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(SFGate)   Religious scholars say the Bible and the Quran show God wants people to conserve energy   ( sfgate.com) divider line
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2001-07-06 09:33:51 AM  
Perfect example of how they can twist the bible's words to mean anything.
2001-07-06 09:49:26 AM  
Yea, but this time the meaning is positive, for a change.
2001-07-06 09:53:35 AM  
Lo verily I say unto thee, turneth off your lights and faucets, and buyeth cars made in the east for they runneth more efficiently, Amen.
2001-07-06 10:02:57 AM  
You know, this is really pathetic. Yes this is a 'positive' meaning, but still. This is nothing more than religious zealots reading out of an archaic and meaningless text perverting the words written in it so that they can make it fit a 'bad' situation, just to make their 'god' (pr allah or buddha, et al) look wise and all-knowing.

Oy vey.

Oh and on that note:
"Good, bad, I'm the man with the big ass book."
2001-07-06 10:08:47 AM  
And on the eight day god created electricity
2001-07-06 10:09:23 AM  
Oh. Sorry. "God"
2001-07-06 10:19:13 AM  
And on the seventh day, God rested, for Barbra Streisand toldeth Him he must not use energy soeth her maids had power to operate the Maytag dryer.
2001-07-06 10:24:29 AM  
Basset, you just get done reading the latest dave barry column or something?
2001-07-06 10:27:00 AM  
Santa was invented to make children behave.God was invented to make adults behave.....don't listen to him.
2001-07-06 10:31:48 AM  
Nope. Have read some of Barry's books but none lately and haven't seen one of his columns in months. Why you ask?
2001-07-06 10:36:35 AM  
Thats funny all I got out of that Bible passage was that God Hates the Gays, and the Hippies, and the Liberals, and that everyone who disagrees with his Prophet Chick will be destroyed.

Sometimes you people really need to interpret things better.

Please do be sure to not the sarcasm in my voice.
2001-07-06 10:40:28 AM  
that was great, science.
2001-07-06 10:52:52 AM  
"If God wanted us to conserve energy we would have been born with solar panels, or hydrogen fuel cells or something..."

That what my grandma used to say before serving the Heroin spagetti.
2001-07-06 11:11:29 AM  
So god is nothing but a damn tree-hugging hippie?
Does this mean David Crosby is going to heaven?
2001-07-06 12:20:27 PM  
Wonko, you have me in tears..hope to see you inside the asylum sometime
2001-07-06 12:26:13 PM  
This article I think about covers it ;)

-= rei =-
2001-07-06 01:05:35 PM  
Ahhhh, a healthy dose of religious guild on the day before the Sabbath.

Rush used this article as an SUV update. I just love that Paul Shanklin song... "In a Yugo"! Damn, I just realized, Dr. Laura is over, Rush is on the air and I haven't hugged my kids or smoked my cigar yet today.

Now, do the Fark thing.
2001-07-06 01:06:37 PM  

Dyslexic fingres todya
2001-07-06 01:18:53 PM  
Oh does it really farking matter what these absolute coonts think? Who gives a shiat, really. These twats will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!
2001-07-06 01:27:08 PM  
Strangely enough, an encyclopedia from the future that mysteriously traveled through an anomaly in space, listed these twats as: "The first up against the wall when the revolution came."

-= rei =-
2001-07-06 02:55:13 PM  
God help us all the day the treehuggers find Jesus.
2001-07-06 03:29:26 PM  
This is actually a major point with me. WHY aren't more religious people ENVIRONMENTALISTS?! why hasn't any bible reader tossed up a passage about global warming, pollution and littering?

god, it's like their heads are in the sand to problems they don't want to face.
2001-07-06 04:51:33 PM  
So nu? To waste is sin. And this is "news" already?
2001-07-06 07:02:31 PM  

Last winter was one of the coldest in years.. some global warming.

"If God wanted us to conserve energy we would have been born with solar panels, or hydrogen fuel cells or something..."

and if he wanted us to fly.. he would have handed us wings. Lets face it, just because the Bible says it doesn't mean you have to go and use more energy.

2001-07-06 07:36:53 PM  
The ice caps are melting! The seas are rising!
2001-07-06 07:46:16 PM  
It's ok: the Blue Fairy will save us all.
2001-07-06 07:50:30 PM  
Hmm..I can almost agree w/BorkingChikapa's statement..I don't see the connection between LEV 19:9 and environmentalism..

ToasterThief: I don't understand your comments and questions. I'm not trying to be antagonistic. I simply don't understand.. "WHY aren't more religious people ENVIRONMENTALISTS?! why hasn't any bible reader tossed up a passage about global warming, pollution and littering? god, it's like their heads are in the sand to problems they don't want to face."

I mean, look at the title of the article! I have no way of knowing what percentage of those who profess religious beliefs could also be classified as as environmentalists. Do you? For a possible answer to your second question - take a look at BlackVampyr's boobies.

Rei: Would you clarify the CS, TS, AA abbreviations in your bio, please? I think that I know what TS is. Thanks.

BubbeMeises: How many login names do you have? LOL!

2001-07-06 07:55:11 PM  
how did...OH, OK...I said "take a look at blackvampyr's
Boobies" and it got translated into "boobies". cute.
2001-07-06 11:30:18 PM  
Cheeseburger-The theme here is that bible scholars have interpreted bible passages to mean many things, yet I have yet to see a serious christian (or any religion) have a strong environmentalist ideal. That is, save the planet. The fact that humans are wrecking the Earth via pollution, contamination and overpopulation is not debateable. These things WILL get worse. If you're, for example, a christian, then helping to protect the Earth would be considered a noble, good and honorable cause.

But it seems that these are not powerful concerns of many religious groups-indoctrination, conversion and preaching take precedence.

And that saddens me, when people scour the bible looking for clauses to help their arguments for this cause or that cause, but environmentalism is not a major cause.

And ignore "christian conservative," he's just a troll.
2001-07-06 11:42:41 PM  
Why are most non church goers green and most religous nuts anti green.
I think that Christians are anti-envirnmental, And I think it DOES come from the bible.
God made man. Then he made the animals for man, to do with
what he will. I don't think most eastern religions are that way.
The non church goers must be all pagens in Satans service.
2001-07-07 02:17:47 PM  
TT: I did a search for "environmentalism" AND "religion". I was surprised at the number of returns. Try it. It may change your opinion of the complacency of religions. Again, I was surprised. Now, onto..

CharlieBrown: Your points are, I believe:

1) non church goers = green
2) religious nuts = anti green
3) Christians = anti-environmental
4) bible = source of anti green/anti-environmental

How did you arrive at those conclusions? Statistics? Observation? I mean, c'mon. Is this a hunch?

"God made man. Then he made the animals....." comment:

I guess that you're talking about the 'having dominion over the animals', or the post-Flood omnivorousness interpretation? I've seen these types of comments come up on PETA threads. Don't you suppose that the Hebrews (and most other peoples) were eating meat long before the Bible was ever written? My guess is that it was a non-issue. I doubt that they needed to invent a 'god' in order to justify it.
Don't other primitive cultures, that still exist today, eat meat?

My point is - (for the sake of argument) If the concept of a 'god' didn't exist, we'd still be eating meat and holding ourselves in higher regards than other animals. Wouldn't we?
2001-07-07 05:40:17 PM  
Cheeseburger-I wasn't questioning that there are christian groups that do good environmental actions-good for them. But overall, churches ARE more interested in conversion than protecting the Earth.
2001-07-07 07:22:37 PM  
TT: I agree.
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