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2002-08-20 09:41:32 AM  
Biggest tear jerker is eeing the WIngs lift the Stanley Cup.... sad, it shouldn't happen - wings SUck
2002-08-20 09:42:32 AM  
I can't believe Lonesome Dove hasn't been mentioned more. *snif* Although, to me, the fourth part (the horrible part), doesn't exist anymore. I can't bring myself to sit down and watch it. Know all first three parts by heart, but that last one, just can't stomach it.
2002-08-20 09:42:46 AM  
Priestess: Holy shiat! Excalibur tears me up, too. Especially when Arthus kneels in the river and asks his enemy to knight him. Wow.
2002-08-20 09:43:26 AM  
[image from thecinemalaser.com too old to be available]

Gets me every time. *sniff*
2002-08-20 09:43:36 AM  
When John Cusack successfully ski's the K12 in "Better OFf Dead" had me crying tears of joy. Take THAT you fuggin preppy prettyboy!
2002-08-20 09:45:51 AM  
MADtv does a wonderful job of hating Meg Ryan. There should be a website.
2002-08-20 09:45:54 AM  
goddamn, looking at all these posts, and thinking of all the movies that i get teary over (crying never really happens anymore, except when i spill some beer :) ) makes me feel like a total wuss....thanks fark
2002-08-20 09:46:19 AM  
The ending of Dark City kind of made me mist up. Is that wrong?
2002-08-20 09:46:37 AM  
Life is beautifull

When the kid is hiding in a box and his father is about to get shot. He walks in front of him and ...gulp... still prentends it's just a game....

oh and Rudy.
2002-08-20 09:50:37 AM  
Kylie Matthew Broderick + chimps = Project X. When the main chimp character points to the sky at the end before running off with his girlfriend... ouch.
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-08-20 09:52:07 AM  
too lazy to read the thread, so I don't know if anyone has mentioned "As Good As It Gets"

that last scene when jack walks helen down the street gets me everytime

oh, and Blues Brothers 2000 gets me to, for a different reason (why god, why?)
2002-08-20 09:52:22 AM  
Films that have gotten me chocked up/tearful...

1. Platoon: towards the end, when the helicopters evac the soldiers from the advancing Viet Cong troops, leaving Elias (Wilem Dafoe's character) to die alone. When I first saw that it REALLY chocked me up, I couldn't even gulp. Definitely some waterworks there.

2. Gladiator: Yes, I actually get chocked up during this movie. It's at the end, when Maximus has just died, and Comidus' sister is calling on everyone to remember that he was a hero of Rome, and asking for people to carry him to his grave. Still chokes me up thinking about it.

3. Garfield goes to Hawaii: I'm serious. If you've seen this cartoon, you'll remember the part where Odie and Monkey (the tribal mechanic) go racing up the side of the mountain in the car and go flying into the volcano, which subsequently erupts (and the ghost of 'The Cruiser' is seen racing off to the heavens). Garfield was one of my favorite cartoon characters when I was young, and when I thought he was dead, it was a crushing blow to a 9-yr old.

4. Transformers: The Movie: Death of Optimus Prime. 'Nuff said.

While Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List, and The Color Purple were VERY powerful movies, they didn't get me choked up. I enjoy all three of these movies, and plan to have all of them in my DVD collection.

That's all. You may LOL now.
2002-08-20 09:52:30 AM  
Besides a few of the obvious,

Philadelphia - When Hank's character is describing the aria to his lawyer.
Castaway - when Helen Hunt gets *the phone call*.

I'd add:

The Perfect Game - another Costner\Baseball movie
A River Runs Through It - surprised this wasn't mentioned before. "I am haunted by waters".

And tears for an entirely different reason:

Les Miserables w/ Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush - IMHO an almost perfectly rendered drama. I get teary thinking about how doggone good the movie was made, and how good a job Geoffrey Rush does with his part.
2002-08-20 09:53:11 AM  
oh, and gladiator

that movie has EVERYTHING
-=E V E R Y T H I NG=-

beautiful, beautiful movie
call me a creep but i feel so sad that the might of rome was lost :(
2002-08-20 09:53:32 AM  
The End of Evangelion movie hit me pretty hard a while back, I'm not going to ruin it for anyone.
2002-08-20 09:53:33 AM  
The End of Evangelion movie hit me pretty hard a while back, I'm not going to ruin it for anyone.
2002-08-20 09:53:36 AM  
Priestess & RichJ7: Here I was thinking I was the only one in the world who loved Excalibur! I must have watched that movie about 40 times (ok, I'm a little sick :) ).
2002-08-20 09:53:51 AM  
I agree with the Lonesome Dove mention. When Tommy Lee Jones places his hand on Robert Duvall and simply says, "Augustus"...

