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(Boston Globe)   Argument over blueberry pie may have led to murder-suicide   ( divider line
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4702 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Aug 2002 at 4:11 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-12 09:56:33 AM  
You never see any violence happening over hash brownies.

2002-08-12 10:49:48 AM  
Slayer, hehe....
"B\tch! get in teh kitchen and fix me a pie!"

2002-08-12 01:06:11 PM  
Officers arrived about 13 minutes later to find the bodies of Pearle Cogswell, 66, and Eugene Cogswell, 75, McCausland said.

Let's hear it for RESPONSE TIME!

"Officers arrived about 13 minutes later, after wrapping up their arrest of a few non-violent drug offenders. Officer Bumblefark said later, 'Well, damn shame about Pearle and Eugene, but at least the streets are a little safer after our vigilance earlier in the day.'"
2002-08-12 02:27:24 PM  
So who got the farking pie? Damn I hate when important details are left out!
2002-08-12 04:14:05 PM  
Wow... I'll bet that's one DAMN good pie.
2002-08-12 04:14:34 PM  
Did anyone know that there were married for more than 20 years?
2002-08-12 04:14:40 PM  
Blueberry strawberry
Strawberry blackberry
Blackberry gooseberry
2002-08-12 04:15:22 PM  
Another senseless, dessert-related fatality the Great Cobbler shootout of '97

...or the Texarkana Danish massacre of '88
2002-08-12 04:16:19 PM  
This has nothing on that testicle removing, pie eating story a few months back.
2002-08-12 04:17:53 PM  
Make mine pecan, please.
2002-08-12 04:18:08 PM  
Insert Twin Peaks reference here
2002-08-12 04:18:23 PM  
Yea, the wife discovered pictures of her husband farking an american pie, and was just trying to protect the blueberry pie.
2002-08-12 04:18:33 PM  
Christmas in the Bender household. "Stupid, worthless, no good, g*dd*mn free loadin', son of a biatch, retarded, big mouth, know it all arsehole jerk! You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful- shut up biatch! Go fix me a BLUEBERRY pie!
2002-08-12 04:19:29 PM  
08-12-02 04:15:22 PM Bass555
Another senseless, dessert-related fatality the Great Cobbler shootout of '97

...or the Texarkana Danish massacre of '88

I agree. When are we gonna get that goddamned dessert tag that we have been screaming for?
2002-08-12 04:19:51 PM  
It's the blueberry pie's fault.
2002-08-12 04:20:13 PM  
The police arrived 13min later "We knew the pie wouldn't be cool until then...and well..the couple weren't getting any warmer damn shame though, not a drop of coffee in the house" Yes I'm going to hell, save me a beanbag.
2002-08-12 04:21:03 PM  
I remember a piece of pie that was soooo god I would have killed for it.

Then the biatch dumped me. I heard that she caught the clap, so i felt much better.

Thanks for listening.
2002-08-12 04:21:03 PM  
"woman, get in the kitchen and bake me blueberry pie !!"
"what, you going to give my pie away ?"
"ah, hell nah. no woman of mine is gonna give away mah pie!!"
2002-08-12 04:21:28 PM  
I demand an immediate legislative solution regarding the distribution of pies. For too long we have ignored this menace.
2002-08-12 04:21:31 PM  
For OtisWild:

Shelly: Do you want some more pie? A whole pie?
2002-08-12 04:21:38 PM  
soooo god = sooo good.
2002-08-12 04:21:51 PM  
Emma: I think your judgement is clouded, hon. This was obviously Dubya's fault.
2002-08-12 04:22:20 PM  
anyway you slice it...this is sad.

2002-08-12 04:22:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-12 04:23:06 PM  
Rude, haha. nice 80s movie reference.
2002-08-12 04:24:40 PM  
If you take away the rights of legal pie owners, only criminals will have pies...
2002-08-12 04:24:58 PM  
Tarvuz: You are so going to hell for that...
2002-08-12 04:26:49 PM  
Rude: Props to you!
2002-08-12 04:27:37 PM  
Bill Gates had an argument with a cream pie in Brussels, but he didn't die.

This must have been a pie to die for.
2002-08-12 04:29:19 PM  
yes, a link.
2002-08-12 04:31:33 PM  
That's a farking riot.
2002-08-12 04:31:47 PM  
Mmmmmm I'd kill for some blueberry pie, RIGHT NOW. Thanks.
2002-08-12 04:32:21 PM  
*nods* at Tarvuz

*singing* Bye, Bye, Mrs Blueberry Pie,
Tried to give it away so she just had to die,
Shot her once in the chest,
And once more in the eye,
And I just don't have a funny last li-i-ine.

Conductor! One ticket to Hell please...
2002-08-12 04:32:39 PM  
From article: An autopsy by the state medical examiner's office Saturday revealed that Pearle Cogswell died of gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Ya think so??? Those are some sharp investigators up north there...
2002-08-12 04:33:05 PM  
No Kitty, that's a bad Kitty, THAT'S MY CHICKEN POT PIE!
2002-08-12 04:33:21 PM  
Violet Beauregarde unavailable for comment....
2002-08-12 04:33:41 PM  
"Obviously he snapped," said McCausland

2002-08-12 04:34:25 PM  
....that Pearle Cogswell died of gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Oh, good to know she didn't take her own life. You know, when they shoot themselves in the chest, then the head, the police sometimes have trouble figuring out what happened.


I saw my grandpa whack my grandmother upside the head over the last drink of whiskey in the house. This was when Oklahoma was a dry state and liquor had to be imported from Texas or purchased from a bootlegger. Good thing my grandmother wasn't one to bake pies. She lived to 105. Born 1890, died 1995. Grandpa only made it to 95.
2002-08-12 04:35:03 PM  
Army of Fun - The first thing I thought of was the nut removal/pie eating guy a few months ago too.
2002-08-12 04:36:49 PM

want pie now!
2002-08-12 04:37:19 PM  
Things like this only happen at my house when I make chocolate chip cookies.
2002-08-12 04:38:38 PM  
same thing happened to me last week

sans the pie, the gun & the dying
2002-08-12 04:39:32 PM  
Whoa, MovieFan less than 2 minutes.
2002-08-12 04:41:34 PM  
Is the pie talking?
2002-08-12 04:41:35 PM  
*Nibbles one of Candycorn's chocolate chip cookies.*

Hey, you got any wine that goes good with this?
2002-08-12 04:43:24 PM  
"I'm gonna bust a cap in yo ass...."
2002-08-12 04:43:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I'm gonna bust a cap in yo ass...."
2002-08-12 04:44:46 PM  
Chocolate chips cookies are to be eaten only with a glass of milk.
2002-08-12 04:45:25 PM  
Eugene was completely justified. Damn Pearle is always giving her pie away.
2002-08-12 04:46:50 PM  
Jimmycheese Glad I'm not the only one that remembers that horror of horrors.
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