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(Yahoo)   Iranian youth to be lashed for partying   ( dailynews.yahoo.com) divider line
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1552 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2001 at 6:35 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-05 07:11:30 PM  
what happens if they dance fully naked
2001-07-05 07:16:28 PM  
You gotta fight
for your right
to party
(Beastie Boys)
2001-07-05 07:17:21 PM  
I am so sick and tired of reading about how stuck in the 9th centry that middle east countries are. They have a silly retarded culture, get over it. Wow, I have a low tolerance today, long day at work...
2001-07-05 07:17:31 PM  
They obviously moved the party from Legoland to Iran. I bet the French guy.... Naahhh, no need to go there
2001-07-05 08:10:53 PM  
Bah. I submitted that a week ago. It's farkscrimination!
2001-07-05 08:56:48 PM  
I know an Iranian chick. I'm not the least bit surprised by the party behavior. She's a candy kid/goth/raver. She scares me.
2001-07-05 09:27:22 PM  
This is why I thank Allah every single day for letting me live in America.
farking backward-ass Islamic culture...
How many centuries til they catch up with the rest of the world and put out their own "caught on tape" videos?
2001-07-05 09:42:30 PM  
Long day filming another Cannonball Run sequel, Burt?
2001-07-05 10:41:57 PM  
Dancing with non familly members is prohibited?
Dammmm.. They is all inbred over there. Incest every where. No wonder they cover up their women. mohamed doesnt want people to see what a sexy wife his sister is.
2001-07-05 10:55:47 PM  
Usually, when I get depraved I expect the lashings to occur *at the party*.
2001-07-05 11:06:48 PM  
Heh. We can ask Bit0Mike about party lashings...
2001-07-06 01:15:12 AM  
Bad Muslim!
No Alah!
2001-07-06 01:30:04 AM  
God damn muslim fundies. I hate all fundies. I wish we could beat some sense into their backwards asses. I wonder if sending a SMART bomb would knock some sense into them.

These idiots give Muslims a bad name, just as fundies like Chick give Christians a bad name.
2001-07-06 01:40:28 AM  
Knock sense into them with a smart bomb? Hmmm, haven't we already tried that?
2001-07-06 02:41:44 AM  
What a lovely display of arrogant Western supposed supremacy! Iran is probably one of the most democratic countries in the middle east. True, a lot of the things they do, they do different from us westerners. We shouldn't try those things here. At least they dropped the randomness of justice that comes with dictatorships or class-justice like in the US. Their laws may be harsh, but they do uphold them consequently.

/end rant
2001-07-06 05:27:24 AM  
My God, you can spot the egotistical self important insular Yanks every time. Every culture in the world doesn't have to be Westernised to be better. You Americans just wanna dum down culture of all discriptions even your own.
2001-07-06 06:51:59 AM  
Sucks to be in Iran. Good girl yes! Bad girl no! X-treme Middle Eastern rapping styles. Disco and Dido: nowhere in the farking world is it reasonable to whip people just for dancing. NOWHERE. Still, Iran is slowly coming round. It's the Afghans I really pity.

Oh and I'm not in the US.
2001-07-06 07:11:50 AM  
im angry, very very angry..what *was* that fish doing biting the muslim?.. oh and i'm no tin the us either
2001-07-06 07:14:19 AM  
I sense a Fark debate/name calling.....*hides*
2001-07-06 07:19:25 AM  
yes, you supremeist fascist amerrican gringos ..you, you
2001-07-06 07:20:47 AM  
i just wish someone would invite me to a depraved party :(
2001-07-06 07:24:36 AM  
Mrgreenfish: Shouldn't (no sorry, COULDN'T) that be "nowhere in the farking world is it reasonable to whip people just for dancing according to MY opinion, which is based on MY environment, upbringing, and exposure to media"

just maybe??

Oh and BTW, I was talking about Westerners, not just Yanks (Disco, please include most of Europe in this selfcentered know-it-all and I'm the best charade. After all the Yanks learnt it from Europeans.)
2001-07-06 07:32:10 AM  
Cormee: Just come on over. I'll give you the address... how well do you know Teheran?
2001-07-06 07:34:38 AM  
Yeah, Dido, I guess you're right. I have been corrupted by my evil western ways to see dancing as a leisure pursuit rather than the callous, evil, materialistic tool of satan that it is. Thank you for setting things right.

And I'm not in Europe either.
2001-07-06 07:37:07 AM  
dido: not very well but just point me in the general direction of anything depraved and i'll eventually find it
2001-07-06 07:41:44 AM  
MrGreenfish: glad I could be of help

Cormee: what direction are you coming from?
2001-07-06 07:48:26 AM  
BTW, MrGreenfish: I'm not insinuating the corruption of anything or anybody.
Now, I could start a discussion about dancing having it's roots in several (actually wuite a lot) religious experiences. Since one man's god is very often another man's devil, dancing might easily been seen as religious for one, and depraved for another. I don't know who's right or who's wrong, I am in no position to judge and frankly, I don't give a damn, until it comes to my country, my assumed, acquired and given rights and obligations.
But,... like I said, I could, but I won't.
2001-07-06 07:57:55 AM  
Dido: OK, granted, authorities may have interpreted their actions as being personally insulting to the state religion, but, well, I much prefer the concept of freedom of choice. I'm pretty sure that those kids just wanted to have fun, and were doing normal kid stuff. Now granted this may not have been in line with traditional Iranian cultural values, but I guarantee you in ten years' time what those kids did would be perfectly normal and that is a good thing. I don't personally give a damn, either, but I still think it's a shame that people in some parts of the world have less rights than others just because that's where they were born.
2001-07-06 08:10:07 AM  
MrGreenfish: I agree. There are certainly things I feel other people might appreciate having too. It is also a shame though that a bit too often when people gave those things (whether human rights or satellite television) to the poor underdeveloped backward third world, the result was that the receiving end is still paying for it one way or another.

Anyway, how about Cormee's idea? What about reservations at Legoland? And who brings the snake?
2001-07-06 09:15:16 AM  
I'm so there. I'll bring the whip :)
2001-07-06 09:22:49 AM  
dido: i'm coming from a kind-of-irelandish direction, but legoland suits me better..all...those...colours....ooooh
2001-07-06 10:21:34 AM  
Who said I was American?
2001-07-06 12:16:20 PM  
Can't we all just get-it-over-with-and-make-the-guy-prepare-a-delicious-oven-baked-las agna-at-three-in-the-morning along?
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