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(Pravda)   Horse gets stuck in well and villagers get it unstuck rather than deal with Russian bureaucracy.   ( divider line
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2001-07-05 07:11:56 PM  
Imagine that. People helped themselves. What do they want? A medal?
2001-07-05 07:14:55 PM  
&ltTROLL> So, eventually, it is possible for government to get so big and cumbersome that the people take it upon themselves to solve their own problems? </TROLL>

2001-07-05 07:17:28 PM  
But alas the horse's legs were broken and the veternarian was too far away. So instead the villagers shot the horse and - yes! - everyone ate well that night.
2001-07-05 07:20:23 PM  
Rollo Tomasi protests
2001-07-05 07:25:14 PM  
...And there was much rejoicing...
2001-07-05 07:31:10 PM  
When stuff like this happens in USA, they would wait for the camera crews and rescue crews with hopes of getting on the next Animal Rescues show on FOX.
"Hit him again, he's getting out and the cameras aren't here yet!"
2001-07-05 08:24:01 PM  
Is it me, or do all of the Pravda articles read more like a family news letter than a news paper? Maybe its the translation that does it, but they have that, Uncle Fred wrote this during his lunch hour at the factory feel.
2001-07-05 09:16:41 PM  
I thought it read more like The Onion.
2001-07-05 10:34:54 PM  
The country formerly known as Russia has certainly learned a lot from our (american) goverment. Maybe the horse can sue and really clean up. Calling Johhny Cochranistov! 8-)
2001-07-07 04:02:23 PM  
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