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(Yahoo)   Australian research team fertilizes eggs without sperm   ( dailynews.yahoo.com) divider line
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1869 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2001 at 9:14 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-10 09:20:42 AM  
Does that mean that women don't need any input from men to get pregnant? I hope not
2001-07-10 09:21:42 AM  
Great news for the flannel girls out there. Slowly but surely, men will simply fade.....away.......
2001-07-10 09:32:18 AM  
There goes our one advantage over the cucumber
2001-07-10 09:34:14 AM  
"Lacham-Kaplan said the research, if successful in humans, also theoretically could allow babies to be born without any input from men, "

Why do I see the decline of society in that sentence. Eventually the world will be rid of all males. Soccer moms will be everywhere (well, more so than they are now). It will be illegal to own less than 23523 pair of shoes. The entire human race will synchronize with each other for that certain period of time ever month.

(btw - this is sarcasm, women of fark, I'm just kidding about the shoes thing)
2001-07-10 09:37:45 AM  
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard, and consider her ways."

Anyone read Windham here?

Sorry, foolish question.
2001-07-10 09:45:05 AM  
Damn, I feel we´re loosing our postion as the stronger sex.
2001-07-10 09:45:08 AM  
So a lesbian couple can now have a baby that is genetically theirs? No men needed at all? Women have always considered men a necessary evil. They would like to avoid us at all costs, but couldn't if they wanted any chance of having a baby. The headline of this story should have read: "Men to be extinct by the end of the century". Oh well, I'll probably be dead by then anyway.
2001-07-10 09:56:56 AM  
On the one hand, men are mostly useless anyway.


On the other hand, I LIKE men..

2001-07-10 09:59:41 AM  
Mars colonized by Amazons...
2001-07-10 10:02:58 AM  
heh..do you guys actually feel threatened by this?.i find that hilarious.
2001-07-10 10:04:19 AM  
If anybody wans to do some reading there's an older sci-fi book called "Alph" about an all-female society. SCientists had found out how to merge two ova simulating fertilization and rendering males obsolete. The process was called exparthogenesis.
2001-07-10 10:05:15 AM  
Does this mean the men on this planet can finally start having sex just for the pleasure and not for the children??
2001-07-10 10:06:21 AM  
A look into the future...



2001-07-10 10:07:01 AM  
Hisey: Most of the inventions that you use in your daily life are designed by men.


I love women.
2001-07-10 10:07:55 AM  
Lechas>YEAH!! It´s a win-win scenario! Beacuse there´s no father, there´s no responsibility. Men just have to be sextoys, mmmm... I like...
2001-07-10 10:08:43 AM  
Hisey, I heard some comedienne (might have been Roseanne) say men are good for only 3 things: 1. fixing stuff, 2. yardwork and 3. sex. lol
2001-07-10 10:10:24 AM  
"heh..do you guys actually feel threatened by this?.i find that hilarious."

Deoxi, no right now I think it is safe to say that this is all sarcasm. Now if this process works well enough that it becomes a fairly common practice, then I think some guys will start to get nervous. When women decide as a whole that they are better than men and that they want to do away with men, then we will all worry (unless they want to make us sex slaves, then I think we'll be ok with it)
2001-07-10 10:18:11 AM  
This article really doesn't affect some of us. :)

Lesbian ... Australian for mum.
2001-07-10 10:18:19 AM  
Does anybody find implications of virgin birth here ( ala Mary, the mother of Christ) ?
2001-07-10 10:20:04 AM  
"Go to the ant....." Proverbs 6:6. Hmmmm.
2001-07-10 10:21:53 AM  
As a member of the aforementioned female gender, I would be not at all adverse to having men relegated to sex slaves.

I would also not be adverse to having my ex's body impaled on a flaming spike and thrown over a steep cliff into sharps rocks below, where starving sharks reside.

