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(Dose.ca)   New Fox reality TV shhow to reveal deepethst darkethst secrets of drunk people...I lowve you guyths No, serithously. You're, like, sooooooo cool   ( dose.ca) divider line
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2007-04-18 12:31:32 PM  
we already have this show. it's called "blind date".
2007-04-18 12:31:49 PM  
Sarah! Hi, hi it's me, you know ME! So how are you doing? pause That's great! I know it's been 2 years but I just miss you so much, we were great together weren't we? pause What? No I haven't been drinking. Wait wait I am sooo sorry I groped your sister in the hot tub I really thought it was you...., Can't you give me another chance? *click*

/verbatim text of drunk dialing my roommate tried in college.
2007-04-18 12:33:12 PM  
[image from content.answers.com too old to be available]

2007-04-18 12:33:47 PM  
Someone shot cell vid of me drunk wrestling a drunk friend. We both had our shirsts off. This happened Saturday night. I am 35. I am afraid of youtube. Thank god I am a lawyer and not a teacher. Otherwise, I'd suffer extreme embarrassment.
2007-04-18 12:34:28 PM  
Drunk Guy = "Hey baby, you got 2 legs, a hole, and a heartbeat...I'm in looove"
2007-04-18 12:35:06 PM  
Cue the pics of drunk chicks!!

/needs a break from all the "serious cat" threads today...
2007-04-18 12:35:18 PM  
Watching this will be like being the DD for a group of drunks. I'll pass.
2007-04-18 12:35:19 PM  
Are they going to name this 'Skid Row' or 'Frat House'?
2007-04-18 12:35:45 PM  
Next on Fox.. frozen dog poo.
2007-04-18 12:36:14 PM  
I love it when really drunk people try to corner you to lecture you on their grand philosophies concerning life, the human condition, and the universe in general. And it doesn't matter what they say, they won't STFU. I honestly wish I had recorded some I've heard and played it back to them when they were sober. Some are just hilarious, others need to hear it so they know the depths (heights?) of idiocy they can achieve.
2007-04-18 12:37:45 PM  
What could possibly go wrong?
2007-04-18 12:37:57 PM  
If the show is anything like the picture in the story... I'll watch it...
[image from i59.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-04-18 12:38:45 PM  
Yay, finally a thread that isn't about the only thing that's happened in the last two days!

/bring on drunken frat chicks
2007-04-18 12:38:52 PM  
I hope I'm there so I can tell them my deepest thoughts about the Fox network and Rupert Murdoch. I wonder if that will make it on the air.
2007-04-18 12:39:35 PM  
"it pushes the bounds of reality'". I'd say.

At what point are we forced to redefine "reality"?
2007-04-18 12:40:05 PM  
Two words: s'mores schnapps.
2007-04-18 12:40:16 PM  
LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD...SHHH: Watching this will be like being the DD for a group of drunks. I'll pass.

Worse than that. At least you can mess with your drunk friends when you are DD, and possibly get some sloppy drunk sex. This just sounds painful to watch.
2007-04-18 12:40:18 PM  
[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]

/not impressed
2007-04-18 12:40:35 PM  
just follow me on a Thursday night...

beating up frat boys and vomiting on my carpet are fun activities.
2007-04-18 12:40:55 PM  
Pssst ... I work for the CIA ...
2007-04-18 12:42:20 PM  
making fun of drunks at a bar- just one more thing I can now do from the comfort of my own home.
/for extra credit, drink beer while watching
2007-04-18 12:44:28 PM  
By the way, shubby, it'sh ushually more common for drunksh to shlur their eshesh than to lishp. You know what I mean?
I love you, man.
2007-04-18 12:45:07 PM  
Girls do the dirtiest shiat when they're drunk. This will be a VERY good program!
2007-04-18 12:45:27 PM  
I can't wait for the first lawsuit on this one.
2007-04-18 12:45:31 PM  
Thanks fredbox
2007-04-18 12:47:30 PM  
simpsons did it

it was called Taxicab Confessions
2007-04-18 12:48:10 PM  
I can't wait for the "confessionals". "I really wouldn't have cheated on my fiance, but that last pitcher of Mai-Tais really did it for me ..."
2007-04-18 12:49:16 PM  
I hope they skip the episode with me mistaking their booth for the men's room.
2007-04-18 12:50:23 PM  
What's a sorority girls mating call?
I'm like sooooo wasted.
2007-04-18 12:51:26 PM  
millertrey: Girls do the dirtiest shiat when they're drunk pretending to be drunk and trying very hard to be the center of attention. This will be a VERY good monotonous program!

