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2002-08-12 07:09:52 AM  
I'm currently reading "Inside 9/11 : What Really Happened" and it is truly an awesome account of that day. It's told in time frames (i.e. North Tower, 56th Floor, 8:45AM) and it really puts a human face to the whole damn mess. Highly reccomended reading for the 1-year anniversary.
2002-08-12 07:17:08 AM  
I remember that day perfectly...I'm sure we all do.

I woke up just in time to see the second plane crash into the wtc...I always slept with my tv on...and I thought I was just having a dream or something...so I fell back asleep and my alarm went off and on the radio they were talking about a SECOND airplane crashing into the WTC. I sat up, looked at the TV, and sure as hell there the shiat was.

I was farking freaked out. I didn't know what I'd missed, who was doing what, anything. I jumped outta bed, woke up my roommates, and called them to my room to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I made oh...about 50 calls on my cell to my family to make sure everyone knew/was alright.

Then at work...it was dead (I worked at Applebee's at the time). If anyone came in, they would hover around the three tv stations we had broadcasting it.

It was ...horrific, to see what was occuring, and the replays. I can only feel pity for those who had family die in the WTC attack. It was wrong, but it was "justified" in our new enemy's eyes.

Being a pacifist, I don't believe violence solves anything. But apparently there are too many in this world that believe it does. And for those who do, I pity them. All I can say is that I hope these attacks are done, those who perpetrated the crime are caught, and that MAYBE...SOME farkING DAY, we can live in a world where violence isn't necessary.
2002-08-12 07:18:11 AM  
The flag raising pic was done by Thomas someone from a new jersey paper
2002-08-12 07:20:43 AM  
amazing pics

just wanted to say to the people who called him a dumbass that the guy wasn't taking the pics thinking "I'll take these and then i'll die", but rather probably thought he'd get out - or hadn't really considered it at all.

It's all very well to say in retrospect that it was a "stupid" thing to stick around but it could have been different at the time
2002-08-12 07:25:05 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
so....did this guy live?
2002-08-12 07:25:31 AM  
Thank you.
2002-08-12 07:43:37 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
another closeup from that same photo - 19 Rector Street
amazing photo
2002-08-12 08:16:27 AM  
A mate of mine had recently visited the US prior to 9/11. He had friends in New York, and due to the communications log-jam and general confusion it was days before he heard anything about them.

They are safe and well, but the poor guy spent a long time terrified he had lost them.

That's the closest I came to the tragedy, and I consider myself quite lucky.
2002-08-12 08:23:27 AM  
September 11th: Another wonderful thing caused by religion.
2002-08-12 08:23:59 AM  
At this point I would like to express my feelings with the following image:
[image from thoseshirts.com too old to be available]
2002-08-12 08:27:26 AM  
Just to throw some fuel on the fire:

Many Farkers were quick to condemn Daniel Pearl for being a dumbass for going to where the news was and getting himself killed by terrorists. Is this different somehow?

For the record, I think both of these guys are heros.
2002-08-12 08:31:31 AM  
If you really want to get chills, go back and read the Fark page for 9/11. People's reactions as things are happenening....I did a few months ago and was just sobbing hysterically, it just made it all seem so fresh again. These pics are the work of the ultimate professional. RIP.
2002-08-12 08:33:33 AM  
SuburbanCowboy: Wow, great story. Thanks.
2002-08-12 08:35:27 AM  
Sorry I got sidetracked

Hearing on fark how many people were personally connected with it brings it home to someone living halfway across the world
2002-08-12 08:40:18 AM  
There was a new guy in my office in CT we had recently hired - and on 9/11 he told us that his prior company was located in the WTC. He might have died had he not switched jobs. I bet theres tons of stories like that.
2002-08-12 08:40:59 AM  
We are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary and it's obvious that the wounds are still fresh.

I hate watching everyone continue to fight or justify attrocities for whatever axe they have to grind at the moment.

But I guess it's that singlemindedness that makes such lunacy possible.
2002-08-12 08:41:55 AM  
well said Grivas
2002-08-12 08:43:13 AM  
Powerful photographs. Excellent post.
2002-08-12 08:43:33 AM  
I wasn't going to go to this link at first. Tragic imagery, as I am sure you all know, is not simply glanced at, digested and forgotten. It weaves itself into the fiber of your heart, where it lives for the rest of your life. After reading through your comments about the power and beauty of these pictures, I decided to look.

