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(MSNBC)   Barry Bonds enters the 600 Club.   ( divider line
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2002-08-10 08:52:43 AM  
God I hate that show. Pat Robertson can kiss my ass.
2002-08-10 09:03:43 AM  
Fortunately, the player's union agreed to 'roid testing for the next couple of years. That should slow him down enough so that he probably won't break Hank Aaron's record.
2002-08-10 09:05:45 AM  
My wife thinks he's on human growth hormone (HGH) because his head has gotten bigger - literally. As a figure of speech, Bonds' head couldn't get any bigger.
2002-08-10 09:11:30 AM  
good to see that the p.r. department had given him all the proper cliches to mouth..
2002-08-10 09:15:39 AM  
I saw it happen. I was chatting with Chickee79, told her what I had just witnessed, then I yawned...
2002-08-10 09:21:02 AM  
Congratulations Barry Bonds.

Too bad you spent most of your career alienating your potential fans.

And I hope your achilles tendons get accidently sliced in a freakish lawn mower accident.
2002-08-10 09:35:23 AM  
Is this guy someone I should be familiar with?
2002-08-10 09:36:39 AM  
If this jackass breaks Hank Aaron's record, it will be a travesty. Until MLB actually installs some sort of meaningful performance drug policy, all of these new records are meaningless.

This is just one more reason that MLB needs a commissioner who will say to the players and owners, "You don't want testing? You don't want revenue sharing and salary caps? Fine. I'm shutting down baseball to give you a while to think about it."

Right now, baseball is a joke.
2002-08-10 09:43:53 AM  
For a majority of the years Aaron played, the pitcher's mound was a lot higher. It was lowered in the late 60's largely due to the fact that nobody could get a hit off of Bob Gibson. We are also in an era of unprecedented offense. When Babe Ruth slugged 54 homeruns in 1920, that was more than the next three league leaders combined.

Bonds is the greatest player of our generation, but it will be a shame if he breaks Aaron's record.
2002-08-10 09:43:58 AM  

Look at his yearly team pictures. His forehead has grown, along with his arms. I'd imagine his testicles are the size of raisins by now.
2002-08-10 10:08:55 AM  
I actually think if Sammy Sosa stays at the pace he is going at he eventually could break Aaron's record. That's if he can pass the piss tests.
2002-08-10 10:09:13 AM  
Yeah, I'm with Scraping. Bond's is a great player, but I can't believe that he isn't roided out. I mean, c'mon... who turns 38 and then hits over 70 dingers in a year?
2002-08-10 10:09:59 AM  
SS good to see you back.
2002-08-10 10:16:15 AM  
Restore integrity to the sport:

-Test every player for steroids yearly. No exceptions.
-Erase all records made by players testing positive. No exceptions.
-Ban those players for life. No exceptions.
-Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame. No excuses.
-Kick Bud Selig dead in his ass on his way out the door.
2002-08-10 10:17:56 AM  
Wow. only two post in before the first ignorant "'roid" cliche
2002-08-10 10:21:33 AM  
Somebody you don't like does something that no else has done before (73) and hasn't done in 20 years (200) oh crap that must mean he's on the juice!
2002-08-10 10:31:27 AM  
Jeho, bury your head in the sand if you want, but baseball has a problem with players using steroids. I think Mark McGuire was using them too when he hit 70. And Sosa.
2002-08-10 10:50:56 AM  
Boring, next there will be some boring soccer news, or football as u euro's say.
2002-08-10 10:51:15 AM  
Hail Satan!

Oh wait, wrong 600 club. Nevermind.
2002-08-10 11:05:53 AM  
Barry hit 600? Congratulations, uh, I guess.

(can't stand the guy. Selfish asshat player who symbolizes all that is bad about baseball)
2002-08-10 11:24:03 AM  
Ya don't gotta like him, but since when does a guy need an alibi to explain a remarkable lifetime achievement? Sheesh.

I'm also not buying into the 'selfish' claim. I see him out there daily, hobbling on a bad wheel that would keep most of us from reaching so much as our keyboards. Note he stayed in the game last night after the 600th (600TH!), to try and help his team win.

