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(cato.org)   When you add up the numbers, President Bush is less conservative than President Clinton.   ( cato.org) divider line
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2002-08-05 12:14:20 PM  
Does receiving felatio in the oral office make one more or less conservative? Or does that depend on whether the recipient spits or swallow?
2002-08-05 12:32:03 PM  
Just more dribble. Keep moving folks.
2002-08-05 12:32:07 PM  
Yet that is the result when a Republican president expands government, which Bush is doing.

See? When Republicans say they are for "less government", they're lying.
2002-08-05 12:33:24 PM  
yeah and Anna Nicole Smith is really smarter and slimmer than Monica Lewinski
2002-08-05 12:33:41 PM  
2002-08-05 12:36:26 PM  
I was just thinking about last week. Conservatives are supposed to be against bigger gov't but, sure enough gov't is bigger than ever. So I switched my party affiliation from Republican to none. That'll teach em.
2002-08-05 12:36:49 PM  
Wow... this changes everyth... well, actually it really doesn't change anything.
2002-08-05 12:37:02 PM  
The Department of Happy Thoughts, er, Homeland Security gets no mention and probably sucks up more than all of these programs, combined.
2002-08-05 12:37:48 PM  
Golly gosh. I only voted for Gore because I thought he'd increase the size of government like Clinton did. I guess I better start voting republican.
2002-08-05 12:37:59 PM  
This is precisely the reason I vote Libertarian. I wish more American's would just go out and do a little bit of research on their own instead of relying on the standard tv media sources. CATO is the best libertarian news source out their. I actually think the official Libertarian Party website is a little misfocused in the issues it decides to highlight.
2002-08-05 12:38:18 PM  
Doh! That should read thinking about this and , sure enough,. Monday sux ...
2002-08-05 12:43:12 PM  
Most people are against big government unless it's their programs which are being affected.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-08-05 12:43:13 PM  
Bad headline. You have to make the distinction between economic and social conservatives.
2002-08-05 12:43:22 PM  
Although elected on a Reaganesque, tax-cutting platform, the White House has veered to the left. President Bush has signed a bill to regulate political speech, issued protectionist taxes on imported steel and lumber, backed big-spending education and farm bills, and endorsed massive new entitlements for mental health care and prescription drugs.

Wait, wait, wait. I thought liberals strenuously DENY doing things like this!

Dammit all. Why the heck didn't I get this memo?!
2002-08-05 12:43:25 PM  
Article = full of crap. Still, I voted for Nader so both parties can eat me.
2002-08-05 12:43:47 PM  
It would be hard to more conservative than Clinton, despite what the dittoheads seem to believe. The "Effective Death Penalty & Anti-Terrorism Act," the Telecommunications Act of 1996, welfare "reform," NAFTA, GATT, etc., etc., are all things that Reagan could have only dreamed about getting away with. It took a "Democrat" to sign such far-right legislation without evoking much of a public outcry.
2002-08-05 12:44:08 PM  
What numbers, exactly, are being added up here? I did not see any in the article.
2002-08-05 12:44:15 PM  
I have considered myself a conservative Libertarian ever since the DCMA was passed. 90 percent of the Republicans in national office are to afraid of being called names (racist, puppets of the rich, bigots, homophobes, etc...) so they go along with whatever compromise comes out of the fighting between the two extremes of this turkey we call Congress. The other 10 percent are getting too big-brotherish for my taste so I have bolted.
2002-08-05 12:45:45 PM  
...the White House has veered to the left. President Bush has signed a bill to regulate political speech...

I love this strategy. Find something you don't like, then label it as "liberal" regardless of whether it has anything to do with the conservative vs liberal debate. Hell, why not just say Bush is liberal because he owns a dog? "See, Bush has turned out to be a huge liberal. Just look at that dog he owns."
2002-08-05 12:46:53 PM  
What difference does it make? If Dubya sprouted horns and a tail overnight there would still be at least 40% of the populace that would show up like zombies and vote for him.
2002-08-05 12:47:05 PM  
more like obvious
2002-08-05 12:49:06 PM  
Cat-tastrophe: They are referring to campaign finance reform, which is more arguably a liberal issue. This, however, is obscured by their use of conservative Newspeak. Regulation of political speech is not their concern (are they complaining about the Bush administration's effort to shut down political debate since Sept. 11th? of course not) but regulation of political MONEY is. However, it sounds a lot better if you call it speech instead of money.
2002-08-05 12:51:32 PM  
This is gonna be fun.........
2002-08-05 12:51:36 PM  
Bill Clinton - the Clown Prince of Chappaqua starring in his new movie - "BentMember"

2002-08-05 12:53:12 PM  
Bush and adding in the same sentence, tis a sad day for headlines.
2002-08-05 12:54:02 PM  
according to the Cato institute, the universe most conservative think tank.
2002-08-05 12:54:39 PM  
Funny...I dont see any Bush apologists posting.....hmmmm. I bet google is just humming with searches of how horrible Clinton was compared to Shrub.
2002-08-05 12:55:39 PM  
2002-08-05 12:56:09 PM  
I'm not sure how anyone can say this article is crap, it is all facts, there really is not one opinion in this entire article. The only thing you can disagree with is the premises.
2002-08-05 12:57:14 PM  
Make the Mondays stop drew...make the mondays STOP! AHHHHHH AHHHHHH.
2002-08-05 12:57:49 PM  

Bush is a populist; that's been pretty well revealed in the last two years. Funny, I dare say Bush is closer to Nader than to Clinton.

