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(cricketworldcup)   Official Cricket World Cup discussion thread. Bangladesh looking to upset power house New Zealand. Again   ( divider line
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65 clicks; posted to Sports » on 02 Apr 2007 at 11:09 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-04-02 11:11:03 AM  
81-2 through 20 overs. Gonna be an interesting day.
2007-04-02 11:16:56 AM  
So long as the Aussies don't win, I'm happy.
2007-04-02 11:21:52 AM  
Cricket? I thought that was one of those made-up British wizard games, like Quidditch.
2007-04-02 11:24:59 AM  

Go to youtube and do a search for Cricket. It is a tremendously fascinating sport. You'll get hooked.
2007-04-02 11:27:25 AM  
99 / 27 = 3.66666667

Ew... >.<
2007-04-02 11:30:38 AM  
NZ is going to destroy them.

170 runs is not going to cut it.
2007-04-02 11:35:27 AM  
Submitter: Bangladesh looking to upset power house New Zealand. Again
2007-04-02 11:36:15 AM  
firstmattinspace:It is a tremendously fascinating sport.

I prefer to stay ignorant and make fun of the British from afar, thank you very much.
2007-04-02 11:37:46 AM  

We all need a hobby.
2007-04-02 11:59:39 AM  
submitter: power house New Zealand

2007-04-02 12:08:35 PM  

It's a shame. It's a tremendously enjoyable support. It's the equivalent of going to a Cubs game. You go, you have a good time, you get drunk, and some guys with bats may or may not do something (Just like at cubs games, rooting for the home team is completely optional).
2007-04-02 12:25:37 PM  
Bangladesh just grinded to a halt. They were doing okay up until about the 33rd over...
2007-04-02 12:34:20 PM  

They aren't even going to play out their overs at this point. Batsman are dropping like flies.
2007-04-02 1:11:49 PM  
Still trying to figure this game out. I here its good however, Woohoo baseball is starting today. Good luck in the World Cup!!
2007-04-02 1:15:35 PM  

(I'm well aware of the game of cricket, if only from the HHGTTG. I may have even seen a game on TV once. It's just too damn slow to keep my attention, though I suppose booze would help.)

Did someone catch the snitch yet?
2007-04-02 1:37:06 PM  
They played like a bunch of children in front of the Aussies.
2007-04-02 2:18:33 PM  
NZ is going to whomp them. 39/0 through seven overs. Run rate of almost seven.

It's over.
2007-04-02 3:21:55 PM  
Only problem with upsets in the qualifiers is you are likely to get more one sided games in this phase. Although on current form West Indies and/or England vs Bangladesh could be interesting/competitive games.
2007-04-02 3:54:31 PM  
Only took 29.2 overs. Thanks to Flemings century.

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