The guy ought to have earned your respect, at least.
2002-08-10 11:36:49 AM  
Cardinal -- they don't mean selfish on the field, they mean selfish off of it. Examples: requests busses to games and practices for himself, privately, away from his team mates; requested a leather chair to sit on in the dugout instead of the team bench; chronically (he's been better with this in the last year, but far from good) avoids the media and gives no communication to his fans.
As for the lifetime achievements... I honestly believe in baseball you don't just achieve by playing the game well. It's entertainment isn't it? When you choose to be a baseball player, the point of your job is not to play well, but to entertain the fans. Of course, we are MOSTLY entertained by great playing, but lots of people are entertained by nice people too. Barry's assumption that the extent of his job is to hit the ball and catch the fly balls is silly -- he's there to entertain us, and we want more than that.
So.. the point is, he isn't giving any more than that. Whew.
2002-08-10 11:56:25 AM  
Actually, Budhisatva, that leather recliner is in the locker room by his two lockers which are segregated from the rest of the team, and has a 27" TV that no one but Barry is allowed to watch. But, yeah, he is generally loathed by his teammates, and when he briefly shopped himself as a free agent at the end of last year, his teammates quietly hoped he would go. So, he resigned with the Giants. Why? Because he wanted $20 million per year and no one but the Giants wanted to shell out $20 million for a guy who would br 38 years old and poison in the clubhouse. The Braves and Yankees - two of the richest teams - politely said "No thanks." And those two teams are widely known in baseball as having a very professional, team-oriented atmosphere in their respective clubhouses.

The guy has spent his career either ignoring or berating the media, which is the same thing as ignoring the fans. When he failed to advance in the Home Run Derby before this year's All Star Game debacle, people cheered. Baseball fans do not like Barry Bonds. Never have, never will. Because to him, it's all about Barry.
2002-08-10 12:05:27 PM  
So what? I used to enter the 602 Club in Madison all the time.
2002-08-10 12:07:11 PM  
Bonds is the best hitter of our era.

But he still sucks! Go Dodgers!
2002-08-10 12:16:18 PM  
Yeah, his chair gets a lot of ink from sportswriters too lazy to look for a fresh line, but I was (ahem) at the game last night and there was no special seat in the dugout, there was a lot of positive interaction with the left field bleachers--before and after the shot--and before the game, he gave away proceeds from 'his CD' (a compilation of clips from his record season) to his kids' foundation. It was a whole lot o' dough. (Take that, Allen Iverson.)

I recall Aaron wasn't much liked by the press when he played (also unfairly), Ruth was a drunken slut and don't even start on Mickey Mantle. So maybe history will be kind to Barry, as well. Hope so.

Oh, and as for his cojones, sfotl, his toddler daughter was at the game (she also has a 'big forehead', nabb's wife. She on HGH, too?). Anyway, I'd take Barry's boys over those of the pitchers and managers who've walked him 127 times this year--well ahead of last year's record pace, and about 2X the guy in second place. Makes the homers that much more awesome. Mound schmound, nabb, at least back then they would pitch to you.

There--anybody I haven't offended?
2002-08-10 12:18:11 PM  
Barry is the greatest player since Babe Ruth. Better than Mays, better than Williams, better than Aaron.
2002-08-10 12:24:10 PM  
Let's see, the Giants agreed to pay him $20,000,000 (twenty m-i-l-l-i-o-n dollars) a year cuz nobody else wanted him??

Just let that roll around in your head for a minute, and see if you can make sense of it.

I can't.
2002-08-10 12:24:27 PM  
By the time he's done, Barry Bonds will probably go down as the best player ever. It's a shame he's such an a$$hole.
2002-08-10 12:29:05 PM  
I'm sorry, Cardinal, where did you get your M.D.? Or is it a degree in pharmocology? She said she thought it would be HGH instead of steroids because abnormal head growth is a side effect, when I said he looked different than he did five or six years ago, and oddly, his head seemed different. But, I suppose I could correct her by pointing out a Giants fan saw his daughter at the game and thought she had a big head, too. I'll debate the finer points of the history of the game with you all day and night, but unless you cough up some medical credentials, your comment directed at my wife is out of line.
2002-08-10 12:30:25 PM  
Name one team that made him an offer in that neighborhood.
2002-08-10 12:35:19 PM  
He can hit homeruns all he wants...he's still an idiot and they still lost. When he was in Pittsburgh he was always a total flop in the post-season - if San Fran would happen to make it, they'll find out first-hand how much he stinks up the joint in October.

Go Pirates!
2002-08-10 12:38:43 PM  
Are the players juiced? Possibly. But I think the reason for the surge in home runs over the past few years comes from different sources.

1. Smaller ball parks. I recall an interview with a player who was active in the 50s and 60s, and he said that with the size of the parks (and reason number 2) he would have been able to hit 90-100 home runs every year.

