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(Boulder Daily Camera)   John Oates formerly of Hall & Oates releases eagerly-awaited "funk-rock" album.   ( bouldernews.com) divider line
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2002-08-16 11:09:34 AM  
They should have been shot for mutilating "loving feeling"
2002-08-16 12:33:19 PM  

2002-08-16 12:33:26 PM  
Well, he already has a Jheri Curl, so why not get a funk album too

[image from image.allmusic.com too old to be available]
2002-08-16 12:33:54 PM  
Ooooooh! Oates and Messina!
2002-08-16 12:34:27 PM  
Say it isn't so - oh.
Oh say it isn't soooo
2002-08-16 12:35:36 PM  
Uh, you've really got to be kidding.
2002-08-16 12:36:19 PM  
Thanks BigHonky, I had forgotten the sum'biatch looked like a cross between a standard poodle and Doug Henning.

(my poor, poor eyes.)
2002-08-16 12:36:40 PM  
Actually, I think the eagerly awaited part of the headline should be in quotes, but that's just my opinion.
2002-08-16 12:37:41 PM  
Exactly *who* is eagerly awaiting this ablum?


I sense a tremendous pro H&O vs. anti H&O debate brewing.

Hall and Oates SUCK!!!
2002-08-16 12:38:15 PM  
Oates, Garfunkel and Lisa with their Number #2 single?
2002-08-16 12:39:26 PM  
Who cares? When is the baseball strike date story gonna get posted?

Two weeks and baseball is farked forever. I can't wait.
2002-08-16 12:40:21 PM  
This is definitely from the "Where are they now?" file.
2002-08-16 12:40:24 PM  
I understand he's been hard at work on it....with help from Andrew Ridgely of Wham.
2002-08-16 12:40:24 PM  
Irascible: Actually he looks a lot like Baba Booey from the Howard Stern show.
2002-08-16 12:40:48 PM  
'Bout Farking Time! I'll definitely give this a look on the P2P networks, and buy it if it's good. Oates was always the brains of the two, even with the cheesy flavor saver, and I 'spect that if one of them was going to put out something approaching music, it would be him.

Best of luck, John, if it turns out well, I might even forgive you for the crap you put out in the '80s.
2002-08-16 12:41:10 PM  
I could never keep them straight. Was Oates the talentless ugly ass or was he the other talentless ugly ass?
2002-08-16 12:41:32 PM  
I wonder if he relied on his old mans' money.
2002-08-16 12:44:04 PM  
"Say it so" Literaly
2002-08-16 12:45:22 PM  
No, but seriously folks, I can't go for that. No. No can do!
2002-08-16 12:45:28 PM  
2002-08-16 12:46:38 PM  
Seals and Oats and Messina and Zaeger and John Ford Coley.
2002-08-16 12:47:09 PM  
"Phunk Shui".

2002-08-16 12:47:12 PM  
He probably did it in a minute. Ok I'm done.:-)
2002-08-16 12:49:33 PM  
Funk Rock??? I would think instead that he would be covering Striesand show tunes.
2002-08-16 12:49:47 PM  
Now Wang Chung will be making a death-polka record.
2002-08-16 12:51:09 PM  
Private Eyes will be watching.
2002-08-16 12:52:31 PM  
Why does this scare me?
2002-08-16 12:53:56 PM  
"I think this is a chance for me to step out," said Oates, 53.

It's about frickin' time... Do you still live with Mom, too, Johnny?
2002-08-16 12:54:43 PM  
You mean he's still alive??!!??
2002-08-16 12:58:56 PM  
Here's how far off the chart John Oates was in my little world before I read this article: I thought he was dead.

