some sort of phishing scam? Where is the real Fark?
2007-04-25 05:30:37 PM  
+1 for the old design. this freaked me out when i hit refresh. it looks like every other blof with a blue/white/light blue scheme. hell i cuold design something better than this. woulda taken me all of 5 minutes and i woulda charged you hella less.
2007-04-25 05:30:38 PM  
Ah, shiny, sleek and streamlined just like everyone else? It looks all...corporate. Shudder.

Too much dead space on my husband's widescreen laptop...would it help if I fired up the ol' 640x480 clunker?
2007-04-25 05:30:43 PM  
I would post an image of Boxy Brown... if i could.
2007-04-25 05:30:45 PM  
I was gonna say something about this and FarkTV but looks like other people were all over that.
2007-04-25 05:30:47 PM  
different... will take some getting used to...

oh noes! Farky extension isn't working anymore :(
and I haven't seen speeds this slow since 28.8 modem days

take it back :(
2007-04-25 05:30:57 PM  

I haven't seen this many Farkers up in arms since Cheetos changed their packaging.
2007-04-25 05:30:59 PM  

your comments were not held in the table by firefox.

they flowed on over!

/haven't checked IE yet
2007-04-25 05:31:17 PM  
lohphat: Fixed-width layout? What marketing intern suggested that brilliant move?

I think her name was Monica...
2007-04-25 05:31:22 PM  
what the shiat is this fark?!
2007-04-25 05:31:29 PM  
The look will take some getting used to but it isn't horrible. I think a few tweaks on colours and spacing might work. I like boxy so thats alright with me. Unfortunately I think comment sections are going to now take forever to load and farky and farkit appear to be broken. Hope they get fixed soon, those are invaluable firefox extensions...
2007-04-25 05:31:29 PM  
Woah, two thirds of my screen are empty all of a sudden and I'm not even running any Greasemonkey scripts right now.

Very New Cokeish indeed.
2007-04-25 05:31:49 PM  
My main reason for coming was the pictures. I don't know what I will do if I can't get my daily fix.
2007-04-25 05:31:54 PM  

How utterly annoying!

Oh, and will the writers of Farkode, Farky and Farkit Firefox plugins please, please, please make their products work with this???
2007-04-25 05:31:56 PM  
no pics allowed?

and i thought FarkTV was teh suck!
2007-04-25 05:32:28 PM  
Holy crap the new design sucks, makes it look like 99.9999999999999% of the other sites out there.
2007-04-25 05:32:29 PM  
I'm going to have to toss my vote in with the "DO NOT WANT" bunch. I mean... this is like watching Rosie O'Donnell trying to get it on with Brittany Spears, with Paris Hilton thrown in for effect (and STDs).

Okay... maybe not quite that bad, (and where did I put my mind bleach, now?), but I did like the old Fark better.
2007-04-25 05:32:29 PM  
TFers are even more elite now!! booyah!
2007-04-25 05:32:38 PM  
Main page is meh. TF is horrible.
2007-04-25 05:32:39 PM  
also the new comments section is that going to affect photoshop postings?
besides that i like it
though some warning would have been nice!
2007-04-25 05:32:41 PM  
so can you all WIDEN this back out or again or what? i am in squeezeland just south of the border of 1280x1024sville
2007-04-25 05:32:52 PM  
I liked the comment about how this could only suck worse if farktv were embedded. Nice one. Now, this is not a very nice layout. The comments don't even go across the whole page in firefox. I prefer the google-like simplicity of the old design
2007-04-25 05:32:56 PM  
A fella could jam a lot of ads into those huge empty spaces.

Big ads. Small ads. Ads that flash. Ads that play music.

I bet it wouldn't be too hard to find a way to stuff ads between posts.

I suggest slapping an ad at the end of every post made by a liter. It'd be a way for them to actually contribute to the site.
2007-04-25 05:32:57 PM  
It's ugly!
How long until FARK Classic?
2007-04-25 05:33:13 PM  
2007-04-25 05:33:25 PM  
New Coke.

Loonatics Unleashed.

The Spider-Man Clone Saga.

New Fark.

Not every change is an improvement. Me no likely. Want old Fark back.
2007-04-25 05:33:27 PM  
You know what this reminds me of? When terminal-based BBSes first got those cool ANSI graphics, like:

██████ WELCOME TO MY BBS ███████

2007-04-25 05:33:31 PM  
2007-04-25 05:33:32 PM  
The reason Google has good performance is the lack of cruft in the UI. This is adding dressing for something which doesn't need dressing.

Fixed-width layout? What marketing intern suggested that brilliant move?
2007-04-25 05:33:37 PM  
Peoples, images are disabled in some threads. Or would you prefer that this thread be even longer?
2007-04-25 05:33:39 PM  

it takes forever to post a comment
2007-04-25 05:33:39 PM  
Ophelia's Snorkel: I have a laptop with a wide screen monitor. Before, the fark page would stretch and I would still have the sidebars along the side and all the headlines would be longer. But now, with these boxes, I am stuck with a bunch of empty gray space on the left and right and all the headlines are squished into the box! I want it to stretch across my whole monitor. It made headlines really easier to read too, because they don't wrap as much and take up less lines.

what he said.
2007-04-25 05:33:40 PM  
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