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(Fox News)   Princes William and Harry put a smartass message on their grandmother's answering machine. WASSSUP this is Liz... yo   ( divider line
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26721 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2007 at 2:32 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-03-06 11:32:54 AM  
see what you did there was misstype the p in put perhaps?
2007-03-06 11:46:04 AM  
But her private secretary was not so amused.

Is something wrong with having a sense of humor about the whole thing?
2007-03-06 11:46:10 AM  

I find this very amusing.
2007-03-06 12:06:22 PM  
So what are William and Harry's TFark logins?
2007-03-06 12:11:27 PM  
"If you have Prince Albert in a can, press 4 and let him out."

those wacky royals...
2007-03-06 02:27:44 PM  
But, but, but..!!
2007-03-06 02:33:48 PM  
2007-03-06 02:35:22 PM  
Hey, the old girl's clearly got a sense of humor.

/that's a beheadin'
2007-03-06 02:35:42 PM  
A perfect reason to expel the blacks from Britain!
2007-03-06 02:35:43 PM  
Yes, yes... I see what you did there...

/"p" != "b"
2007-03-06 02:35:45 PM  
so they did the Jim Carrey thing, talking with their asses?
2007-03-06 02:36:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

from the streets
2007-03-06 02:36:06 PM  
I thought one of them just got sent to Irack, is he back already?
2007-03-06 02:36:51 PM  
I love it!
2007-03-06 02:36:59 PM  
You know, they actually seem like they'd be pretty cool dudes to hang out with, royalty aside.
2007-03-06 02:37:20 PM  
Now that... is FUNNY! I bet she about shiat her britches :)

2007-03-06 02:37:48 PM  
Bith bll bhe bifficulty beople bave betting bhings breenlit (byself bncluded), bow boes bhis bort bf bhing bappen?

2007-03-06 02:38:00 PM  
Haha, that's awesome. Those two should write for FarkTV.
2007-03-06 02:38:11 PM  
Help! I'm baffled!
2007-03-06 02:38:55 PM  
This explains why Harry is getting sent to Iraq to get jihadified.
Meanwhile, Wills gets off scot-free. Sucks to be the "spare heir."
2007-03-06 02:39:20 PM  
So funny.
2007-03-06 02:40:18 PM  
2007-03-06 02:41:25 PM  
They have a sense of humour. Which is nice. Still, I'm surprised the same Queen who sent her first e-mail in 1976 would need help sorting out how to use voicemail or send a text message.

Also, I really want to receive a text mesage from her to see if she uses text message shorthand or not.
2007-03-06 02:41:29 PM  

so they did the Jim Carrey thing, talking with their asses?


/do you have a breath mint?
2007-03-06 02:41:34 PM  
If you are one of a handful of people who can get away with farking with the queen, and you do it, you're OK in my book.
2007-03-06 02:44:06 PM  
I think the princes may be visiting the Tower....
2007-03-06 02:45:09 PM  
The Drunken Clam

2007-03-06 02:45:46 PM  
Which one is Charles' kid and which one has the non-royal babydaddy?
2007-03-06 02:46:01 PM  
richw: I think the princes may be visiting the Tower....

That sorta thing died down a bit after Richard II.
2007-03-06 02:50:24 PM  
Why does she even posess such a mundane piece of technology? Isn't there a servant or staff person to answer the phones and take messages? Isn't that the "private secretary's" job?
2007-03-06 02:52:40 PM  
The Queen has an answering machine? And a cellphone? I guess I've never really thought about it..
2007-03-06 02:53:20 PM  
i want to like them better for this, but it's just not happening.
2007-03-06 02:53:39 PM  
Ah, how can I forget Prince William? His youthful antics were the source for my first greenlight:
2007-03-06 02:54:44 PM  
I'm liking these kids more every day.
2007-03-06 02:55:22 PM  
Those two rock. Not only are they funny, they're both pretty good looking. It's a good thing they take after their mother.
I hope Harry comes back safe and sound. We need more cool royalty.
2007-03-06 02:56:06 PM  
I wonder if they'll still be pissed off when Harry dies in Iraq?
2007-03-06 02:56:11 PM  
Bah. If they'd done a Kersal Massive, that would be news.
2007-03-06 02:58:40 PM  
I'd love to hear the Bush twins do to their father after a long night out on the town.
2007-03-06 03:00:42 PM  
"Believe it or not, George isn't at home..."
2007-03-06 03:01:51 PM  
This thread need more pics of hawt female Scandinavian royalty.
('cause the only cute English royal is Princess Zara, and she ain't all that)
2007-03-06 03:07:02 PM  

oh noes! We just had a conversation with a bartender friend who made the blacks and Heineken reference. He said he just pulls them out every time someone African-American walks in. Heineken is the new Colt 45.

/stereotype in the making or made?
2007-03-06 03:08:04 PM  
It's interesting to think of the Queen as just another technologically retarded old person, relying on her trickster grandsons for help.
2007-03-06 03:08:45 PM  
That's awesome. They rule.
2007-03-06 03:10:33 PM  
Does the Queen ever age? It seems like she has looked 100 years old now for decades.
2007-03-06 03:12:46 PM  
Elizabeth Windsor has a telephone? And an answering machine?

I thought that's what lackeys were for.
2007-03-06 03:14:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

His jokes are definitely gettin' better.
2007-03-06 03:19:22 PM  
My crazy grandmum was going off on some tangent about a "type writer".

I mean c'mon!!!
2007-03-06 03:19:58 PM  
Ha! Its good to see they have a sense of humor. Made me smile.
2007-03-06 03:20:24 PM  
I actually met her once, when I was in the Honor Guard for her visit to Bermuda. 1995, I think...
She is about 5 foot nothing and she had that patented "Grandma" smell.

Very pleasant to talk to. I can see her getting a good laugh out of something like this.
2007-03-06 03:20:29 PM  
I really, really want to see the Queen with a BlackBerry, or better yet, a Sidekick. I would laugh for days. I would also like to see a transcript of one of her text messages. What exactly does she need to text to people, anyway, especially considering she's banned cell phones in the palace?
"Tea plz!"

/photoshop, anyone?
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