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(Philly Daily News)   Bush aide tells Phillie Phanatic "Hey, don't pull any s---"   ( divider line
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2001-07-06 11:37:11 AM  
Righteous! boobies!! Nyah!
2001-07-06 11:37:52 AM  
Oh man! What the heck was that?? It wouldn't let me say boobies!! Dammit!! My dream to achieve and I failed!!
2001-07-06 11:38:28 AM  
"The Phanatic explained that it was anatomically impossible for him to swallow the president's head, although giving him 15 inches of tongue was another matter."

Uh huh.
2001-07-06 11:52:36 AM  
"The Phanatic explained that it was anatomically impossible for him to swallow the president's tongue, although giving him 15 inches of head was another matter."
2001-07-06 11:58:38 AM  
Better than getting crapped on by the San Diego Chicken.
2001-07-06 12:23:21 PM  
Nobody and no thing in Philadelphia has any class. What a craphole!

And the Phanatic always smells horrible. They never clean its costume, so it reeks with B.O. LOL@Philly! Buncha dumb-ass, Tastykakes-eatin' morons! They deserve their view of Camden, Noo Joisey!
2001-07-06 12:25:43 PM  
I wonder if "aide" means secret service agent. If one of those guys (probably being covered by a flock of snipers) tells me they don't want any shiat, I'm listening.
2001-07-06 01:15:25 PM  
now thats just funny! not many people can say that they had the prez's head in their mouth, let alone the ENTIRE head!

i wanna know how the prez reacted to that...
2001-07-06 01:25:21 PM  
Monica can!
Heh Heh Heh
2001-07-06 01:39:49 PM  
Groucho, you've made your views on Philadelphia known many times. No one cares. In a city of 6 million people, there are bound to be millions of classless assholes such as yourself.
2001-07-06 01:42:39 PM  
the article below that one had something about France surrendering to some visiting US politicians or some-such.
2001-07-06 01:47:37 PM  
Hey Groucho2, do u make it a practice to sniff team mascots or what? How do u know what the Phanatic smells like? More importantly, why do u care?
2001-07-06 02:13:50 PM  
Phillyguy...If you're proud of Frank Rizzo, the fiasco at MOVE headquarters, WA-WA convenience stores and the cheesy statue of Rocky Balboa, so be it. Wake up, dude! The town is a zit on the rump of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania...and its citizens are the pus filling.

BunnyBir...The Phanatic is the second most obnoxious mascot in MLB. (Rootin' Tootin' Ranger was the worst, but he was yanked years ago.) It makes a point of working the crowd with literal in-your-face "antics." In fairness, it's been two decades since I've seen the Phillies play--er, lose--in the Vet. There's probably a different dildo inside the costume. Maybe the new guy is a little cleaner. But, knowing Philly, I doubt it.
2001-07-06 02:14:56 PM  
frksamor...oh right...
but i was talking about george W. and i was talking about the head with the eyes, lips, nose, etc. :P but i getcha!
2001-07-06 02:25:26 PM  
I don't know who Frank Rizzo was, other than an old mayor, the fiasco at MOVE headquarters was long before I'd ever been to Philadelphia, I think Wawas are great convenience stores, and I've never seen a statue of Rocky Balboa. Am I still low-class? You probably haven't been to Philly since before I was born. I don't know how it used to be, but if it was full of grumpy old men like yourself, I can see why you hated it.
2001-07-06 02:36:27 PM  
Phillyguy...The reason you haven't seen the Rocky statue is probably because you've never visited your art museum. Does that qualify as low-class? I'll let you make the call.

Your scrapple's getting cold!
2001-07-06 02:36:49 PM  
I hate Philly too Groucho. I hate the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin's house, the first National bank in the United states, the buildings where the continental congress met and worked on the future of the country. I also hate the huge variety of restaurants from almost every country, the theaters, the museums, the stores. There is a lot more about Philly that I can't stand, but I won't go into it now.
2001-07-06 02:40:35 PM  
Grouch, a coworker just told me there used to be a Rocky statue at the Art Museum, but it was removed. And I'm not touching scrapple. Do they have Art in Texas?
2001-07-06 03:27:29 PM  
All I know is that the Atlanta Braves have the Phillies number, baby. As for the actual place . . . umm . . . yeah, umm, I agree with Theseus all that colonial stuff would get a little annoying but then again I haven't actually been there . . .
2001-07-06 03:29:47 PM  
Hey Grouch, how's them there Cowboys doin? Wheee-doggies! You run over enny snakes with yer El Doe-Rah-doe lately? Hoo-boy! How 'bout some cow-tippin'? Git enny cow-tippin' in to yer bisy skegel of dorkin sheep? Oh that's rite. Tixas is a cattle state!! They dun skaird all the sheep off.
2001-07-06 03:44:35 PM  
We're not all ignorant dirtscratchers in Texas. With summer (literally) hot on our heels, I can think of at least two dozen places where I'd rather be living, but one goes where the work is.

The Dallas Museum of Art is wonderful. It just featured an exhibit of nearly 200 sculptures by Henry Moore. The Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth is regarded as one of the finest small museums on the planet. The Amon Carter Museum, also in Fort Worth, has an excellent collection of Western art by Remington and Russell (among others).

We also have a fine Biblical Arts Museum, the Crow Collection of Asian Art...and dozens of top-notch galleries. Both Dallas and Fort Worth host large art festivals every spring and free Shakespeare in the Park performances every summer.

Both cities have world-class symphonies and ballet companies. And we get far more than our fair share of Broadway offerings and live concerts throughout the year. If you have the money, you don't have to look far to spend it here.

Now if we can just get rid of these drughead Cowboys....
2001-07-06 04:03:29 PM  
THANK GOD the 49ers got rid of that hideous "Crazy Crab" guy. Everybody HATED Crazy Crab, though he was ostensibly representing San Francisco via the symbols of "sour dough bread & cracked crab" dining fare. Feh.
2001-07-06 07:14:41 PM  
Viva le France!
2001-07-06 07:39:06 PM  
The French are snailing! The French are snailing!
2001-07-06 07:40:51 PM  
Walljasper.... LOL! I had forgotten about that crab boy! You are right. He was a Bay Area embarrassment. But I have just about given up on the NFL over the last few years. Way too many teams--and not enough *professional* talent.

The jocks who earn playing positions all want eighteen kajillion dollars a year, so they can piss it away on hookers, drugs and DWI fines. We have some nimrod here in Dallas--Michael Irvin--who has belonged in jail for years. And he might just get that well-needed punishment PDQ.

The Cowboys have harbored enough criminals over the years to fill the entire West Block of the prison in Huntsville. And it wouldn't hurt me one damned bit to see owner/jackass Jerry Jones behind bars, too.
2001-07-06 08:48:09 PM  
I submitted this image for a photoshop but it didn't make it :(.
2001-07-06 08:48:36 PM
2001-07-06 08:51:12 PM  
Hope this one works.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-06 09:19:12 PM  
" woooo dude that XTC is really kikin' in now it feels like there's a giant green monster suckin' my brains out , but i'm gonna need a few more hits for Laura 'n Jenna.......
2001-07-06 10:05:46 PM  
Nice pic Cranky :) That's our mayor on the right, for those who don't know.
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