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1280 clicks; posted to Interesting on 20 Apr 2007 at 12:43 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-04-20 1:23:09 PM  
interesting in deed
2007-04-20 1:32:25 PM  
Hey Farker's,

Just launched my site.

Would appreciate any comments on what type of reviews you would like to see in the future. My goal is to do at least 1 per week, preferably 2 per week once I get the ball rolling.

I previously asked for suggestions for starting the site, back in this classified:

So thanks to the Farkers who chimed in.
2007-04-20 3:54:45 PM  
I'd change the typeface. It all looks bold, and I'd prefer it didn't. Other than some minor aesthetic issues, though, I'd say it was fairly interesting.
2007-04-20 4:14:54 PM  

Thanks, much appreciated.
2007-04-20 9:50:36 PM  
Happen to have any Super Targets near you? I'd love to see that comparison. They just opened a Super Target near me and the few times I've been in it thus far, it's tempting me to switch from Publix and the costlier Sweet Bay. The produce in the Super Target was awesome, even trumping that of Sweet Bay.

I miss my Woodman's. :-(
2007-04-20 11:19:05 PM  
Looks to me like you're trolling for Wal-Mart, honestly.
2007-04-21 12:07:32 AM  
Wow! News item. Wal*mart has low prices and drains the life out of America.
2007-04-21 1:22:05 AM  
Smaller font, nonwhite background (try #BBBBBB), subtle web 2.0 graphic enhancements. Basicall,y no one's going to dig on it if it ain't pretty.
2007-04-21 5:14:36 AM  
Yeah, a site with white backgrounds and lacking in lots of graphic enhancements is never going to be popular. I mean, look at that totally plain "Fark" site. White background - very few pretty graphics - that site is never going to take off.
2007-04-21 5:36:47 AM  
Walmart totally farking cheated on the eggs.
2007-04-21 10:05:41 AM  
There is a Super Target, but I don't think they have any produce. They do have a freezer section and other groceries, but no produce.

You can't be serious. It's my fault Walmart is cheaper, so I must be trolling for them?

I will say, I was surprised that WalMart was the most expensive for Milk. I do shop at Sams Club often and a gallon of milk at Sams is $2.35 or $2.45.
2007-04-21 10:07:48 AM  
Thanks for the all the comments.

What type of items would you be interested in seeing reviewed, or compared against each other? It doesn't have to be food (although I do like comparing food), it could be any type of product.
2007-04-21 10:08:55 AM  
Walmart totally farking cheated on the eggs.

I agree..LOL
2007-04-21 10:14:10 AM  

Yeah, a site with white backgrounds and lacking in lots of graphic enhancements is never going to be popular. I mean, look at that totally plain "Fark" site. White background - very few pretty graphics - that site is never going to take off.

Drudge is a great example, a 1st grader could have designed that...but in the end it doesn't matter.

I've operated several moderately successful websites and one of the most important things I've learned, is that CONTENT IS KING. Which is why I'm focusing on 1-2 unique articles per week for the site.
2007-04-21 11:10:07 AM  
Thanks for wasting my time.
2007-04-21 4:57:43 PM  
Front page is a bit confusing and hard to read (lical font on white). I assume these are news items that are to be discussed ? Why the "Add to favorites" function ?

As for Wal-mart, they are a little lower but the time you waste standing in line negates any advantage.

My Kroger is wicked expensive, though eggs - which I never eat - are always about a dollar for some reason.

You could do a comparison of Comcast Digital (Satan's spawn) vs Directv vs DishNetwork. Like a 2-room, hi-def, straight up comparison. Comcast has d1ck for HD channels.
2007-04-21 5:11:30 PM  

Thanks for the comments.

I don't have any trouble with reading the front page (my monitor resolution is 1680x1050). What font do you suggest for easiest reading?
2007-04-21 5:15:55 PM  
good lord that's all expensive, 3 bucks for milk? it's 1.99 out where I live, Fred Meyer's (a krogers co.) has it always at that price, and sometimes half gallons for a buck, same price I know but more convenient. And cheap white bread for 2 bucks? I get good potato or buttermilk bread for a buck and a quarter, 99 cents if it's on sale.

Out here in the nw we've got Winco and food4less (another krogers store) that are even cheaper than that.

Red delicious apples usually run about .48 per pound! I've never shopped at any of the wally worlds that have groceries here, I always thought they'd be cheaper but I guess not...or maybe it's just a regional thing. All I know is I'm going to start putting milk into my gas tank now that it's more expensive.
2007-04-22 9:49:16 AM  
Not the font per se, sorry, I was typing faster than I was thinking.

The text on the front page is light purple on a white background. Font itself is fine.

Eggs are $1.25 at Kroger here, and that's the Everyday Low Price. Onions are a buck a pound for some reason.
2007-04-22 10:05:38 AM  

Thanks for the info!

Eggs are $1.25 at Kroger here, and that's the Everyday Low Price.

