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(NBC4.com)   At 7-Eleven, you can get a Big Glup, Slurpee, human skull ... wait, what?   ( nbc4.com) divider line
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2007-03-13 03:56:34 PM  
He said, "human skull."

2007-03-13 03:57:57 PM  
Are they sure it wasn't just one of their jumbo hot dogs?
2007-03-13 03:58:05 PM  
AHHHH! BIG GLUPS!!! i think i first heard of glups on some logic test featuring venn diagrams and floogals.
2007-03-13 03:58:45 PM  
whats the world coming to when the homeless dont even want to keep their partially decomposed human body parts.. a shame..
2007-03-13 03:58:55 PM  
2007-03-13 03:59:15 PM  
Just what we need, a serial killer that shops at 7/11, why do you hate America?
2007-03-13 03:59:35 PM  
I love to laugh at people that have never heard of a 7-11 and do not have one nearby.

Then I remember that they don't have any real food and it's just a place to stop off before stumbling in my front door.
2007-03-13 03:59:40 PM  
Wow, think they might have found Chandra Levy?
2007-03-13 04:00:27 PM  
And I took a closer look and it had a baseball cap on it.

Wonder what team?

/remind me not to root for them
2007-03-13 04:00:51 PM  
my glups, my glups, my lovely lady glups!
2007-03-13 04:00:55 PM  
The homeless guy was actually walking around showing it to people before he threw it into the 7-11 trash dumpster. Look what I got!
2007-03-13 04:01:03 PM  
Glup Glup
2007-03-13 04:01:19 PM  
StoneyBologna: i have four within as many miles from my residence.
2007-03-13 04:01:23 PM  
"Police said they believe the skull was found in a wooded area off of Taylor Street. A body was found there Tuesday morning, News4 reported."

Wow, brilliant deduction.

/though might be more interesting if they don't match.
2007-03-13 04:01:56 PM  
Can I have a slurpee, please. in the skull, please. oh and a hotdog.

2007-03-13 04:02:07 PM  
How about some nice chilled monkey brains as an alternative. Anybody?

[image from propmasters.net too old to be available]
2007-03-13 04:02:56 PM  

The local governments on Long Island have it set up so you're never more than 10 minutes away from a 7-11.
2007-03-13 04:03:00 PM  
[image from gallery.ksilebo.com too old to be available]
2007-03-13 04:03:27 PM  
hey you need brains for the zombies that stop bye for a fill me up to.
2007-03-13 04:04:07 PM  
Thats our nation's capital everyone!!
2007-03-13 04:04:32 PM  
Xannatos thats one hell of a "Clue"
2007-03-13 04:04:44 PM  
THERE you are, Horatio! Hamlet's been looking all over for you!
2007-03-13 04:04:58 PM  
dead bodies in D.C.??? No whey....
2007-03-13 04:05:02 PM  
WARNING! New Fark cliche alert!

All residents of Farkistan are advised to take cover, consult FSM, and ask unto the Ha Ha Guy, what the meaning of this new "...wait, what?" cliche means for all of us.

I have done so, and FSM gave unto me a vision that it will not last longer than Ackbar, so have no fear!
2007-03-13 04:06:02 PM  
Hey guys. Oh, big gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later.
2007-03-13 04:07:44 PM  
mmmmmmmmmm.... brains......

/I bet Jerry Lewis is behind this
2007-03-13 04:08:45 PM  
Links used to be greenlighted based on originality.

Now, every third head line incorporates some version of "... wait, what?"

Yes, I am only a liter, but come on TF'ers, what mods keep greenlighting this krapola....wait, what?

*shakes head*
2007-03-13 04:09:15 PM  
StoneyBologna: are you working with them? how did you know i'm from the unofficial 51st state of the union?
2007-03-13 04:10:48 PM  
I went to Sev for lunch today.
The slurpee machine was broken.
There were no hotdogs.
The cashier was so cracked out she didnt so much look like a living person but an animate skull.


