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2007-04-21 07:00:49 PM  
Guh. Why is it when someone DIES, people use it to throw out their agendas?

2007-04-21 07:00:56 PM  
you know snark on fark even in the face of death is really fine. but trying to basically corner the 'blue angels' as glorified cessna pilots is being a bit obtuse.

My stepdad used to do maintenance on these planes when they were in jacksonville(i can never remember where they are stationed) when i was a kid. I went to nearly every air show in northern florida growing up. These military officers are very capable and the shear(sp) amount of flight hours they have accumulated, they should have ten times the amount of crashes and deaths. they are truly some of the best at their craft. Like others have said they would do as well or better than our current set of pilots currently engaged in the wars, no offense meant to our current pilots helping the WOT....

to the ones who said they get awed every time seeing them, agreed. they are well trained, very experienced and when i was younger always made me want to be a pilot.. I guess what I am saying is, these are qualified and decorated individuals. when on the ground always willing to make time for kids. and about as classy a group of folks(when in public, air shows, being a navy brat you realize folks in the military have some weird hobbies or other) as you will ever come across....

/sorry all over the place
//I would be the first to make a joke about it, if i had anything funny to say.
///doesnt mean i am disrespecting their abilities and service.
2007-04-21 07:01:56 PM  
Cost benefit, that is why. High cost, low benefit. It may not cost anymore, but then that is one less squadron to pay for.
2007-04-21 07:03:35 PM  
I'm guessing that every pilot would rather die in a crash than eject and let his plane take out civilians. I imagine we'll hear that this pilot stayed with the jet to try to minimize the damage when it it.

Showoffs? Probably. Arrogant? Possibly. Heroes? Um, yeah, when that's what they're called to do.
2007-04-21 07:04:13 PM  
I actually work around these, so I find it amusing that no one has yet properly answered the question:

"isn't there a minimum height you have to be at before you can "safely" eject?"

A: Yes, but all Naval aviators must be tall enough to operate the ejection mechanism.

[image from i16.tinypic.com too old to be available]

//honestly am sorry to hear about this mishap, but it's Farque, right?
2007-04-21 07:04:57 PM  
Uncle Karl

Cost benefit, that is why. High cost, low benefit. It may not cost anymore, but then that is one less squadron to pay for.

Wouldn't they still be operating if they didn't do this, though? The pilots would still need to fly wouldn't they if the squadron were still operational?

I suppose that is something for the DoD to decide but the way things are going now... the more big shiny things that can blow stuff up the better for the DoD.
2007-04-21 07:05:17 PM  
Heroes? probably.
If this guy stayed in the cockpit to save others, then HELL YES.
2007-04-21 07:05:19 PM  
MyStIcMaRa :
Guh. Why is it when someone DIES, people use it to throw out their agendas?

Because FARK is filled with people who think they have the answer to every problem. Most seem to be very spoiled as well. They tend to believe that if they don't like something then the world should change around them. Just because your tax dollars help pay for the Blue Angels you should understand that mine do as well. Take a poll and see if people mind footing the bill for them. I would bet that an overwhelming majority either are happy to do it or indifferent. Quit being such a bunch of spoiled ass babies.
2007-04-21 07:05:40 PM  
Where's FLYNAVY when we need him?
2007-04-21 07:06:24 PM  
Gradatim: Why do you hate America? Trust me, your 'tax' dollars are absolutely wasted in many, many other areas. The Blue Angels are a gift.
2007-04-21 07:06:26 PM  
I'm really sorry to hear this news. I hope that the family and friends are well in their time of grief.

My granddaddy and my great uncle were both pilots and I'm proud of them. It takes cojones to fly those planes.

2007-04-21 07:06:47 PM  
They might, or there might be one less squardon. If we could get out of Iraq, I would support them using half the money saved to create 100 squadrons of these guys.
2007-04-21 07:07:10 PM  
Mercutio74: he was doing something that was unnecessarily dangerous.