BTW, never been a big Hall & Oates fan, but Hall's first solo album "Sacred Songs" (on which he collaborated with Robert Fripp as part of a loose trilogy that includes Peter Gabriel's second solo album and Fripp's own "Exposure") is probably one of the most underrated albums of the late 70s. I wouldn't expect same from Oates, though.
2002-08-16 12:59:35 PM  
Jerseychick LOL
2002-08-16 01:01:44 PM  
[image from w1.837.telia.com too old to be available]

Watch out, Bootsy. John Oates is about to lay down the Phunk.
2002-08-16 01:04:29 PM  
NakedReporta: Robert Fripp released am album called "Network" with the following guest singers:

Daryl Hall on "North Star"
Peter Gabriel on "Here Comes the Flood" (also appeared on "Exposure"
David Byrne on "Under Heavy Manners"
2002-08-16 01:07:10 PM  
By the way, "eagerly-awaited" originally was combined with an "Unlikely" tag, but "Scary" works well, too.
2002-08-16 01:07:18 PM  
"Sara Smile" has some of the best background singing ever.

hey! I'm serious!
2002-08-16 01:10:27 PM  
Funk-rock? John Oates? That reminds me of the time I saw Joey Lawrence on TV promoting his album as "grungey".
2002-08-16 01:10:49 PM  
The album, a mix of funk and rock, is something of a departure from the pop sound that made Hall and Oates the most commercially successful duo of all time.

2002-08-16 01:11:06 PM  
Peter Gabriel on "Here Comes the Flood"

CappyGoat, didn't Peter Gabriel originally do that song? I have The Flood on the album Shaking the Tree, as well as one other, the title of which escapes me. Am I wrong?
2002-08-16 01:13:46 PM  
Funny that you mention "Sara Smile", Bass555, I heard it in an advertisement for the Hall and Oates show at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI (there's a high-profile venue for ya!) and I CAN'T ... GET IT ... OUT OF MY HEAD!

The opening act is Todd Rundgren (Hello It's Me, Bang the Drum) so I'm tempted to get totally stoned and go ROCK eighties style! WOOOOOOOoooooooo.

Ok, maybe not.
2002-08-16 01:14:49 PM  
Calling the Four Horsemen. Mount up and await orders to advance upon civilization!
2002-08-16 01:16:47 PM  
YOOOOOOUUUU make-a my dreams come true ...


Please, someone, make it stop!
2002-08-16 01:16:49 PM  
Minxy: It's on Peter Gabriel's 1st solo album after leaving Genesis. Robert Fripp played on that album (as did Tony Levin). My understanding is that Fripp really assisted Gabriel in getting the album produced.

Gabriel lent his vocals in a re-make of the song to Fripp's album "Exposure."

The Fripp version is superior to Gabriel's original version. Gabriel's version sounds sort of perfunctory while the re-make sounds plaintive and evokes a lot of feeling from the song's imagery.
2002-08-16 01:17:12 PM  
Garfunkle, Oates, Crofts and Lisa. I think the fourth one was Crofts. I can never remember.
2002-08-16 01:17:16 PM  
Crap rock? noo... Wuss rock? Yeah, that's it, wuss rock.
2002-08-16 01:18:39 PM  
Hogans: If they didn't mount up over "reality TV", Britney Spears, or "The Fast and the Furious", it's doubtful that anything to do with Hall and Oates will even faze them.
2002-08-16 01:19:59 PM  
I hope that George Cl9nton beats the ***** outta him.
2002-08-16 01:20:50 PM  
Grivas and Bondith:

And now, Avis Rent-A-Car is proud to present the second best band in America. Will you welcome Garfunkel, Messina, Oates, and Lisa singing their number two hit, "Born to Runner-up".
2002-08-16 01:21:37 PM  
Looks like another duo is still touring...

[image from airsupplymusic.com too old to be available]
2002-08-16 01:23:46 PM  
It's YOU ... and me .. FOREVER, ahhhhhhhhhh

Oh won't you smile awhile for me, Sara ... ahhhh

(initiates huge P2P search for wuss-rock)
2002-08-16 01:24:40 PM  
Well, if Hall can make a GREAT album (Sacred Songs), why can't Oates make at least a decent one?

Fripp loved Hall's singing so much that he tried to pull together a band with Hall, Tony Levin, and Jerry Marotta. RCA vetoed that, and made Fripp re-record the vocal tracks that Hall laid down for the majority of Fripp's "Exposure" album. Only 2-3 of Hall's contributions to that album survived.
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