Thanks, guys -- Incredible images that eloquently capture both the drama of the event and the inarguable bravery of the photographer. How fortunate that this film was found.
2002-08-12 08:48:50 AM  
Every time I see it, I feel the rage all over again. And you know, I think that's a good thing. It strengthens my resolve.
2002-08-12 08:50:45 AM  
Me too - i think that's important
2002-08-12 08:53:13 AM  

Judging from this photograph, Mr. Biggart was about ten feet away from me when the first building fell. However, I took off when I saw that. He just kept going towards the buidlings. What a brave mofo.
2002-08-12 08:55:45 AM  
Mr Fyre I think Mr Youth is right. Although a firefighters job is to save people. So there's a bit of difference. A photojournalist is supposed to document history, not interfere with it. So yes I think he must've been partially retarded to run towards it just to get that great picture. No life is worth a picture. While the NYFD (heroes the lot of 'em) we're trying to do their job.
2002-08-12 08:59:15 AM  
Mr.Biggart's final picture jarred me the most, as the building destroyed on the left is the Marriott World Trade Center, where I would stay when in NYC on business. I knew the hotel was destroyed, but I hadn't seen any pictures of it before now.

Just so very, very sad.
2002-08-12 09:01:37 AM  

Your testimony gave me chills. Living in NYC now LI I now know what you meant about the weather being like 9-11. Strangely enough I didn't think of it that way until you brought it up.
Growing up in Ozone Park, Queens, could afford you a great view of the towers looking down pitkin ave, going on your roof, or the overpass over conduit ave. I remember these most because of your comparison with the Jones beach path, that I used to go down rollerblading or my bike when I lived in Massapequa then Wantagh.
My day on 9-11 will be something I never forget. The closest person to me, my dad works all the way downtown on Whitehall street. Once the towers fell the dustcloud looked ominous and possibly choking all the way down to the water.
Phone didn't get through for awhile, finally did and realized he's ok.
I do have friends of friends that were killed. I know families with moms and dads gone. All for what?
There is no justification for their murders. Some idiots with their "USA foreign policy at fault" argument can eat a steaming pile of dog shiat. The people that died in the towers were just going about their lives. Going to work in order put food on the table for their families.
Why did did mother farkers fly the planes on suicide missions? In the name of their religion. Brainwashed into believing they have "72"? Virgins waiting for them. Asshats.
2002-08-12 09:03:15 AM  
One of my UT clannies was staying at the Mariott in the bottom of the WTC that day. She was one of the lucky ones, and only escaped with broken limbs and serious head injuries. She's been in and out of surgery since then, had several life-threatening seizures, and is only now regaining her faculties enough to speak. Hopefully she'll be able to walk again soon. But she can still frag my ass all over the map. :)
2002-08-12 09:13:36 AM  
I don't know if anyone else has seen it, but in one of the British Papers the day after the tragedy they had various pictures. Of course they were all disturbing, but the picture that has really stuck with me is a picture of an arm severed above the elbow laying on the pavement. The person, plainly a man, was obviously wearing a suit and white shirt, his hand is fixed in a pointing motion with his index finger -- as if his hand was severed the moment he saw one of the planes coming in and pointed at it in horror.

Shortly after it was posted it was removed from the site and I've never seen it again. Does anyone else recall this picture -- absolutely haunting.
2002-08-12 09:13:59 AM  
Bless us all for we are lucky to be here and not one of the unfortunate people lost on 9/11/01! Amen.
2002-08-12 09:15:36 AM  
Thanks for the link.
2002-08-12 09:17:08 AM  

Try a Google Image search. Might turn up more than you bargain for, though.

The ugliest pic I saw was of a guy who had jumped from the top of one of the towers. Split open like a melon, poor guy. Not pretty.

Not the sort of thing I ever care to see again. I can still see it when I close my eyes and that's plenty.
2002-08-12 09:20:03 AM  
I work at the pentagon. The only thing I was selfishly thinking of was wanting to call my parents to tell them I was o.k. When I was finally released to go home a trip that took about 20 minutes on the subway took 5hrs because the subway was closed at the pentagon and the traffic was all backed up. When I finally called it was the first time my (retired from the military) father sob. later that night we went back into work (pentagon) it was still on fire. the hall ways were very smoke filled. The smell was very stiffling.We still didn't know about our friends. In the center of the court yard were many body bags. The thing that helped us get through were the volunteers, poster from around the world and the cards from kids everywhere.
2002-08-12 09:20:38 AM  
Tolerance people.

grivas shouts and gestures at the deaf ears.
2002-08-12 09:32:08 AM  
Vegasj: It's nice to be back, by the way.

Yeah, I'd have to say that (and this has been said ad nauseum)that 9/11 had to be Fark's proudest day. To this day I still go back and re-read those threads. They are as hard hitting, if not more so, than the photos were.