2001-07-10 10:25:10 AM  
related old straight dope column: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_059.html
2001-07-10 10:25:38 AM  
Dr.Washuu and i thought a woman's idea of revenge involved rusty pliers and male reproductive organs.

thanks for broadening my horizon.
2001-07-10 10:27:07 AM  
This will end up with only a few horny studs, that will be sexmachines for the women on earth. I´ll apply for that job. lol
2001-07-10 10:32:30 AM  
Annschmidt: Yeah, I know - I was typing faster than I think - I was thinking of the book "Consider Her Ways" by John Windham.
2001-07-10 10:34:36 AM  
Take note, everyone..I said men were mereley "MOSTLY" useless..not "completely" useless..
2001-07-10 10:37:39 AM  
or Mostly Harmless?
2001-07-10 10:43:37 AM  
Hisey: Does that mean you'd use us less??
2001-07-10 10:48:29 AM  
Kinda´ gives a new perspective of the expression "go f*ck yourself"
2001-07-10 10:50:11 AM  
Hisey: Er... can't exactly the same be said for women? In which case... what's your point, or are you just on the pull?
2001-07-10 10:53:13 AM  
Goatman You can say whatever you like about women..I know quite a few useless women as well..

Lechas You guys are useful for some things!

I honestly meant it as a joke...it was ripe for guy-bashing..really.. I love y'all.
2001-07-10 10:53:18 AM  
2001-07-10 10:54:13 AM  
This, from the book of Python...

Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is great.
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate.

Let the Pagan spill theirs
O'er mountain, hill, and plain.
God shall strike them down for
Each sperm that's spilt in vain.
2001-07-10 10:54:21 AM  
revenge..hmm.. has anyone seen the music video happiness in slavery?
2001-07-10 10:55:12 AM  
And for the record... I am a devout LESBIAN... So is my Penis!
2001-07-10 10:56:56 AM  
Oh... and what else rocreates without a male...
Salamanders, worms and soem species of frog.
Scary, very scary.
2001-07-10 10:57:45 AM  
"Mommy, where do babies come from?"

"Well sweetie, when mommy and mommy wanted a child, we went to a doctor. They took the love and caring that mommy and mommy have for each other. Then they put that into us, and we waited until you were born."

"I love you mommy, and you to mommy. Your my favourite mommies."
2001-07-10 10:59:50 AM  
I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.
2001-07-10 11:00:26 AM  
the sheep are running scared today
2001-07-10 11:09:51 AM  
i love boys
2001-07-10 11:27:16 AM  
Deoxi - but do they love you back?
2001-07-10 11:29:09 AM  
Could I please be a penis trapped in a womans body? Or a tounge maybe?
2001-07-10 11:29:16 AM  
Hold it. If this renders men "useless", then the implication is that women are "useful". And in just what way, now?

This is the advent of the age in which women can proudly state that they are nothing more than baby factories.

Or did I miss something?
2001-07-10 11:31:31 AM  
Hisey - "all"? Hey! You missed me! Aaaarg!

<commits sepuku>
2001-07-10 11:33:44 AM  
*climbs on his soapbox*

In this age of overpopulation, scientists should be trying to find ways to help reduce the number of pregnancies, not trying to help out those who want children. By removing the need for two functioning adults to have children, there can be a second baby boom, this time for lesbian couples who want children with their other half.

And once these 'scientists' figure out how to get males pregnant it will be the ned of the world. The crust of the earth will collapse in on it self with the weight of the new humanity, a humaity brought about by science, a humanity that is a blashemy before god...wait I don't believe in god. Sorry, sorry, I'll just get down now.
*steps off soapbox*
2001-07-10 11:38:50 AM  
BlackVampyr: getting males pregnant? Yeah I know a load of blokes just queuing up for that.
2001-07-10 11:43:41 AM  
Labberdasher Yes, you too.

2001-07-10 11:50:56 AM  
this could definately be open to abuse,

lets say your girlfriend wants a baby and you dont, also she wants maintenance money for the baby you 'fathered' - all she needs is one of your hairs....lets also say she wants to have elvis's babys ...all she needs are his toenail clippings..this technology will never see the light of day
2001-07-10 11:54:01 AM  
I can't wait for the world without men - how will any jars get opened?
2001-07-10 11:58:08 AM  
lol, Goatman..good point. I'm keepin my man.
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