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(ABC News)   FOUND: Mother*&%#ing snake in mother&$*ing Google office. Python punished with banishment   ( divider line
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2007-04-03 06:45:02 PM  
2007-04-03 04:40:36 PM Dire [TotalFark]

a 3-foot snake kaiser? WTF is a snake kaiser?

Wouldn't that be a Snake-Emperor?

[image from too old to be available]
2007-04-03 06:50:21 PM  

Since when have there been venomous pythons?

It could have been worse. I mean, they could have used "poisonous". *twitches at the thought*

2007-04-03 07:18:48 PM  
A venomous moose once bit my sister. Venomous moose bites can be pretti nasti.
2007-04-03 07:27:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-04-03 07:46:05 PM  

Yeah, at least they didn't try to set a mongoose after it.

/or send a Coyote when the mongoose got lost
2007-04-03 08:55:25 PM  

I've had snakes my whole life (no more than one at a time) and worked in a pet store as a teenager. The first question is always, "Is it poisonous?" Poisonous snakes aren't legal to keep and are usually pretty easy to identify. It's equivalent to asking a dog owner, "Is it rabid?". The second question is always "Does it bite?" Almost any animal can bite, and if you're going to get bit by something, a snake should be near the top of your list.

I've found that men are usually much more afraid of snakes than women. Men usually freak out and won't be in the same room as my ball python. Women either think she's cool and want to hold her or even if they're a little nervous, ask for the opportunity to get over their fear once they see that she's slow-moving and harmless. I've never been bitten by my ball python, who wouldn't hurt a fly (maybe a mouse) but I've been bitten by kingsnakes and other kinds. It's no big deal. Better that than a mammal. Mammal bites get messy and bleed like a mofo.

[image from too old to be available]
Nora on my bed, last year.
2007-04-03 09:00:04 PM  
WTF does a christ shaped figure look like after it's swallowed by a snake?
2007-04-03 09:17:38 PM  
I think the snake would have eaten the mongoose. Or maybe not. I dunno.

/Hates snakes with a passion
2007-04-03 10:48:59 PM  

2007-04-03 11:05:24 PM  
In the 14 years I have had my ball python, she has bitten me once. It happened so quickly, and it was so unremarkable and *not* painful that it took me a while to figure out I had indeed been bitten (a few tiny little dots of blood welling up on my knuckle were the clue).

On the other hand, I've had multiple cat scratches and bites (from cats that were "playing") that got infected and took well over a week to heal.

Give me a nip from the snake over a cat any day.

Oh, and "nonvenemous" is to "python" as "4-legged" is to "dog." The vast majority of snake species are nonvenemous, and most snakes, venemous and non, are beneficial to the humans around them in that they help control the rodent population.

Apply a little logic to your phobias, folks.
2007-04-03 11:40:48 PM  
Saul T. Knutts

Apply a little logic to your phobias, folks.

I don't know what it is about snakes that makes people so terrified of them. The fear is absurdly disproportionate to the risk they pose. Anybody who has spent any time around them knows that most of them are totally harmless. Certainly any mammal is much more likely to bite and will be much more painful if it does. I think there might be some kind of an ingrained fear, like how a lot of animals inherently know the sound of a rattlesnake or fear animals with bright red colors. An evolutionary remnant maybe.

If somebody is afraid...fine, I respect that. Sometimes you can't help what you feel. What I think is stupid is the people who won't even be in the same BUILDING or ROOM as a snake. They're backed against a wall, hyperventilating...and there is a huge percentage of the population that is like that, especially men. I used to be very afraid of big dogs, so I took a job taking care of them and learned to read them better. Now I'm not afraid anymore. Once you know a fear is stupid it's just a matter of will-power to get over it. I'd personally be embarrassed to be flipping out in public over a little harmless animal.
2007-04-04 12:12:16 AM  
repeat, same damned day again

I'm starting to not like it here so much
2007-04-04 12:42:30 AM  
If we're gonna make snake references, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-04-04 12:44:28 AM  
Cant Let You Do That Star Fox

Your snake is gorgeous. What's her name?
2007-04-04 12:47:36 AM  
Um, the snake is named Nora - hence the caption on the pic
2007-04-04 12:54:17 AM  
Thanks falkensmaze! Her name is Nora. I highly recommend ball pythons, she's been a great pet.
2007-04-04 01:10:00 AM  
Cant Let You That Star Fox...I've always wanted a large snake as a pet, but they aren't allowed where I live. Cats only in our apartments. Give her a big hug & kiss for me. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to live where I can have a snake for a pet. I just love the soft, silkly feel of their skin. :-)
2007-04-04 01:10:41 AM  
Sorry, that should have been silky
2007-04-04 01:48:44 AM  
2007-04-03 06:45:02 PM Todesritter

2007-04-03 04:40:36 PM Dire [TotalFark]

a 3-foot snake kaiser? WTF is a snake kaiser?

Wouldn't that be a Snake-Emperor?

Well, I never thought I'd see a screenshot from EQ with Furor in it on Fark. Guess I was wrong.... I feel like a nerd now, but were you in E/V too?
2007-04-04 05:20:00 PM  

Poisonous snakes aren't legal to keep and are usually pretty easy to identify.

I'd think they'd be impossible to identify, since they don't exist. There is no such thing as a "poisonous" snake, only venomous ones.

/pet peeve

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