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2093 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2001 at 6:57 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-07 07:05:10 PM  
2001-07-07 07:05:22 PM  
That story has to be one of the coolest stories I have ever read.

Shark bites bites of a kid's arm.
Uncle wrestles a 7ft shark to shore.
Ranger caps the shark.
Lifeguard reaches in the maw and retrieves the kid's arm.
A massive medical staff reattaches the arm, while taking 12 hour shifts.

Conclusion... AMAZING!
2001-07-07 07:05:35 PM  
And I heard the ambulance crashed on the way to the hospital.
2001-07-07 07:07:45 PM  
Man... I was hoping to see something worthwhile in that video... Grr.
2001-07-07 07:13:02 PM  
Jeez. His uncle must be Arnold Schwartaneiger (whatever, I cant spell it)to wrestle a 7 foot shark to the beach. I surprised he didnt pull the boys arm from the sharks mouth and beat the hell out of the shark with it.
2001-07-07 08:14:26 PM  
The article forgot to mention that the boy took the shark's beer.
2001-07-07 10:31:15 PM  
Damn! I submitted this earlier, much earlier, from CNN.
2001-07-07 10:39:14 PM  
Upon rereading, the fact that a human being managed to pull a grown shark out of the water is simply astounding. The Uncle must have had a massive amount of adrenaline coursing through his veins to enable that.
2001-07-07 10:43:59 PM  
I bet the shark got atleast one finger off that hand. Heres to hoping they cut off the boys toe and make it a new thumb.
2001-07-07 11:25:35 PM  
This video is a little better. The shark is still twitching!

WEAR TV3 Pensacola Shark Video
2001-07-07 11:33:08 PM  
See the "How to stop masturbating" thread for a related story.
2001-07-07 11:45:53 PM  
Why didn't the shark swallow the arm?
2001-07-08 12:07:29 AM  
Apparently, the shark was too busy getting its ass kicked to swallow anything. I've worked in a Marine Study Center before. That Uncle must've either been extremely brave or stupid to wrestle a shark IN ITS ENVIRONMENT. The man actually lept into the water to grab a shark. That's beyond alligator wrestling.
2001-07-08 12:13:11 AM  
Yo know what REALLY sucks? I am going there next weekend. No beach for me... Maybe I will just read.
2001-07-08 12:56:46 AM  
Yeah, seeing as there were something like 75 people that were bitten by sharks last year in the ENTIRE world, and most of those lived. I'm really friggin scared. I mean sheeet, I'm more likely to win the lottery, get struck by lightning, and get fellated by a radish all in one day than I'm likely to get bitten by a shark.

2001-07-08 01:15:59 AM  
statistically, you're also more likely to be killed by bees than a shark. of course, sharks are a tad bit scarier.

and yeah, some guy dragging a 7 ft shark after wrestling it... wish i had an uncle like that. i wish i had an uncle to begin with for that matter. uhh... my 57 year old aunt pinned a 6'4" black guy who tried to shoplift from her store, does that count?
2001-07-08 01:40:14 AM  
It's official: the Fark submission thingy is truly farked up.
2001-07-08 02:03:03 AM  
or Drew is drunk and isn't updating right now
2001-07-08 02:32:58 AM  
It's past 2:30 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning...of course Drew is buzzed!

I don't know how he does FARK & still manages a little quality time with Ol Granddad :)
2001-07-08 03:59:08 AM  
I was once fellated by a radish and struck by lighting on the same day, but I didn't win the lottery. So close, so close.
2001-07-08 07:48:47 AM  
Thanks Salah, in three months people will be using that post in a Google Search.
2001-07-08 08:50:37 AM  
Did anyone happen to catch the link on the same page?

"Lightning Uses Bathroom Plumbing To Shock Teen"
2001-07-08 11:13:49 AM  
Why did the lightning use plumbing? Couldn't it have gone through a window or door, or something?
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