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(London Times)   Church set on fire as lightning hits cross   ( divider line
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976 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2001 at 12:11 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-10 12:31:06 AM  
What a spectacle that would have been.
2001-07-10 12:34:49 AM  
One point twenty one gigawatts!
2001-07-10 12:55:50 AM  
"1.2in of rain fell in an hour"

2001-07-10 01:11:03 AM  
Alright, so what kinds of interpretations will come out of this? god is angry? Satan is angry?
2001-07-10 01:16:14 AM  
Zeus is angry, more likely.
2001-07-10 01:17:22 AM  
Charles Kellogg Field (1873-1948) best known for writing this ditty following the 1906 San Fran earthquake:

If, as some say, God spanked the town
For being over frisky,
Why did He burn the Churches down
And save Hotaling's Whisky?
2001-07-10 01:23:13 AM  
The church up the street from me got hit by lightning once. A big chunk of the roof had to be replaced.
2001-07-10 01:44:25 AM  
Mystic-Silly boy, Zeus doesn't exist, he's just a myth from an archaic superstitious belief system.
2001-07-10 02:00:57 AM  
It's a Catholic Church! Chick is right! I'll never doubt him again...
2001-07-10 02:18:00 AM  
ToasterThief: Well, so is God. What's your point?
2001-07-10 02:23:24 AM  
yea, Kapital and ST. Mike was the biggest sheepbleeper of them all
2001-07-10 02:40:13 AM  
Pathetic Fallacy
2001-07-10 03:16:48 AM  
The incident was among more than 30,000 lightning strikes across the South West yesterday morning. Thousands of people were left without power. Mobile phone services were also disrupted.

Mmm, I'm figuring God would never miss, so why did he need 30.000 bolts to hit it only once??

And mobile phones got disrupted... What a cruel world we live in
2001-07-10 03:46:20 AM  
ummm ..
since when is hampshire in the south west ??
2001-07-10 03:56:50 AM  
Mystik: That WAS my point. Sarcasm, friend.
2001-07-10 04:04:09 AM  
The old question... do Church insurance policies cover Acts of God?
2001-07-10 04:35:14 AM  
ToasterThief: Sorry. For some reason, I tend to take offense when someone calls me "Mystic-Silly boy," especially this late at night when my sarcasm detectors are not working properly. Ah, well. I guess I could forgive you this once.
2001-07-10 05:28:12 AM  
Damn right you'll forgive me. I have the power of the LORD on my side.
2001-07-10 05:32:43 AM  
haven't visited Fark for a couple of weeks, what happened to the intelligent comments. Just moron's crapping on about who gets boobies, that's why there was a lightening strike in London, you dorks are responsible.
2001-07-10 05:35:21 AM  
This story reminds me of that photoshop picture a couple months ago where someone put God's hand pushing over a church steeple saying "Stop being ninnies!" or something like that. Anyone still have that one?
2001-07-10 05:35:54 AM  
21st post. ha...boobies
2001-07-10 05:36:32 AM  
2001-07-10 06:24:35 AM  
Surely this is only ironic if God exists?

*ducks head under table and continues drinking beer through straw*
2001-07-10 07:28:58 AM  
Beer through a straw???
2001-07-10 07:29:33 AM  
i can see that happening at a church near me. cuz its got this HUGE cross on the top, and its waaaaaaaay up tall. i can see it from my bedroom window :) and it lights up and it spins slowly...all electrical. surprised that it hasnt happened all ready!

i love storms.
2001-07-10 07:33:53 AM  
MrScience: It's on the 3rd floor and I'm on the 9th - of course I need a straw.
2001-07-10 07:37:46 AM  
"This is God speaking, you're boring me" zap!
When did Sandra Bullock quit acting and get a job with thier power company?
2001-07-10 07:53:04 AM  
it's, but i had to look twice too.......!
2001-07-10 08:03:32 AM  
So who is that, her sister?
2001-07-10 08:24:12 AM  
...and ye to those of little faith, god will smite thee to the depths of hell... *KABOOM* Holy fark! What the hell was that!
2001-07-10 08:50:07 AM  
and god said let there be light..
2001-07-10 09:55:55 AM  
Pastor "My I be struck down if I am lying." *ZOT* " I'm lying..." *THUD*
2001-07-10 10:15:07 AM  
Father Keller, 60, estimates that the damage, which includes the destruction of the church's £100,000 organ, will run to as much as £2 million.

There is nothing more evil than an expensive church!
How about doing some farking good with that £2 million instead of buying a replacement £100k cross? In the interest of us U.S. farkers, what is that in USD these days?

"I believe in God, I just don't believe that every motherfarker that says he's working for him really is," - D.L. Heugley
2001-07-10 11:12:36 AM  
About 1.5 dollars per pound, approximately, very roughly.
Organs are really cool sounding. I wonder if it made a noise when it went up.
2001-07-10 11:35:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-10 11:41:32 AM  
Bravetoaster: Holy shiznits..that's insane.. a rotating electrick cross????
2001-07-10 11:44:15 AM  
2001-07-10 12:23:37 PM  
Cool Hisey! Thanks for the post -- I'll save that picture this time.
2001-07-10 02:28:11 PM  
Hisey, you rule!
2001-07-10 02:35:03 PM  
I throw nothing soon as whoever it was posted that in a photoshop, I had to have it..
2001-07-10 03:47:57 PM  
yeah, its a HUGE cross atop the church, it spins around slowly and it has lights beneath it so that at night it glows.
2001-07-10 03:57:44 PM  
hmm...maybe it's just me, but that seems somehow..WRONG.
2001-07-10 04:02:59 PM  
As a charter member of FIDFUTPETA, I would like to go on record as being opposed to the use of the "IRONIC" tag for this article, as it is more accurately attributed to "coincidence" than to irony.

Thank you.
2001-07-10 11:44:00 PM  
As Stewie said in Family Guy, "I love this God character, he`s so deliciously evil"
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