2. The ball is juiced. I don't think that anyone in baseball would debate that they're making the ball as hard as a rock so they really fly off the bat.

3. Constant expansion in the league has watered down the quality of pitching. Most teams, at best, now have one or two quality starters. The rest hang up balls that half of the farkers here could probably knock out of a park.

Other than expansion, none of this will probably change. "Fans dig the long ball", and most people tend to think that a 2-1 pitching duel is boring. So baseball has done whatever it can to keep the home runs coming, which keeps alive interest in the game.
2002-08-10 12:39:48 PM  
Nabb, I don't care if your wife is Alberta farking Sweitzer (and I would note, in passing, that you haven't yet favored us with Her medical credentials), that comment smacks of 19th century phrenology.

Ask her if she'd stake her medical license on that diagnosis.

(And if she IS a doc, she probably doesn't need you rushing to her defense, anyway.)
2002-08-10 12:44:40 PM  
argh i submitted this literally 10 seconds after he hit :(
2002-08-10 12:44:47 PM  
The negotiations were private, of course--but I can say that they offered me $21 million 'just because' and I decided to hold out for more (same reason).

So Barry was all they had left to throw money at.
2002-08-10 02:00:20 PM  
Barry Bonds may have hit 600 homers, which i sure as hell cant do, but he still is a jackass. The leather chair and his two lockers, seperated from the other giants, prove that he thinks he is better. Yes i like the giants, but he still is a jackass to his fans, most of the time, and well i think he's a big doodie head.
2002-08-10 02:03:22 PM  
Steveroni with Cheeseroni,

I think his forehead swelled up from swallowing Jeff Kent's semen. Don't let those 'spats' between those 2 fool you, those 2 are in 'mad luv'!
Heh heh heh heh heh...

Yeah, he is an AWESOME player, but a magnificent jagoff as well.
2002-08-10 02:08:28 PM  
Man, Cardinal, taking this a bit personal? That wasn't her diagnosis, that was her two cents on her way to the hospital to make rounds while I was watching Sportscenter, and I told her some people thought he was juicing, but I thought he wasn't because he really wasn't plagued by injuries (a la Caminiti and Canseco), but I observed he had certainly gotten bigger in recent years - and she hypothesized it could be hGH, rather than steroids, based on my observations. So, no, she wouldn't stake her license on that as a diagnosis, because it wasn't a diagnosis. She could care less about Barry Bonds, really.
2002-08-10 02:20:34 PM  
Ridiculous. I've been a fan of Barry since 1989 and I've seen many ignorant comments surface, but it amazes me that even after all that this man has achieved, it still isn't good enough for you people.

Not accessible to the media!!!??! Where have you been for the past two years? How would you like it if you had to spend a half hour talking to no-talent ass clowns about your performance at the office that day and if you just wanted to go home you'd be labelled an asshole? The man talks to the media every freakin' day!

Has anyone ever heard of "roid rage?" Barry has mellowed out over the past three or four years and yet he still gets accused of 'roid use. Just one of those side-effects that conveniently get forgotten eh?

Getting bigger? Athletes are human beings and go through the same stuff that the rest of us do, they may be able to delay it, but eventually it catches up to them. Barry managed to hold off middle age longer than most by being one of the best-conditioned, finely-tuned athletes in the game. Now, he's beefing up like any other aging man. Steroids made Ben Johnson faster, but Barry slower? Riiight.

Greedy? Bonds loves the game with a passion that you'll never understand. His respect for its history is evident in evry career move he's made. He honours the San Fran organization constantly. The man put together the one of the finest baseball seasons in history last year and could have gone to any team (the Yankees?) to win a World Series and get the fattest paycheque in the game. Did he? No. HE stayed loyal to his legacy and the team that he wants to guide to the World Series for less money.

Offense up? Ummmm no. A homerun is a hit. RBIs are offense. A RBI single has just as much offense as a solo homerun. Remember when an all star would have a season that included 30 homers and 100+ RBIs? Now players have 40 homers and 70 RBIs?

Keep making blanket statements people, it makes you look intelligent
2002-08-10 02:27:17 PM  
I was in San Francisco and saw Bonds hit his 599th. I really think that he's the best slugger playing today.

But in the field he can be an asshat.
2002-08-10 02:49:07 PM  
hrmm new filter oh well.
oh well, no more Yakov jokes. this one wasa bit of a natural.
2002-08-10 03:08:01 PM  
What the heck. I submitted the SAME link how did it get posted with a different headline by someone else :|
2002-08-10 03:17:24 PM  

Three words: Private charter bus.