My Life, after Michael Keaton's nightmare he says to his wife, " I don't want to die"...Chills man, Chills
2002-08-20 09:54:42 AM  
All the Disney movies are sad. "Little Mermaid" when the King sends his daughter to live on land with the man she loves even though he knows he will never see her again. God, I am in this stupid theatre with my two kids on my every other Saturday visitation crying like a biatch and my eight year old daughter holds my hand and tells me its ok because she will never leave me. Its been ten years and Istill cry thinking about that movie.
2002-08-20 09:56:29 AM  
Betty Blue and La Haine are two highly emotive French films. Otherwise Once Were Warriors really packs a powerful punch.

Sorry, just throwing a couple of non-american entries into the hat.
2002-08-20 09:58:04 AM  
does anyone else feel the same about The Dish? I wasnt alive for the moon landing but i think that movie passed the feeling on through Cliff

"I like that Cliff, he goes for it."
2002-08-20 10:00:10 AM  
Snoopy Come Home used to make me totally bawl.
2002-08-20 10:00:14 AM  
I'm showing my age here but the first movie that ever made me cry was "Born Free". I haven't seen it in years and it still bugs me.
2002-08-20 10:00:28 AM  
I cried at Schindler's List, especially at the end when he was looking at all the things he still had and realized he could have helped even more than he already did and then at the very end when the survivors and their families were placing rocks on his grave.

Last of the Mohicans, cried there too.

Saving Private Ryan, because all I could think of was how my grandpa was there and how he was almost killed when a damn Nazi sniper shot him (he's still around and he really liked the movie. Said it was very accurate in terms of the equipment they used).

Okay, cheesy girly movie that I cried at...hmmm...Stepmom? I don't know. I cry a lot. At movies....or commericals....Moulin Rouge got me too. Love Ewan, LOVE him.
2002-08-20 10:00:38 AM  
Stuartinsg: What you said about your 8 year old daughter was one of the neatest things I've ever read on a Fark thread. She sounds quite special. What's funny is that she'll always remember that day at the movies too. Ahhh kids.
2002-08-20 10:00:49 AM  
Hlx: I own a copy of La Haine. Not quite a tearjerker, but definitely a powerful movie!

"So far so good, so far so good, as the man said while falling from the building"
That central theme in the movie draws a scary similarity to the world today...
2002-08-20 10:00:55 AM  
Definitely Schindler's List. The ending had me crying for at least 30 minutes after the movie finished.

And I cried during Shrek. I admit it.
2002-08-20 10:04:16 AM  
Born Free

My Dog Skip

Basically, movies with animals are too emotional.
2002-08-20 10:04:27 AM  
I have to admit that I cried a little during Titanic, but NOT because of that sappy love crap. I got a ittle misty during that one scene where the boat is sinking and all the poor people know they're not making it out alive, and the Mom put her kids in bed and was reading to them, trying to tell them everything would be okay. There was also another scene where a poor man is handing his daughter off onto a boat and she's screaming because she knows he's gonna die.
2002-08-20 10:05:16 AM  
Call me crazy, but the end of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, when Dell comes home for Thanksgiving with Neil...? Man, I just about lose it there every time.

I miss John Candy.

PS--Huge, HUGE Excalibur fan. Love that flick.
2002-08-20 10:05:16 AM  
That is the third time I've seen you talk so highly about the Gummo movie...
both other times I've gone to see if I can find it anywhere and cannot find it. [I read a synopsis of it, and it looks very interesting]

2002-08-20 10:05:18 AM  
i cry during the darth vader redemption scene every time...
2002-08-20 10:06:00 AM  
An anime flick called 'Grave of the Fireflies'. If you don't cry, you are not human.
2002-08-20 10:06:09 AM  
Corvusnex I have another Garfield moment, you just reminded me of it.

Did you see the one where Garfield and Odie were taken to the pound? (Garfield hits the town or something, it was called).

