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(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)   Woman writes letter to newspaper to complain that moving Daylight Savings up a month has made it hotter and that the liberal Congress did it to make people believe global warming is real   ( divider line
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17011 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 23 Apr 2007 at 5:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-04-23 1:21:07 PM  
No one better jump on me for joking about Rove's weather machine ever again.

Seriously, this has to be a joke.
2007-04-23 1:27:37 PM  
Teh libruls made it warmer !! Haw Haw Haw !!
2007-04-23 1:30:06 PM  
I refuse to believe this is a true letter. The world (south) is not that stupid.
2007-04-23 1:30:20 PM  
That's got to be a joke. No one is that stupid.
2007-04-23 1:30:25 PM  
"Yes, I DO homeschool my children. Why do you ask?"
2007-04-23 1:33:13 PM  
C'mon now, being stupid is not illegal, yet.
2007-04-23 1:34:51 PM  
She should ask her intelligent designer for a refund.
2007-04-23 1:35:14 PM  
That has to be satirical. The bit about the hottest March gives it away.
2007-04-23 1:37:15 PM  
a routine google search brought up a phone number and address for Miss Meskimen. I of course would never post it here.
2007-04-23 1:37:32 PM  
Pale_Green_Pants_With_Nobody_Inside_Them: The world (south) is not that stupid.

It's Arkansas.
2007-04-23 1:38:06 PM  
Wow, that's a new low. Lower than that "Elephants: Larger than the moon" lady.
2007-04-23 1:38:20 PM  
noYOUare: It's Arkansas.

Uncle daddy doesn't like yankees, so we live here.
2007-04-23 1:38:35 PM  
Kitwilly: a routine google search

Also brings up that she's a Little Rock lawyer. I really hope she was joking.
2007-04-23 1:40:46 PM  

Of course, whether she was actually serious is another matter altogether...
2007-04-23 1:42:53 PM  
hillbillypharmacist: Uncle daddy doesn't like yankees, so we live here.

My dad used to take me to the beach when I was a kid, and told me to call him "uncle" so that he could pick up on women.

Then I ran up yelling "Uncle Daddy! Uncle Daddy!"

He was quite embarrassed, and the "call me uncle" idea was subsequently abandoned.

His buddies didn't let him live that one down for several years.
2007-04-23 2:06:32 PM  
hillbillypharmacist: Uncle daddy doesn't like yankees, so we live here.

I don't like yankees, either.
2007-04-23 2:17:03 PM  
friggin' Johnny Damon....
2007-04-23 2:29:07 PM  
I lived in NE TN for a number of years and I honestly had neighbors that were this stupid... nicest people on the face of the earth but they could never be considered bright by any standard.
2007-04-23 2:32:18 PM  
I absolutely believe this is true.

People really do have this level of scientific knowledge.
2007-04-23 2:53:19 PM  
A google of her name brings up a lawyer in Hot Springs.
A lawyer.
2007-04-23 4:18:02 PM  
Impeach Bush!
2007-04-23 5:24:10 PM  
The same letter appears in their online edition. (pops)

But I have to wonder why the editorial staff decided to print it. Are they as dense as the author, or did they do it (hopefully) just because they knew how funny it was?
2007-04-23 5:46:13 PM  
Again, Global Warming is happening because of increased sun cycles. That and that alone.

/boo yeah!
2007-04-23 5:46:23 PM  
I need to write something like this for the local paper. Put somebody else's name on it, of course...
2007-04-23 5:46:28 PM  
She also lives in a town called "Hot Springs", that has to raise the temperature a good 5 points at least ...
2007-04-23 5:47:56 PM  
Another layer of stupid has been located? George Bush wipes his brow in relief.
2007-04-23 5:48:05 PM  
I read that today, (I live in Northwest Arkansas) and I couln't figure out if it was a slightly amusing joke or a complete moron....
Laughed anyway.
2007-04-23 5:48:06 PM  
I fail to see what is so funny out Global Warming and this liberal attempt to fool the public.

People may be stupid, but they do not deserve to be manipulated by shady left-wing legislation.

/God Bless America and Keep the Troops Cool
2007-04-23 5:48:43 PM  
I get the feeling she's making a joke.
2007-04-23 5:48:53 PM  
KazamaSmokers: friggin' Johnny Damon....

[image from too old to be available]

/Sox fan
2007-04-23 5:49:06 PM  
She is a lawyer in Little Rock. If she was serious... she should be disbarred for incompetency. I think she was kidding though.

If she was from California or Boston, don't you think everyone would ASSUME she was kidding?
2007-04-23 5:49:18 PM  
Brilliant satire or just another Arkansasian....uhh Arkansian? Arkansasitonian? Person from Arkansas.
2007-04-23 5:49:29 PM  
Ah mah gahd. Its sah haht aht.
2007-04-23 5:49:38 PM  
Smartass fake.

/knows the person who wrote it
// they're liberal
2007-04-23 5:49:52 PM  
This woman needs to be kicked in the box.
2007-04-23 5:49:55 PM  
No matter what, you can always count on one simple truth:

Yes, people ARE that stupid.

2007-04-23 5:50:04 PM  
I'll be in my bunk...crying
2007-04-23 5:50:06 PM  
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm hoping that the editors felt they should publish it for its funny ha-ha factor. Published stupidity is always funny.

It saddens me to think that I know some people who are this breathtakingly stupid. Can't remember if they're from Hot Springs though. :)

/ha-ha guy?
//not from Hot Springs
2007-04-23 5:50:19 PM  
The time change is responsible for my aunts goiter.
2007-04-23 5:50:35 PM  
2007-04-23 5:50:42 PM  
Which congress passed the DST legislation? It wasn't the current Congress.
2007-04-23 5:50:48 PM  
A guy once told me that the reason for Global Warming was that God was angry at us for having a space program.
2007-04-23 5:50:48 PM  
This thread is useless without a picture of her on the front porch of her single wide.
2007-04-23 5:51:45 PM  
This basically illustrates why Mark Ames says we need to gas middle America:

And why I tend to agree.
2007-04-23 5:51:45 PM  
Wow, that's a new low. Lower than that "Elephants: Larger than the moon" lady.

That was a photoshop.

The link does talk about a real clip from the French version where the contestant said the Sun orbits the Earth.
2007-04-23 5:52:02 PM  
This seems like some masterful trolling on the part of the editorial staff of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. For their part it's only a shame that Fark didn't link to their own page.
2007-04-23 5:52:32 PM  
as someone who was hotter this March, I'm enjoying these replies.
2007-04-23 5:52:44 PM  
Haha! I like it.
2007-04-23 5:52:48 PM  
She's right though. Because as the name suggests, "Daylight Savings Time" really adds an hour of daylight, embiggening the time that the sun shines on the earth. God has to do this when many people change their clocks because as the Good Book says, "Whatever you hold true on Earth--" - "I'll hold true in Heaven". So there.

2007-04-23 5:52:50 PM  
Global shawarma!
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