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(Some Wahoo)   Some Hokie fan precision engraves 'VT' into hardwood at UVa's new stadium likely before the floor was delivered. Bonus: Cavaliers play all season without noticing until just before the Tech game   ( charlottesvillenewsplex.tv) divider line
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2007-03-01 08:24:08 PM  
2007-03-01 08:24:27 PM  
2007-03-01 08:24:50 PM  
Go Bruins!
2007-03-01 08:25:07 PM  
I third the nice
2007-03-01 08:25:22 PM  
VT? Hmm, looks more like the face of Jesus to me.
2007-03-01 08:25:56 PM  
i like how this made the front page.

/ because i went to VT, you see.
// farking uva snobs.
/// boring, but with slashies.
2007-03-01 08:27:34 PM  

Now I can only some that some of the students from my alma mater will do something to the gonzaga basketball court.

/Hate the 'zags with a passion.
//Laughed when the 2 players were nabbed for drugs.
2007-03-01 08:28:01 PM  
2007-03-01 08:28:08 PM  
Huh... nice little prank, it doesn't even get noticed for a whole season... but it was a little odd that a reporter happened to notice it first. QUICK TORTURE HIM TO FIND OUT WHO DID IT!!!! ... err.. umm... yeah.
2007-03-01 08:28:16 PM  
2007-03-01 08:28:33 PM  
Pah...William & Mary trumps them both.
2007-03-01 08:28:34 PM  
I appreciate that it's small enough to be "prank" level rather than "ruin the floor and piss everyone off" level.
2007-03-01 08:29:51 PM  
Duke still sucks

2007-03-01 08:29:59 PM  
in high school i carved "jocks suck" on their usual lunch table and they ate there all year and never noticed.

/not really
//got nothing
///bored at work
2007-03-01 08:32:01 PM  
I bet it was tough for the Virginia Tech student to remember how to spell "VT".
2007-03-01 08:33:44 PM  
Yeah, it looks to be about maybe 2 square inches... I am SHOCKED nobody noticed.

Oh, and "precision engraves?" From where I'm sitting, it looks like somebody carved it out with a screwdriver- it isn't that difficult to slap some polyurethane on it afterward.

In summary, this is probably the least elaborate prank I have ever in my life witnessed.
2007-03-01 08:34:33 PM  
I think they didn't notice because Viginia students/faculty/alumni are too drunk on Apple Martinis

/not mine
//Colin Cowherd rules
2007-03-01 08:36:30 PM  
Im a woodworker, so I'm getting a big kick out of these replies...

/gj anonymous millworker, u are funny
2007-03-01 08:37:43 PM  
Farkwell Smart: in high school i carved "jocks suck" on their usual lunch table and they ate there all year and never noticed.

Duh, jocks can't read.
2007-03-01 08:37:51 PM  
Newscasters look like they're still in high school.

/Lawn. Off.
2007-03-01 08:38:19 PM  
skinink: I bet it was tough for the Virginia Tech student to remember how to spell "VT".

You win the tubes.
2007-03-01 08:38:51 PM  
2007-03-01 08:41:12 PM  
2007-03-01 08:41:52 PM  
Bo Bice
2007-03-01 08:42:32 PM  
Video link farked.
2007-03-01 08:42:38 PM  


2007-03-01 08:42:57 PM  
I didn't go to VT, but I'm from VA and visited both VT and UVa.

VT was a cool, gothic place in the middle of nowhere with cool kids.

UVa was a nice, townsy place in the middle of nowhere with asshole kids.

Therefore, go Hokies.
2007-03-01 08:43:09 PM  
I know what those words mean, but I don't understand the underlying concepts. It must be a Canaduh thing.
2007-03-01 08:43:22 PM  
[image from mikescar.net too old to be available]

/ yes, i'm ashamed.
2007-03-01 08:43:31 PM  
Go Hokies!
2007-03-01 08:44:24 PM  
Decent prank, but not as good as some of the other college rivalry pranks I've heard of.
2007-03-01 08:45:05 PM  
Hey! Where's the closeup of the engraving?
Get your act together, director.
2007-03-01 08:48:07 PM  
Not nice, teh suck. It's tiny and insignificant, who be cared. VT=trashes.
2007-03-01 08:48:22 PM  
me: you did what?
him: this. check it out.
me: vince turner, you so crazy.
2007-03-01 08:48:45 PM  
Crazy turkeys...
2007-03-01 08:54:33 PM  
The "VT" carving was done with some precision as the lines were very straight.

surprising to see a liberal arts school like UVa appreciating the precision so valued at an engineering school like VPI.

This isn't the first time UVa has had a VT on campus right under their noses (or in this case over their heads). Fresh out of Virginia Tech's school of architecture, a Hokie Alum designed a T shaped building to go strategically near the V shaped building that already existed. From the air it looked like the VT logo of old.

The VT went unnoticed for several years and was ultimately erased when the building replaced as a part of stadium expansion several years ago.

2007-03-01 08:55:24 PM  
That had to be the most disappointing video I've ever watched. I expected some large VT somewhere, not just a little scratch. You know, somewhere at VT, someone has probably scribbled a UVa logo on a desk.
2007-03-01 08:55:25 PM  
2007-03-01 08:56:32 PM  
I learned this one from the TAWVFCI/OP(?)MPB&CSR,U!!!! in my younger days. If memory serves...

He's a Hokie from Virginia Tech
He's into farking sheep
They're cheaper than the women, and easier to keep
He chews his ol' tobaccy, and wears his overalls
And the only thing he cares about is the animals he balls.

Oh I think we need another drink
I think we need another drink
I think we need another drink
I think we need another drink for the glory of the UVa!

/not a Pep Banned alumnus, merely a fellow traveler and sometime drinking companion.
2007-03-01 09:00:07 PM  
Paging HellYeahHokie...
2007-03-01 09:00:23 PM  
How many hokies does it take to change a lightbulb?

Three, one to change it, and two to explain how they changed it better than the UVA students.
2007-03-01 09:00:55 PM  
[image from techsideline.com too old to be available]

The aforementioned VT building.

[image from nationalchamps.net too old to be available]

The aforementioned logo from the 70's
2007-03-01 09:02:10 PM  
(Heidi) Fleiss.
2007-03-01 09:02:11 PM  
For an engineering school, they certainly are having trouble putting a sphere in a round hole tonight.
2007-03-01 09:03:12 PM  
To be fair, here are some others:

Q. How many UVA students does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Just one, he holds the bulb and the world revolves around him.

Q. How many William and Mary students does it take to change a light bulb?
A. 10. One to change it, and 9 to crack under the pressure.

Q. How many VCU students does it take to change the lightbulb?
A. None. Richmond looks better in the dark.

Q. How many ODU students does it take to change the lightbulb?
A. Three, one to change it, and two to figure out a way to get high off the old bulb.
2007-03-01 09:03:30 PM  
BWAHAHAHAHA. Niiiiiiice.

/lives five minutes away from JPJ Arena
2007-03-01 09:04:12 PM  
2007-03-01 09:09:04 PM  
That's so hokey.
2007-03-01 09:13:46 PM  
Go Hokies!
2007-03-01 09:16:35 PM  
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