Damn, every aspect of life is being canned and presented in weekly installments of reality TV. Just go outside and live, morans! Why do you need the media to feed it to you?
2007-04-18 12:51:30 PM  
[image from i62.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-04-18 12:54:18 PM  
We're drivin' to Vegas!!!
2007-04-18 12:55:42 PM  
To a sober person, drunk people are 99.9% boring and 0.1% absolute comedy gold.

I guess what I'm saying is, this will be the most heavily-edited show in history.
2007-04-18 12:58:39 PM  
submitter: New Fox reality TV shhow to reveal deepethst darkethst secrets of drunk people

What, that your penis doesn't work at that BAC?

How is that a show?
2007-04-18 12:58:42 PM  
[image from z.about.com too old to be available]

2007-04-18 01:00:03 PM  
millertrey: Girls do the dirtiest shiat when they're drunk. This will be a VERY good program!

The key word being dirty. Most of the drunk sluttery I have seen was things I did not want to see. I'm sure this show will attract the same attention whores that would otherwise be on Girls Gone Wild. Since its on Fox, we won't even see boobies, and the gratuitous "tee-hee we're drunk" lesbian scenes are right out.
2007-04-18 01:05:39 PM  
marylander: wrong thread..

But somehow appropriate.
2007-04-18 01:12:08 PM  
From the article: "Our audience wants reality whenever and wherever they want it and we are excited to deliver the first original series made for our website," said Fox Reality COO and general manager David Lyle in a statement.

Why do they think this of their audience???? Who is giving them these statistics!?
2007-04-18 01:15:20 PM  
maggots Michael ... you're eating maggots ...
2007-04-18 01:19:15 PM  

just follow me on a Thursday night...

beating up frat boys and vomiting on my carpet are fun activities.

then I do squat thrust until my eyes bleed

[image from combatwrestling.com too old to be available]

/I'm sure you beat up frat boys every thursday night
/There is a magazine you may be interested in.
2007-04-18 01:22:23 PM  
Maybe some bunch of drunks will finally accost the camera crew, which will cause an outrage, and a cry for these kinds of television programs to cease, and they finally WILL!

I hate reality TV! I wish all these shows would crash and burn, from "The Real World" on up.
2007-04-18 01:24:13 PM  
"This guy, this is the guy"

//tried finding a screencap with no success
2007-04-18 01:25:10 PM  
this thread is useless without pics of drunk girls.
2007-04-18 01:27:58 PM  
TFA: From the people that brought you such high-brow shows as Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? comes new reality series Nightclub Confessions, a mixed online and TV feature showcasing confessions clubbers made during a night out on the town.

fruitloop: we already have this show. it's called "blind date".

City TV has been doing it for years with Speaker's Corner, a coin-operated video confessional booth in downtown Toronto. They put together best-of reels, and it's pretty entertaining viewing at the best of times. (Especially when Ontario relaxed the female toplessness laws, which were celebrated by the flashing of many drunken boobies.)
2007-04-18 01:30:53 PM  
As a former bartender I will NOT be watching. I hated listening to it when I was tipped well for it WHY would I do it for free on my on time.
2007-04-18 01:34:42 PM  
This is going to be horrible TV. I'll pass thanks.
2007-04-18 01:37:28 PM  
stupid, for stupids.

2007-04-18 01:44:55 PM  
Oh man, I thought that booth was a restroom. Hope they don't show a video of me growing a tail.
2007-04-18 01:45:33 PM  
FOX=90% shiat 10% Gold

/'cept sundays
//and Drive
2007-04-18 01:45:59 PM  

, is that you?

/Sorry RugbyJock, reminded me of you
//Sorry spacechicken170am, reminded me of RugbyJock
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