Hence, I voted for Harry Browne.
2002-08-05 12:59:02 PM  
I voted for Kotos!
2002-08-05 12:59:53 PM  
Republicans who like to smoke pot.
2002-08-05 01:00:47 PM  
hooray for whiny tax-dodgers
2002-08-05 01:04:00 PM  
Heh, Capt._ARGH!!!, it's that liberal fuzzy math again. Oh wait. It's the Cato Institute's fuzzy math.

Ironbar--that's because the Department of Fatherland Security does not EXPAND the government, only reorganizes it. That's what the president swore to us, remember?
2002-08-05 01:05:10 PM  
Bush apologist response to this article:...uhh...uhh....uhh...Lewinsky! Blue Dress! Teddy Kennedy!
2002-08-05 01:05:56 PM  
Speech takes many forms, and, yes, political donations are a form of speech. What those who support CF reform overlook is that it's a virtual impossibility to defeat an incumbent without outspending him or her by a healthy margin. CF reform helps entrenched powers on both sides of the aisle, so prepare for more gummint inertia and expansion. I'm a libertarian, and I go back and forth on who irks me more, Bush or Clinton. Honestly, I think it's Bush. Karl Rove holds too much sway over policy. The farm bill was a disgusting piece of legislation, and the White House's support of it leaves a trail leading back to Rove. Then he offers up protection for the steel industry and ferries along the ridiculous war on drugs. I can't imagine ever voting for any contemporary democrat, but at least they're honest about wanting to utterly squander my tax dollars. To Bush's credit, he did lower the marginal tax rates. The progressive tax system is still a gross injustice, but it was an incremental step in the right direction. Mindless "tax cut for the rich" rhetoric to follow. And I'd also love to hear any fool out there argue against welfare reform. But props to Clinton on that one.
2002-08-05 01:06:11 PM  
08-05-02 01:04:00 PM TexasSkeptic
Ironbar--that's because the Department of Fatherland Security does not EXPAND the government, only reorganizes it. That's what the president swore to us, remember?

...there I go, again...

2002-08-05 01:07:34 PM  
When the formatting of an article makes it wider than my monitor, I just don't read the article.

It's really a pain scrolling left and right every time you want to read a new line.
2002-08-05 01:08:11 PM  
I'm a former Bush apologist - I always thought Republicans were on the side of liberty. Less gov't and our constitutional liberties preserved. I'm shocked at how easily the administration flip-flopped after 9/11. And I'm starting to realize that keeping the gov't at a safe distance is a big concern these days for both conservatives and liberals. The only real way to preserve our liberty is to insist on it by voting the a$$clown and his Orwellian cabinet out.
2002-08-05 01:08:20 PM  
Sorry if that's too wide.. if so, may I suggest 1024x768?
2002-08-05 01:08:57 PM  
It seems that they forgot to mention that Bush increased the size of the government and government spending substatially through military spending as well. The increase in the military budget alone is more than any other nation spends total on their military in a single year...just the amount of the increase, not our total budget.
2002-08-05 01:09:09 PM  
Does this mean that Bush is now an enlightened, compassionate guy, and Clinton is a neanderthal conservative?
2002-08-05 01:10:30 PM  
TexasSkeptic: Yes, reorganizes it, from three clumsy and wasteful pillars to government to one econmical and efficient fuhr..pillar. MMmmm...so much more efficient and rational.
2002-08-05 01:11:07 PM  
On a related topic: how 'bout them Bush twins?
2002-08-05 01:11:56 PM  
Or maybe the Democrats and Republicans are *gasp* the same! Vote for a non-Republicratic party. I suggest Libertarian or Binarian.

Possibly Communism, so long as we make sure another Bush isn't put into power.
2002-08-05 01:12:12 PM  
LibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibe​rtarianL ibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLiber​tarianLi bertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarianLibertarian

Got it?
2002-08-05 01:12:39 PM  
less conservative, but a whole lot stupider! Actually, Bush isn't much of anything....He just sits around slack- jawed, like a ventriloquist's dummy, waiting for his keepers to come up with more bullshiat for him to say...Too bad he wasn't really elected!
2002-08-05 01:13:25 PM  
sigh. why can't we just have a "normal farking human being with some common sense" party?
2002-08-05 01:13:48 PM  
TigerzDad: That will never work, you forgot to put it in font size +7
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