The chronology of the statements carries you along in this huge wave of emotion, excitement and terror. I would encourage all you new Farker's to link to it, pour a cup of coffee and read it. You'll never be the same and it will give you a whole new respect for Fark and what Drew Curtis & Company had put together here.
2002-08-12 09:36:59 AM  
For those who are asking. http://notendur.centrum.is/~czar/misc/wtc/P7300439.jpg is the after pic of the guy standing on the ledge of that green building. I don't have a pic editor at work, so you'll have to look closely yourselves. But it doesn't appear that he is standing there. He would have had a second, maybe, to realize a blast of smoke and debris were headed around his building. Whether, he jumped, was blown off, or get back inside the window is unknown. But his situation was dire.
2002-08-12 09:39:51 AM  
If you are in the NYC area, and you would like to see some unbelievable photography of the WTC, and 9-11, visit "Here Is New York" on Prince Street in SoHo. I work around the corner, and I have gone there a few times. It is a very moving experience to see some of the work there.
They have a website HereIsNewYork.org where you can view all of the photos online.
[image from hereisnewyork.org too old to be available]
2002-08-12 09:41:21 AM  
From now on, please don't anyone else say anything mean about this today. Thanks.
2002-08-12 09:43:38 AM  
I have a friend who got picked for the continuation of that exhibit. She felt very honored and donated the money they gave her for her shot.
2002-08-12 09:46:28 AM  
"can only be corrected through education"

Education is a good start, but I wonder why an educated man like Mohammed Atta decided to fly planes into buildings instead of educating the children of the Middle-East.
2002-08-12 09:47:08 AM  
If I may.....

Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)By Alan Jackson

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?

Out in the yard with your wife and children
Working on some stage in L.A.
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Rising against that blue sky
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?

Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones
And pray for the ones who don't know
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below
Did you burst out with pride for the red, white and blue
And the heroes who died just doin' what they do
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself and what really matters?


Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?
Teaching a class full of innocent children
Or driving down some cold interstate
Did you feel guilty 'cause you're a survivor
In a crowded room did you feel alone?

Did you call up your mother to tell her you loved her
Did you dust off that Bible at home
Did you open your eyes and hope it never happened
Close your eyes and not go to sleep
Did you notice the sunset for the first time in ages
Speak to some stranger on the street
Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow
Go out and buy you a gun?

Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watchin
And turn on I Love Lucy reruns
Did you go to a church and hold hands with some strangers
or stand in line and give your own blood
Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family
And thank God you had somebody to love?

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you
The difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus, and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young.
Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love.

And the greatest is love.
And the greatest is love.

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
2002-08-12 09:48:02 AM  
As someone who lost two people I really cared about in my family to the attacks, I have to say my life has never been the same after that. When I see pictures of this, its like its happening all over again. But, even though panic anxiety attacks are hellish to endure, it helps me to remember that I am human, first and foremost, and that in time these feelings of anxiety will subside, and to not feel these things would be even more tragic, to be numb and desensitized by Paxil or bombardment of images is even worse. I am amazed by these pictures, even if they make me panicy and anxious, because it is very real, it is not softened by paraphrasing or camera tricks or anything, its real life and that is very valuable to be as a human.
2002-08-12 09:50:24 AM  
Thank you DaCricket. I had heard about that song but had never seen the lyrics. That's very sweet.
2002-08-12 09:53:11 AM  
The mini argument between greenhornet and I were censored as well. Maybe or maybe not rightfully so.
I'll ask in a more polite manner:

Greenhornet. Please enlighten us to how the manner that the pictures are portrayed are propaganda. That is the word you used, so please.
That is all.
2002-08-12 09:53:24 AM  
Time for my $.02...

I was one block from the WTC on 9/11.  I was lucky enough to be in my
office at 8:46 because I'd just moved to Long Island and decided to go into work
an hour earlier than normal.  Because of that decision, I was in the WTC at
around 7:45AM instead of 8:45AM.  My office (on Barclay Street) is (was)
directly across the street from 7 WTC.

I was with several co-workers and went to our building's cafeteria to see
what had happened.  We had a remarkable view of the impact to the north
tower, then went downstairs to our cubicles to grab radios or get internet
news.  While trying to get info, the second tower was hit.

Our security personnel (not known for competence - MY opinion) instructed us
to stay inside, off the phones, and on the SOUTH side of the building (AWAY from
the WTC).  We were told NOT to leave the building.  In this case, I
think they made the right decision, since 4,000 more people walking around lower
Manhattan could raised the death toll higher.

