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2002-08-20 05:51:38 AM  
Tatasm, I agree with the whole Michael Bay thing. I got choked up during the end of the Rock for some reason. Maybe it's the music blasting at 10 times the speech volume that gets to you or something.

And, yeah, I forgot that I cried at The Green Mile too.
2002-08-20 05:51:53 AM  
Dr. Ron.

Lets see

Prison Movie
Prison Movie
Fruity College Kids
Prison Movie
Naked Man on Island
Movie about Gay Men

I see no pattern. ;)
2002-08-20 05:54:12 AM  
Sweater Girl,

Yeah, I forgot..I haven't seen it since it came out. That's another one I have to rent.

On another note, anybody else cry while reading? That is something you can't admit to except on the internet.
2002-08-20 05:54:13 AM  
sad movies are natures onions...
2002-08-20 05:54:27 AM  
Cfporn: Now if only Tom would make that movie you've been hankering for, where he plays the naked gay man on the prison-island :)
2002-08-20 05:54:29 AM  
Pearl Harbor is the last one I can remember crying at. I watched it fairly soon after I broke up with a girlfriend of a couple years, so I think the love story thing kinda got to me.
2002-08-20 05:54:30 AM  
"life is beautiful" is the only live action movie to have made me cry, to my knowledge. in my opinion, though, "barefoot gen", a WWII-based anime, is actually more tearjerking.
2002-08-20 05:54:55 AM  
The Fisher King.
The really bad one is, although not a movie, one of the last episodes of, ....christ.... , buffy. I'll go and sit in a corner now...
2002-08-20 05:56:27 AM  
I'm almost certain someone over at fanfiction.net has written that by now =P
2002-08-20 05:56:52 AM  
'Katie the Catepillar' always gets me a little misty-eyed...

Seriously, 'Life is Beautiful' is a real tear jerker. You get really into the movie and the family it revolves around, and then they are killed. Made me bawl like a baby. I get sad just thinking about it.
2002-08-20 05:57:08 AM  
My husband and I always both tear up when jenny dies in Forest Gump...

My own private one is Dangerous Liasons...

Oh, and this a funny: Armaggedon...the end? I have nothing in common with my sister-in-law but we both sobbed at the end both times we saw it
2002-08-20 05:57:25 AM  
Cfporn, yeah, but the characters are all furries.
2002-08-20 05:57:25 AM  
I remember seeing Shadowlands in the theater and at the point where Anthony Hopkins and his stepson both suddenly burst into tears, a large part of the entire audience audibly choked up.

I know what you mean. Shadowlands is a great film. Based on 'A grief observed' intermingled with 'Surprised by Joy' I think Hollywood did a pretty good job with the material.

However, as good as Hopkins is, sadly no one seems to be able to wear the shoes of Lewis.

That in and of itself makes me want to cry.
2002-08-20 05:57:45 AM  
"The Truman Show", Jim Carrey... one of the most psychologically disturbing movies I've ever seen, to think of that poor bastard when he realizes the WHOLE DAMN WORLD is perpetrating this setup against him... but the whole thing with him trying to get away to "Fiji" to see that girl, all the runaround with the travel agent... and the mosaic picture he puts together of her, and she's watching him do it... heavy crap, to me.
2002-08-20 05:58:02 AM  
I feel like touching my feminine side right now. Oops I mean I feel in touch with my feminine side.
2002-08-20 05:58:02 AM  
Good one, Shiro

This thread is reminding me of some great movies that I can't believe I forgot. Life is Beautiful

2002-08-20 05:58:51 AM  
It's sappy, i know, but I always shed a couple of tears during the prez' speach in Independence Day.

"We will not go quietly into the night..."

2002-08-20 05:58:51 AM  
oh, and the fact that I suckath at html..that doesn't hurt.

weep in my general direction please.
2002-08-20 05:58:57 AM  
another one-
Bevis & Butthead Do America- at the end when they walk down the street you just know that they have finally realized their love for each-other. sniff....
2002-08-20 05:59:32 AM  
Oh wait... Cinema Paradiso really got me crying too.
I need a hug too now. I feel so vulnerable. SNIFF.

Must watch Ronin or Hard Boiled or The Wild Bunch so I'll feel better.
2002-08-20 05:59:48 AM  

I'm pretty sure nobody else will beat you. :)
2002-08-20 06:00:44 AM  

yes, while reading 'A seperate Peace'

I cried.
2002-08-20 06:01:39 AM  
Lalalala, I was very close to crying while reading Frankenstein.
2002-08-20 06:01:59 AM  
Oh yeah, I also got misty at American Beauty. Good movie.
2002-08-20 06:02:06 AM  
First five minutes of City of Angels when the little girl dies.
2002-08-20 06:02:23 AM  
Short Circuit 2 when Johnny-5 'dies'.
2002-08-20 06:02:46 AM  
For the record I did NOT cry at the end of Like Water For Chocolate. Good film, but not a tear jerker, imho. Thought I'd mention it because its seems to be for a lot of people I know.
2002-08-20 06:04:05 AM  
Ugh, forgot City of Angels. I cried through that entire movie...literally. I was still crying even during the happy parts
2002-08-20 06:04:09 AM  
Sense and Sensibility. I've watched it a billion times and cry every goshdern time! Willoghby. Simply pathetic!
2002-08-20 06:05:46 AM  

And when I read 'the Outsiders.'