Dude won't even go to the park with his teammates. Furthermore, he insists on having his own staff to stretch him out before the game. He does this in the lockerroom, again away from teammates. He won't even warm up with them.

And say what you will about us being bitter. Barry Bonds is a bad guy, and it was all confirmed last year when he hit 73: None of his teammates came out to home plate to congratulate him. NOT ONE. NADA. It was very surreal seeing him cross homeplate alone. And then watching him go back to the dugout. Again, alone.

(remember when McGuire did it? That guy was congratulated by the opposing team as he rounded the bases, and then he was litterally mugged at home plate).

(waits for the inevitable "They wanted to give him his moment" bullshiat).
2002-08-10 03:26:42 PM  
Nabb: having reread the thread, I guess we can also disagree about who takes it personally.
2002-08-10 03:40:43 PM  
Corn-Bread: How about "They wanted to respect the fact that Barry himself doesn't want the attention?" Mark McGuire is that all-American whitey that makes middle-America feel good about itself and played for a team that had zero going for it. Bonds wants to play and win and would rather not have the game delayed just to shower him with praise for something that he considers secondary to winning.

Do you think the San Fran organization considers his requests unreasonable? If you performed at a level that Barry has, your employer would also do everything that they could to protect their investment and provide you with whatever you needed to keep performing at that level.

What do you think Barry's thinking about right now? Do you think he reminiscing about his sheer dominance of the record books? Or is it more likely that he's thinking about how to beat Pittsburgh? The only thing that matters to him is the next game. He's shown that time and time again.
2002-08-10 03:43:57 PM  
Go back to the spring of 2001 when the sportswriters were all commenting on how much Bonds had improved his body over the winter. They all raved how more developed he seemed to be. Writer speak for chemical enhancement.
It always amazes me how some people are ready to attaach themselves to some athletes testicles no matter how much of an asshat he may be...
2002-08-10 04:17:05 PM  

Before I respond, I just have to know: Are you real? Like, you aren't another post-bot (like Bevets), right? I mean, the mindless pro-barry twattle spouting forth just reeks of a bot (or at least a really bad perl script). Just had to know.

How about "They wanted to respect the fact that Barry himself doesn't want the attention?" Mark McGuire is that all-American whitey that makes middle-America feel good about itself and played for a team that had zero going for it. Bonds wants to play and win and would rather not have the game delayed just to shower him with praise for something that he considers secondary to winning.

The guy just broke the single season homerun record. And his teammates sit on the bench, arms folded. Many didn't even bother getting up to meet him at the dugout.
After playing 120 games with a group of guys, you'd think that they would show at least some emotion. Not sit there stoned face the whole time.

If barry wanted to keep a low profile to the media, that's one thing. I even get him perhaps wanting the whole thing to be over so that they can get back to baseball. Fine. But I seriously doubt that he asked his teammates not to celebrate if he got the record.

Or is it more likely that he's thinking about how to beat Pittsburgh? The only thing that matters to him is the next game. He's shown that time and time again.

Yea. Like last year, when he was quoted as saying "I'll get you to the playoffs. The rest is up to them." Yea. Spoken like someone who cares about winning. No one disappears in the playoffs like Barry. (sarcasm alert!) And no one is less appologetic about his playoff performance than barry (end of sarcasm alert!)

Former teammates have also been very critical. Your loyalty to the man is admirable, the body of evidence is overwhelmingly against him.
2002-08-10 04:21:54 PM  
Aw shiat.... it happened against the Pirates.

But hey! The Bucs won a game! GO PIRATES!
2002-08-10 04:51:12 PM  
That didn't take long. I assumed the name-calling would hold off a bit longer, but alas this is Fark.

Mindless? Do you know what mindless is? Mindless is saying "He doesn't smile for the camera, therefore he must come across his accomplishments deceptively." Are you forgetting the three (!) NL MVP awards he won prior to the Spring of 2001? He's been the most consistent player in the league for the past ten years plus. The only thing that's changed is an old man(in baseball terms) has gotten bigger, slowed down, gotten wiser, mellowed out and blown all pretenders to the "best all around player in baseball" crown(griffey, A-Rod) out of the water.

The only thing that disappears faster is players with no sense of loyalty that give up on their teams within six months and stop playing, so that they'll get traded to the Yankees.

I'm done. I'll see you at the Hall of Fame (first ballot, unanimous decision)
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