We were evacuated after the first tower collapsed.  I walked up
Greenwich street (northbound - away from the action) and was around one mile
from WTC when the second tower collapsed.  I'd stopped to listen to a radio
being played by someone standing on a street corner, turned south to look, and
watched the north tower disappear.

I ended up meeting a co-worker who'd evacuated the building too, and we
walked to Penn Station.  At that time  (probably around 12:00 PM),
there were no trains running, so we waited around outside Penn Station, sat,
rested, and listened to my headphones for the latest news.  We decided to
walk the 59th Street Bridge to Queens (where my co-worker lives) and get to her
apartment.  The "E" train was running by the time we made it to
53rd Street, so we took a VERY crowded train to her stop and got back to her
apartment by 5:00PM or so.  We rested there for a while then I caught a bus
to the Queens/Nassau border where my parents picked me up.  I didn't get
back to their house until around 7:30PM.

I can't help but feel lucky to have walked away from the devastation
unscathed.  Friends wondered how I managed to deal with it.  I simply
told them that I was OK.  I was feeling too sorry for the REAL victims to
feel sorry for myself.

I ended up with an unexpected two week vacation as my company decided how to
handle relocations.  I spent a month or so in our northern New Jersey
office, three months on Broadway and 51st Street, and four months on 51st Street
and Sixth Avenue.  We relocated back downtown at the end of June.  I'm
not at my old building, but two blocks away with a direct view of "ground
zero" (jeez, I HATE that name).

My most lasting impression of 9/11 (other than the destruction), was how
people came together.  Cars were parked with windows down and news stations
cranked, others were using portable radios on the streets, and people gathered
around for updates.  Businesses north of WTC opened their doors to provide
rest rooms and water to those coming from downtown.  Unfortunately, stuff
like that didn't last.  We're back to our self-absorbed bickering selves...

I suspect that everyone knows someone who knew someone, etc.  In my
case, it was my friend's brother.  He and his EMT partner were off that
day, but went in to help out.  They were both killed.  My manager is a
volunteer EMT.  He didn't show up for work on 9/11, and I called his home
that night to see if he was OK.  His wife told me he went there and helped
out, as did his volunteer EMT son.  They were both OK.

My company lost three employees.  None were based in the WTC, but may
have been passing through the trains or just outside when the bad stuff

Lastly, just to vent a bit more, as much as I appreciate seeing the pictures
of the WTC site, there's something I see daily that just infuriates me.  I
see families coming to visit the WTC site and they take photos like they're
visiting the Grand Canyon.  You know, husband takes picture of wife and
kids in front of the destruction while they smile and wave.  I *SO* want to
make a camera suppository every time I see that.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

2002-08-12 09:56:07 AM  
Maui Haui-

2002-08-12 09:59:56 AM  
A quick thank you to the MODS for keeping this thread pointed in the right direction.
2002-08-12 10:00:40 AM  
"I suspect that everyone knows someone who knew someone, etc."

I know it's a long stretch but even here from Sydney, my cousin's teacher's daughter was killed in WTC
2002-08-12 10:00:55 AM  
A few photos from outside my office immediately after 9/11.

[image from lhmopars.com too old to be available]

A totaled UPS truck.

[image from lhmopars.com too old to be available]

Above/below...1,900 broken windows.

[image from lhmopars.com too old to be available]

2002-08-12 10:01:38 AM  
I actually saw the second plane crash into the second tower live on Headline News. I almost always flip on the TV when I'm doing the shave/iron clothes thing. The reporter if I remember had a camera on either another rooftop or a helicopter - it was pretty jittery. They were going through their monologue and they had the camera on the second tower when this aircraft just comes out of nowhere and hits it. It was a pretty deep moment.
2002-08-12 10:06:17 AM  
great story. I feel the same way about the "ground zzero" name. And I have posted several times about how much I hate the fact that it is a "tourist" spot. THose people are clueless. They seem to forget that it is a place where people died. I don't work near the WTC, the only time I have been there was whn I accidentally got out at the subway stop at the end of the "E" line. I say accidentally, because I don't know downtown that well, and I was going to the seaport. I din't know that the last stop on the E was right at the WTC. I walked out and saw it, and was like "oh s#it." I instantly felt sad. Then I see these pricks posing for family photos. I actually said to a family "this isn't disney world".
"Want to see my photo album? Here is me and the kids at Auschwitz, Here's Hiroshima, This one is a little village down in Argentina that was destroyed by a mudslide..."
I really think these people are disgusting. Why would anyone wear a "Ground Zero" hat or t-shirt? Were they alive on 9-11? DO they know it was real? It wasn't a made for TV movie???
2002-08-12 10:06:38 AM  
Is this the picture you mean?

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