Everything the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds do is nothing more than an application of what they're taught as fighter pilots. Those tight formations? Yeah the basics of that is what they learn in flight school. And being a fighter pilot has always carried a bunch of risk, accidents and fatalities from various failures happen. How often? So often it's almost never news.
2007-04-21 07:08:20 PM  
If these planes are to display how tough we are as a nation, how come we are still fighting an endless, un-winnable war in the Middle east? Maybe, just maybe, if we sent these pilots to nuke the entire Middle East for Go, we'd have a reason to keep them around. I love to watch them perform, but I'd trade that to end this stoopid farking crap war Bush started anyday.
2007-04-21 07:08:37 PM  
And how many of those Blue Angels pilots popped a 904 code on the nose wheelwell DDI?

How many other FARKers are ex-ATs?
2007-04-21 07:09:09 PM  
safeinsane: Where's FLYNAVY when we need him?

Probably looked in this thread and walked away in disgust.
2007-04-21 07:09:35 PM  
Uncle Karl: Spend their flight time not showing off?

F-18 pilots in training don't really bother with lots of straght and level flight. It's not really possible to do weapons and tactical training that way. Plus the USN figures that after basic flight training, you've got the straight and level thing down.

Also you should see what test pilots do. Flat spins, on purpose.
2007-04-21 07:10:11 PM  
Ah, but did he need to be doing it? and did he need to be doing it over a highly populated area?
2007-04-21 07:11:02 PM  
Not normally over highly populated areas though.
2007-04-21 07:11:05 PM  
And I don't drive a monster truck for all of you pre-judgemental suckers out there that can't get the joke.
/carry on assaulting me
//stix and stones!
2007-04-21 07:13:27 PM  
Were they attempting a Kolvoord Starburst?

/no disrespect intended
2007-04-21 07:13:42 PM  
black_knight: How many other FARKers are ex-ATs?

AQ in the early 80's for the F/A-18.
2007-04-21 07:13:50 PM  
Uncle Karl

They might, or there might be one less squardon. If we could get out of Iraq, I would support them using half the money saved to create 100 squadrons of these guys.

We still need fighter squadrons here to defend North America. They can be called upon to do so if you know... the canadians decide to attack.
2007-04-21 07:15:50 PM  
I have spoken to members of the Canadian airfarce they agree they are ill equipped to attack much of anything.
2007-04-21 07:16:31 PM  
damn.. and I was supposed to be there today. I went to the old geezer golf tourney instead.
2007-04-21 07:17:47 PM  
MONSTERTRUCK carry on assaulting me

Will do! You sir are a bag of douche. Get farked.
2007-04-21 07:18:04 PM  
2007-04-21 07:19:46 PM  
soupbone: Because FARK is filled with people who think they have the answer to every problem.

I think you misspelled "the world".
2007-04-21 07:23:14 PM  
safeinsane: Where's FLYNAVY when we need him?

Why do you need a civilian deskjockey?
2007-04-21 07:23:46 PM  
black_knight: How many other FARKers are ex-ATs?

AQ in the late 60's
2007-04-21 07:25:20 PM  
FFS sub. Put that he died in the tagline. Time doesn't grow on trees.
2007-04-21 07:27:33 PM  
jerrytaylor: A: Yes, but all Naval aviators must be tall enough to operate the ejection mechanism.

golf clap!
2007-04-21 07:28:26 PM  
If you're going to complain about your tax dollars being wasted, why not bulldoze all the National Monuments and National Parks... I mean, the upkeep on those is mighty high, so who needs them, right?
Every year, growing up, I watched the Blue Angels in Annapolis. Every year droves of people showed up both for their practice and their performance day. Best view I ever had was from the bell tower on St John's College looking over USNA to the Severn... all 6 flew overhead. Just amazing. I've seen them at every duty station we've been to, and I've been lucky enough to snap some amazing photos.
The BA's don't just stay in the states, either. They perform all around the world, and attract even more people at airshows overseas. My friends in Germany can't get over how excited people get once a show date is announced. They are a a strong and proud symbol of the Navy and Marines that everyone recognizes and (most) people respect.