I think that was the first book that ever made me emotional.

Wow Lalalala look at you bringing this up:)
2002-08-20 06:07:01 AM  
Forest Gump, gets me every time. Got even worse after my wife left me.

Again Tom Hanks (the man is a true gent) The Green Mile, I loved that movie, actually most recent Tom Hanks films get me a bit teary, funny thing is I'm a six two 260 pound white guy. Dang there go the sterotypes

Worlds biggest gang bang 2 brought a tear to my eye, but for a totally diferent reason.

2002-08-20 06:07:44 AM  
It's not really a chick flick, but My Dog Skip gets me every time. It reminds me of my first real friend, my childhood dog.
2002-08-20 06:08:47 AM  
[image from willamette.edu too old to be available]

Harakiri, the most heart felt flick I've ever seen.
2002-08-20 06:08:57 AM  
Come on, 100+ posts and hardly ANY mention of the Princess Bride?
2002-08-20 06:11:58 AM  
Hi's dream at the end of Raising Arizona...
2002-08-20 06:12:21 AM  
His name is Robert Paulson..
2002-08-20 06:12:36 AM  
Where the Red Fern Grows,(the book) made me sob like a baby.
2002-08-20 06:13:16 AM  
So many good movies have been mentioned here, it is hard to think of other ones...i cry whenever I watch a sad movie, it is just me.
Has anyone mentioned Black Beauty yet? The part where Ginger dies and is carted off to the glue factory is exceedingly sad.
Also, what about Radio Flyer?
2002-08-20 06:13:24 AM  
Forrest Gump, The Family Man, and Requiem for a Dream. There might be one more movie I'm missing, but these are the movies that caused tears to stream down my face.
2002-08-20 06:14:01 AM  

Hey I mentioned it :o).
2002-08-20 06:14:04 AM  
Steel Magnolias makes me cry. No, not cry. Bawl my farking eyes out. Most sad movies I head to the bedroom before they get sad, but that one, I just sat til the end and sobbed. I guess it struck me because I am Southern, and it really portrayed a side of the South that gets the short stick. My family is the traditional southern family, large and tight knit, and a death like that really strikes us hard.

>>Gets all melancoly<<
2002-08-20 06:14:54 AM  
Ahh, that's the obvious one I forgot! Requiem for a Dream made me cry way more than Shawshank.
2002-08-20 06:15:23 AM  
Majinchick18: The Family man was a good movie. Reminds that your getting older and the stuff you have just isn't hitting the "I am satisfied button anymore".
2002-08-20 06:17:45 AM  
Hmmm, ok, confession time, is it? ;-)

Memphis Belle. Amazing Grace and Danny Boy have always had this strange effect on me.

Tuesdays with Morrie. (oh God, I'm so ashamed)

Series 7. I shed a tear or two towards the end. Some touching moments.

Shrek. Yeah, shut up.

I've embarrassed myself enough.
2002-08-20 06:17:48 AM  
As for a book that made me cry, Orwell's 1984 did it to me. The last paragraph just chokes me up.
2002-08-20 06:21:03 AM  

I hope my question isn't seen as a thread-jacking. :) Just wanted to know if I was the only one who cries during a good book. Usually, they even hit me harder than a movie because you are much more involved with the characters and can read all of their thoughts. Mario Puzo's "The Sicillian" gets me so bad at the end.


I'll keep an eye open for it. That sounds like a terrifically dramatic scene.


Somebody else told me they cried during Frankenstein. I'll have to dig that one up sometime.
2002-08-20 06:21:18 AM  
Books choke me up more than movies. I think it's the time you put into reading a book; you really connect with the characters and everything, not wanting it to end.
2002-08-20 06:24:13 AM  
I think music can choke someone up more then movies or books. Even a song unrealated to the felt mood can bring back memories of certain periods of time in ones life. I hear songs sometimes that actually trigger memories of how the sunlight was shining and certain smells that where in the air.

PS.Hope this was not off topic
2002-08-20 06:25:20 AM  
well lessee, i've never really cried at movies, but the closest ones would be:
Winnetou & Old Shatterhand III (don't ask)
Saving Pvt. Ryan
Forrest Gump
Beautiful Mind
Edward Scissorhands
The Majestic
2002-08-20 06:25:48 AM  
Wldncrzy14: Same thing with long animes, time connects you to the characters.
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