2007-03-13 04:11:48 PM  
[image from img1.picturewizard.com too old to be available]
I want you kids to get a head...
2007-03-13 04:13:36 PM  
when in doubt, go with the chicken parm, but let it be no older than two days, lest the breast of chicken transform into the cartilage of wrath.
2007-03-13 04:14:16 PM  
Maybe it was just a Schuman Farms Head of Lettuce?
2007-03-13 04:15:12 PM  
I worked at a 7-11 once. Wouldn't surprise me for two seconds if somebody found something untoward. We had a live ferret in there once.
2007-03-13 04:16:21 PM  
PappaSon, you fell into the 'mods green lite' articles trap. If you'd like to let the admins know the links they approve are krapola, I suggest farkback. If you don't want to choose that option, I suggest you don't click on the link if you aren't interested.
2007-03-13 04:16:29 PM  
Yet another submitter who thinks the Wait What cliche' is actually funny.

(shakes his head in disgust)
2007-03-13 04:17:36 PM  
The witnesses fished the head out of the trash bin, put it on some bushes and then contacted authorities

They what? Are you sure it wasn't just one bush? Why are they even putting it on a bush? Display?
2007-03-13 04:18:02 PM  
I live in the apartment complex that 7-11 is a part of, so I'm really getting a kick out of...

Yeah, saw 2 cops and some crime scene tape last night when I went to get Chinese. Didn't know that at the time.

I'm moving in less then a month. Thank god.
2007-03-13 04:18:14 PM  
Rather have some head.
2007-03-13 04:23:40 PM  
Why did this come to mind?
[image from fox.com too old to be available]
2007-03-13 04:24:07 PM  
I like to drink slurpees from the skulls of my enemies
2007-03-13 04:25:09 PM  
I went to Sev for lunch today.

You didn't really say that, did you? I mean, for at least two reasons
2007-03-13 04:25:41 PM  
Actually, I just read some of the other comments. Glad to see others are really getting tires of the "wait, what" crap. Its just not funny. And some people still use it when it just doesnt make sense - like the other day some guy said something about wildlife shutting down a runway - "wait, what?!" As if that is unheard of! 'Wait! You mean wildlife can actually stroll onto a runway???!! Whaaaaaaat?!'

So effing stupid.
2007-03-13 04:26:06 PM  
Um, I kinda think the cliche is funny...wait, what?
/not subby
2007-03-13 04:31:14 PM  

Nope, just an Eastern Long Island guy here.
2007-03-13 04:35:13 PM  
Just came in to say that this would never happen at the QuikTrip.

//Love me some freezoni!
///QT is the bomb. 7-11 is just a bomb
2007-03-13 04:37:08 PM  
Oh fer chrissake, put the cap on & fill the skull with cherry slurpy.
/Refill, sir!
2007-03-13 04:39:13 PM  
I think one of the reasons cliches get started in the first place is the joy of the inevitable backlash several weeks later, after it's been overused, and people start getting pissed off about it. It's the intertube version of sitting in the back seat, chanting, "Are we there yet?" and watching the veins in your dad's skull slowly grow until they finally pop, and you find it for sale in 7-11 a few days later.

I, for one, welcome our human skull found near a popular convenince-store overlords.

/anxiously awaiting a clever "They Might Be Giants" subreference
2007-03-13 04:39:44 PM  
I go for the Taquitos.

And the sev's (we don't call them 7-11, we call them "sev". maybe that's slang isolated to my area?) here aren't really that bad, as convenience stores go. Prices are dumb, and the food is greasy,and the place is just greasy, but it's alot better then Reddi-Marts and Husky's.
2007-03-13 04:47:22 PM  
Merltech: Why did this come to mind?

I was thinking NCIS
That abby loves her Big Gulps
and what a sweet ass
2007-03-13 04:48:58 PM  

We call them sev here too. (bc canada) Good food when you are drunk. I survived highschool with weed and 7-11 bacon cheeseburgers with extra nacho cheese and jalapenos
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