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(zap2it)   Blonde Hollywood actress, 19, claims she had to spin around in circles to mimic being drunk for film role because she doesn't go to parties. Unlikely tag sprains itself   ( zap2it.com) divider line
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5826 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 26 Mar 2007 at 3:58 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-26 01:16:17 PM  
cough *bullshiat* cough
2007-03-26 04:03:17 PM  
Sounds like a good girl just waiting to go bad.

2007-03-26 04:03:35 PM  
If you are young, female and look like that; booze, drugs... etc will be provided to you.
2007-03-26 04:09:30 PM  
Lifetime: Television for idiots.

/or cheesecake eating housewives
2007-03-26 04:15:05 PM  
If she has super-protective stage parents (*coughmomcough*), then yeah, I can see this happening.

That said, she's not trying hard enough.
2007-03-26 04:19:54 PM  
i would love to play that role. Of course i would actually get drunk so that i could be in character. I would need a funnell and an 18 pack of keystone light so i could channel the anger in the scene.
2007-03-26 04:22:06 PM  
Not everyone drinks, ya know.
2007-03-26 04:29:05 PM  
I will help her to "method" act for her first sex scene....

fap fap fappity fap
2007-03-26 04:32:57 PM  
Yeah, they're called liars.
2007-03-26 04:35:23 PM  
Because it is so hard to mimic a drunk person. If you can't do it, you aren't really much of an actress.
2007-03-26 04:37:07 PM  
Naw... not liars... there are plenty of bible thumpin straight edgers out there...
2007-03-26 04:38:45 PM  
Good for her.
2007-03-26 04:38:50 PM  
Hmmm, I like the movies for Halloweentown, and I thought Sara Paxton was the original actress from the first two. The original actress in Halloweentown is Kimberly J. Brown, who looked like a troll(she's cuter now). Anyways, I came here to say that Sara Paxton wasn't always cute, but she wasn't the troll-child I was thinking of so... ummmm... But I can believe that she doesn't know what being drunk feels like. Maybe she's had alcohol before, but has never been drunk. I didn't become a lush until after high school ended.

That said....she makes a better blonde.
2007-03-26 04:41:33 PM  
"It's kind of loosely based on Snow White -- it's a really modern version," she says. "It's with Amanda Bynes. She plays the Snow White character, and I play the evil witch. I'm really excited to play the mean girl part."

This is also loosely based on a dream I had last night.

2007-03-26 04:42:31 PM  
Probably a 'technical' virgin too.
2007-03-26 05:10:35 PM  

Because it is so hard to mimic a drunk person. If you can't do it, you aren't really much of an actress.

Acting believably drunk is one of the more difficult tasks for an actor. Without practice, I highly, highly doubt you could do it anywhere near as well as you think you can.
2007-03-26 06:02:49 PM  
useless blah blah...
[image from eur.i1.yimg.com too old to be available]

/just like snoop uses fake weed in his videos, right?
2007-03-26 06:12:39 PM  
This might actually work... trouble is she's gonna fall on one of her costars some day and injure them. Can you say "completion bond"?

[image from i3.photobucket.com too old to be available]

Would hit it, sure, but she's not remarkable IMO... Lotsa cute blondes in this world.
2007-03-26 06:52:53 PM  
I'd give it a spin.
2007-03-26 07:04:14 PM  
self-serving biatch or boring yet attractive dork?

you decide.
2007-03-26 08:43:51 PM  
Blond_Hollywood_Actress_06 says "You've ruined your own lands, you'll not ruin mine!"
2007-03-26 08:49:03 PM  
Studies have linked binge drinking to increased cases of alcohol poisoning, unintentional and intentional injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies and other health problems.

Not to mention lost fortunes.

//But there are always other fortunes to be made.
///And then perhaps lost...
////And wines to be drank.
///At least I'm honest.
//Money is easy. It's all the other stuff that's a little bit tricky.
/What we really need is a new AC/DC album.
//Takes another sip of merlot.
///Final slashie, for slashies sake.
2007-03-26 09:08:24 PM  
The best part about chicks like her is that when they finally succumb to those sweet, wonderful temptations, they don't know when to stop. Hell, Britney was allegedly a virgin until JT finished with her. Then again, maybe she's not the best example.
2007-03-26 10:08:59 PM  
She looks like Claire from Lost.

/Best. Show. Ever.
2007-03-26 10:43:17 PM  
[image from i80.photobucket.com too old to be available]
/haven't used that in a while
2007-03-27 01:09:45 AM  
Good girls and christians are like a can of pringles, once you pop, they can't stop!
But on another note, she would be a sophmore in college, and being in theatre, I find it very hard to believe she does not know teh booze.
/Flame on!
2007-03-27 02:59:44 AM  
Geez. Is it so hard to believe some people don't like the taste of alcohol and/or don't like being drunk?

/doesn't drink, but doesn't care if other people do - it's their livers after all.
2007-03-27 01:18:05 PM  
she has dead eyes
2007-03-27 02:06:53 PM  
You gotta love double standards. People love to give young actresses crap for being drunken attention whores, but if one actually isn't into that she's obviously a liar or a bible thumper...

/Doesn't drink
//Not lying
///Not a bible-thumper
////I prefer slashies
2007-03-27 03:03:43 PM  
MTV Killed the Punk Rock Star
Naw... not liars... there are plenty of bible thumpin straight edgers out there...

And there are plenty of asshats who lump two different stereotypes into one huge clusterfark

Good job.

/Straight Edge
//Religion Free
2007-03-27 04:06:21 PM  
Spinning around in circles: the new gateway drug.
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