The scene where Odie is being dragged away to be put down and there's that mournful music, and Garfield waves and sheds a tear.... ( so long old friend, I wish that I could see you once again... )

Oh God, I'm choking up again...
2002-08-20 10:06:53 AM  
Gardens of Stone
What Dreams May Come
Pay it Forward

Those 3 are just the first that come to mind for me. I am unfortunately an easy targer for the tearjerkers.
2002-08-20 10:07:14 AM  
I always cry when i see the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2.
2002-08-20 10:08:54 AM  
I didn't cry during the Shawshank Redemption... I love that movie, and I can't remember a scene that was that sad.
2002-08-20 10:09:17 AM  
God, Veritas, I had forgotten about that. Need a minute....

You're right about that one.

Oh, WinnipegDragon? I own Grave of the Fireflies on VHS and I have never cried all the times I've seen it. It just made me sad. Guess I'm not human :)
2002-08-20 10:09:35 AM  
08-20-02 06:13:24 AM Majinchick18
Forrest Gump, The Family Man, and Requiem for a Dream.

wow there's a selection I wouldn't expect to be lumped together.

Requiem for a Dream was dark and disturbing (not BAD, just dark and disturbing, it has it's place) it should be in a list with Happiness and Mullholland Drive. For movies that fark with your sexual emotions
2002-08-20 10:09:43 AM  
08-20-02 05:34:25 AM Dr.Ron
"If I had words to make a day for you,
I'd sing you a day golden and true.
I would make each day last for all time
And bathe your nights deep in mo-onshine"

That'll do, Dr.Ron, that'll do...

Babe - great movie!
2002-08-20 10:10:18 AM  
I can cry at any movie, but Blow, E.T., BlackHawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Schlinders List, and Waiting to exhale just kill me.
2002-08-20 10:10:26 AM  
speaking of anime (again)...
princess mononoke - some great big scenes in there that are just majestic
2002-08-20 10:11:20 AM  
I don't feel like reading all these posts, so I don't know if this one is up there yet, but when I was a kid I bawled my eyes out in the theatre when Optimus Prime dies in Transformers the Movie.

Ok, that was yesterday.

And Field of Dreams always gets me.
2002-08-20 10:11:20 AM  
oh yeah, add gummo to my list.
2002-08-20 10:11:30 AM  
The end of The Color Purple always brings at least a few tears to my eyes.

A couple of movies I haven't seen mentioned that have made me tear up like a little girly are Savannah Smiles and Grave of the Fireflies. Anybody who has seen that one (Grave of the Fireflies) will agree with me that it is the saddest film, like, ever. And the fact that it's animated makes it that much more amazing that it can inspire such grief.

Honorable mention: In E.T. when Gertie (Drew Barrymore's character) jumps and starts crying after they first use the defibs on E.T. Sad.
2002-08-20 10:12:19 AM  
Speaking of Garfield... Anybody see the Bloom County Christmas special "A wish for wings that worked"? That was sortof a sniffler.
2002-08-20 10:12:34 AM  
OMG, I forgot about ET. My mother and I waited in line for over 3 hours to see that movie when it first came out. Boy it was worth it.

Damn government taking away a kid's best friend....

*sniff* :(
2002-08-20 10:13:04 AM  
did no one else cry during "i am sam"? I was so humiliated in the theater.
2002-08-20 10:13:31 AM  
WinnipegDragon: I sat down one night to watch 'the grave of the fireflies' on TV. I didn't know what it was about, and I thought it was gonna be a regular uncomprehensible, violent, regular anime. I have to say I was pleasently surprised, although the movie depressed me utterly...
2002-08-20 10:13:50 AM  
There are many shows/movies etc... that pull the triggers but don't often work.

One commercial that gets me, and it may stand out more because I've only seen it once:

  Father and young daughter, maybe 3 years old, laying in the grass at dusk.
  The setting sun is large on the horizon.

  Father :Watch... going...
  Sun continues setting
  Father :going...
  Sun dips just below horizon
  Father :gone!!
  Daughter : [breathlessly, with surprise]Ah! Do it again, daddy!!
  Scene: Lifesavers board

dammit... it got me just typing it in.

I saw it one time, I think it was a World Series or Superbowl, and have never seen it again. I went to work
telling people to watch for it because it was so good.
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