Yes, you can definitely get eggs a lot cheaper than what I compared. I compared Egglands Best because I wanted a brand that is available at all 3 stores. You can get whatever the store brand of eggs is for somewhere around 99 cents/dozen.
2007-04-23 2:18:49 AM  
font on the main page is really light, hurt my eyes to look at it on the white background
2007-04-23 8:31:14 AM  
The peanut butter is called Jif? That's a cleaning product in Australia - thick white chalky stuff.
And why are American meats and fruits so cheap? Are more than half of you obese because you can buy so much or... what's the go here? Hrm? HRM?
2007-04-23 5:30:18 PM  
Boy, you were looking to get killed on this one. Don't you know Wal-Mart is the Devil around these parts?
2007-04-23 5:37:52 PM  
Boy, you were looking to get killed on this one. Don't you know Wal-Mart is the Devil around these parts?

LOL. Ya, but if WalMart is cheaper, they're cheaper. Nothing I can do about that.

And why are American meats and fruits so cheap?
How much would the same items cost in AU?
2007-04-23 7:36:17 PM  
In Aussie Land, the only meat is Kangaroo and I'm pretty sure fruit falls up from trees growing under the ground.
2007-04-24 10:50:26 AM  
gocheesego: Are more than half of you obese because you can buy so much or... what's the go here?

I thinks its because we have such poor nutritional value in our food that our bodies crave more and more in an attempt to get the nutrients that we need just to function. But at the cost of a lot of extra calories.
2007-04-24 12:04:34 PM  
Interesting, but for us in poor, backwards places like California that have no super Wal-Marts or Price Cutters it's not really relevant.

I mean, we got Ralph's (Kroger) but I'd lurrrve to see a gallon of milk there for under $3.50 or a pound of 90/10 ground beef for under $4.50. It ain't gonna happen.
2007-04-24 12:44:45 PM  
Eli the ice man

Interesting. That gives me the idea of comparing the same items, at the same store, at different locations across the US.
2007-04-24 5:26:37 PM  
That would be pretty cool - and with enough data, you could be a source for all those sites that seem to like to do the "best/cheapest places to live" articles all the time. Get quoted in one of those and you could get some monster traffic.
2007-04-24 6:42:12 PM  
Right now I'm working on a comparison of popular Milk Chocolate Bars in the US. Should be up Thursday.
2007-04-25 7:28:14 PM  
Cool stuff. I was going to be snarky about the food you ate, but now I'll just be passive aggressive snarky. I'm going to bookmark the site, though. Keep it up.
2007-04-25 7:53:02 PM  

Thanks, much appreciated!

Milk Chocolate Bar Showdown is now up:
2007-04-26 12:18:48 AM  
But, but, everyone knows Walmart only sells cheap Chinese crap.

Their prices on nearly every single name brand item you can imagine are cheaper only because they're cheap Chinese ripoffs that will break several years earlier than had you bought from the bastion of worker and consumer rights, Target.
2007-04-26 1:08:02 AM  

You should open it up to contributors in some fashion. If it is too open, it'll be like Epinions (and suck) and if you have to screen all kinds of emails that would suck for you. But it would be cool to have other opinions or reviews or whatever.

For instance, the chocolate bars. Cool stuff, but it would be interesting to see if other people agreed with you. Also, I liked the price comparison more because it was a bit more objective (though I liked the chocolate comparison quite a bit). When it gets to opinion, I take it with a grain of salt. As much as the "OMG, YOU ARE A WAL-MART TROLL" stuff amuses me (i.e., is a pathetic little whining biatch rant), the objective stuff is much more resistant to bias.
2007-04-26 8:33:04 AM  

Thanks for the comments!

Yes, each article does have a place to post comments. I should have posted the link in the article. If you are on the main page:, on the left column you will see the categories, click on "Reviews".
2007-04-26 8:33:54 AM  

2007-04-26 9:37:01 AM  
Good jorb, ThriftyFox!

I liked it, aesthetics be damned. What you need is to coordinate with other folks around the country to do the same experiment.

Here in Austin, Texas, I think Wal-Mart has run up against a decent competitor, HEB. It is also a very good corporate citizen.
2007-04-26 12:35:09 PM  
A comparison between Circuit City, Best Buy and CompUSA would be interesting, either on products or services. Perhaps with a local independent retailer thrown in.
2007-04-26 9:09:13 PM  
Blondes vs brunettes vs redheads...??
2007-04-26 11:02:30 PM  
Unlike the chocolate review, actually mildly interesting. Still, your site has 0 creative focus. Is it Consumer Reports-lite? Fark-lite? What's your niche?
2007-04-27 6:43:47 AM  
Kroger's cheaper for me. Walmart's on the busiest road where I live and risking my neck (nice looking at the mangled guardrails as I go by) just isn't worth the gas and the time to go to Walmart. It's waaaay out of the way, and Kroger is a mile away from here.

Also, it helps that my fiancé is an employee of Kroger and knows all the good deals and he can get things that are about to expire to use that night for good deals. :)

Though I hear they want to build a Walmart about a quarter of a mile near here... in the old Winn Dixie parking lot. If this actually goes through, the traffic on this road is going to SUCK.
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