Heart goes out to the pilot, family. But, as stated above, I don't know a single pilot that would do his best to prevent ground fatalities by not ejecting. Sad situation
2007-04-21 07:29:10 PM  
Blue angels rock. I probably pay more taxes then the average farker, and I don't begrudge the approximately whole dime or so I spend on these guys every year, Heck replacing every plane every year would probably cost me less then a dollar.

Why aren't these guys flying something more modern?
2007-04-21 07:29:39 PM  
Yea, this happened 4 minutes from my house. Damn shame. Oh, and our State Troopers are retarded. Don't listen to them.
2007-04-21 07:30:43 PM  
I always wondered about those zero-zero ejection seats, I mean, both zeros at the same time? Cuz, I'm moving at zero knots, at zero feet above ground level right now, you'd think that just about anyone could survive a a crash when their plan was parked...
\dense, but drunk and high at this point
2007-04-21 07:32:59 PM  
Damn...lots of old-school AQs here.

/4-year carreer, 1996-2000
2007-04-21 07:34:37 PM  
RIP and God bless.
2007-04-21 07:35:54 PM  

I saw it, too.
It was corrected to Popp half an hour later.

nih... you made me laugh right out loud, Dude...
2007-04-21 07:40:53 PM  
cheinke06, sir?
/not a sir
//thanks for the compliment
///plan on getting farked by my sweet AIR FORCE hubby tonight
You, chenfark, are an asshat farktard pukebag
2007-04-21 07:41:47 PM  
[image from img149.imageshack.us too old to be available]

This is from a couple of weeks ago when they flew at MacDill AFB Tampa. Photo was taken from my porch.
2007-04-21 07:43:42 PM  
Just to add my two cents...

We just got home from this. I was posting what I was seeing in a non-greenlit thread (my crackberry doesn't render Fark so well). We saw the last maneuver; we saw 5 and not 6 regroup. We left the boat landing we were watching the show from. We saw tons of smoke near Laurel Bay.

We stopped to eat dinner. Right after we ordered our drinks, another waitress came out and told us the other waitress' house was hit.

I'm not sure who I feel worse for, the pilot or the waitress.
2007-04-21 07:44:05 PM  
cheinke06, sorry you got sucked into that tardfarked uniform. Your pants are too tight. Also, why are you hiding behind cammo? You still stick out like a sore dick.
2007-04-21 07:46:48 PM  
Thoughts and prayers
[image from i51.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-04-21 07:46:52 PM  
There are some people in the know discussing this over at AirShowBuzz

Some of these people even know the team.

Me personally, the tax dollars that go into this are not just to show off and I realize that. These are actually budgeted as recruitment tools, like all the military teams.

RIP #6
2007-04-21 07:49:58 PM  
cheinke06, Oh my God. You even look like CHO!
/please tell me you are not related!
2007-04-21 07:50:08 PM  
MONSTERTRUCK, glad to see I ruffled your feathers, cheers!
2007-04-21 07:50:49 PM  
I'm of course sad for the pilot who died but I do question the need for these air shows.

They are an expensive and unnecessary danger to both the pilots and the public. In some areas, they do dangerous aerobatic stunts over populated areas. Beautiful and exciting when they work, unbearably tragic when they don't.

Back when Moffett Field was a Naval base, before it got BRACced the Navy used to close off Highway 101, a major traffic artery, during heavy travel periods just so their flyboys could play hazardous games over populated areas.

Sorry, I think that's absolutely unconscionable.

I find it passing strange that we can fund these multimillion dollar flying recruitment ads but, as seen in another thread, can't seem to fund decent education for our kids.

Oh, well, I guess if the kids want to be educated, they should join the military.
2007-04-21 07:58:41 PM  
Was it being piloted by Ted Striker?

/But to be honest, I'm sorry to hear that this happened.
2007-04-21 07:58:57 PM  

Aren't you supposed to be wearing your brown BDU shirt, as a C/4c? What's with the black undershirt, son.
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