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(   Teen lesbian duet Tatu's website "under attack" by Farkers   ( divider line
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20700 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2002 at 2:23 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-09 02:26:31 PM  
Hmmm, posted twice in the same day?
2002-08-09 02:27:29 PM  
GIT DEM DIKE biatchES!!!
2002-08-09 02:27:52 PM  
It's like the deja vu article...
2002-08-09 02:28:56 PM  
Agreed, this is the most obvious repeat ever, but since it involves lesbians, I'll let it slide.
2002-08-09 02:28:57 PM  
Hooray teen lesbians!
2002-08-09 02:29:41 PM  
They haven't thrown up a French flag yet, though! Keep hitting it!

Uhhhh.... yeah, take that however you want.
2002-08-09 02:32:24 PM site are receiving huge web traffic from : more then 10,000 people for last 10 hours.

That's huge Web traffic?

OK, I suppose it is, if you're used to getting one hit every two or three weeks.
2002-08-09 02:33:43 PM  
I'd like to Tatu my wang on their arses! Can't get enough of hot teen lesbians.
2002-08-09 02:33:58 PM  
I don't understand why them being gay teenaged girls has anything at all to do with their act. I hate pop culture.
2002-08-09 02:34:42 PM  

fark is getting farked by Russian lesbian Pop-Stars!

"Tatu Fans! Look what "the Farkers" write about TATU at Click here"

Fark Surrenders!!!!
2002-08-09 02:34:45 PM  
I had never heard of them before today,
and I'm already bored of them.
2002-08-09 02:38:25 PM  
I guess it isn't really a repeat.
First article was about them
Second was about us.
2002-08-09 02:39:21 PM  
Looks like they owe me a drink. Or a little "Manage-a-trio".
2002-08-09 02:40:46 PM  
gawd you're all pathetic

they're lesbians.


2002-08-09 02:40:47 PM  
if your site can't handle 1000 people per hour, then it's in bad shape I'd say.

I wanna fark those chix til they love me dammit.
2002-08-09 02:41:45 PM  
Although...they're produced by Trevor Horn.
He was in the Buggles, y'know.

Actually, he's a pretty decent pop producer. Produced Yes' 1982 comeback album 90215 as well as the first two Seal albums...and a lot more than that. Could make them sound good...or at least make 'em sound like a really good dance track from around 1984.
2002-08-09 02:42:10 PM  
Mmmm... carpet
2002-08-09 02:44:06 PM  
In cyberspace, Farkers under attack by teen lesbians!
2002-08-09 02:44:36 PM  
I must shower.
I have been thinking such nasty, naughty, terrible things about them. and now they are lesbians.. even worse.
2002-08-09 02:46:50 PM  
I'd attack 'em, if they weren't underage and not more interested in each other than in me.

Who am I kidding, I'd attack 'em anyway.
2002-08-09 02:47:17 PM  
10,000 hits in 10 hours might seem like a lot, until you look at the numbers. It breaks down to a little under 17 hits a minute. A dedicated 486, with redhat, running apache could handle that with no peoblem at all. If they can't handle that type of traffic, they need a new webhost.
2002-08-09 02:47:31 PM  
I bet they're into porn too. I wonder which career will take off for them...
2002-08-09 02:47:31 PM  
I bet they're into porn too. I wonder which career will take off for them...
2002-08-09 02:48:54 PM  
Rofl. Repeat lesbians. Nothin gets better than that.
2002-08-09 02:48:54 PM  
It's the attack of the Farkers! It's funny, they put in a link to the previous post comments thingee. I wonder what they think of Farkers now!
2002-08-09 02:50:18 PM  
She just wants my beef bologna.
2002-08-09 02:52:40 PM  
Are they real lesbians or girls gone wild lesbians?
2002-08-09 02:53:54 PM  
I want them to call me Daddy.
2002-08-09 02:54:09 PM  
Well, Ichiban, they haven't gone to the Dark Side, just yet.
2002-08-09 02:54:09 PM  
Wahnker What a nice thought. I'm off for a fish sandwich.
2002-08-09 02:54:09 PM  
I'll cure em of their lesbianism!
2002-08-09 02:55:03 PM  
First thing that poped out at me was the Anime in the top right corner, second thing was everyone looking over my shoulder.
2002-08-09 02:55:07 PM  
ooohhhhhhhh I want to bone those little teenage DYKE Biatches...

they can even sing some of those shiatty songs
while I poop shoot em....

2002-08-09 02:55:11 PM  
Old hotness:

[image from too old to be available]

New and busted:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-09 02:55:54 PM  
Show your love in the guestbook citizens of Farkistan!
2002-08-09 02:56:42 PM  
People, it's just a small fan site. They probably don't have the bandwidth.

Anyway, Yay Hot Russian Lesbian Pop!
2002-08-09 02:57:39 PM  
"Tatu Fans! Look what "the Farkers" write about TATU at Click here"

...ok guys, let's show a little dignity here. i'm sure about 500 teenage girls from russia just read about how a bunch of middle aged american men want to kill kittens and do naughty things to these LESBIANS!!! aka NOT INTERESTED IN MEN. that being said, i need another box of tissues...
2002-08-09 02:58:40 PM  
So we fark the site, and now, since it is still up, we decide to deliver the coup de grace, just to make sure?

No teen lesbian boobies for anyone!
2002-08-09 03:01:49 PM  
From the Tatu guestbook:

Farkers think your site sucks. Just because your listed under lesbians, your getting hits. I wouldn't get to excited, your site is weak.
Wilma Fingerdo
Seattle, USA - Friday, August 09, 2002 at 14:46:34 (EDT)

Fark surrenders.
2002-08-09 03:02:04 PM  
Dammit! *relearns HTML*

Khonka indeed.

If she doesn't like men, she's a good actress.

Here's your new and busted:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-09 03:03:05 PM  

Boss... Da plane Da plane...
2002-08-09 03:03:39 PM  
In Soviet Farkistan, lesbians fark YOU!

2002-08-09 03:04:30 PM  
...ok guys, let's show a little dignity here.

You do remember what site you're posting on, right? The Place That Dignity Ran Away Screaming From?
2002-08-09 03:04:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-09 03:06:09 PM  
I don't believe any of it. Never trust a Russian.
2002-08-09 03:06:53 PM  
too bad they aren't physicists.
2002-08-09 03:07:56 PM  
this is all just a little to circular for me. Fark tells me to go there, that site send me back, I need a rest.

"The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, I don't know where I'll be tomorrow"
*Journey - neither lesbian, teenaged, nor Russian. now I have a headache.
2002-08-09 03:08:54 PM  
...You do remember what site you're posting on, right? The Place That Dignity Ran Away Screaming From?...

Actually, this is the place that killed and cooked dignity over a bonfire, then fed the liver to dignity's relatives with a nice Chianti.
2002-08-09 03:09:04 PM  
GIS for "tatu":
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-09 03:10:57 PM  
Hmm, the link goes to their website, which provides a link back to fark ...

My God, it's a Moebius Strip, surely some kind of space/time anonoly is about to occur
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