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18038 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Aug 2002 at 6:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-04 06:57:52 PM  
old news is good news.
2002-08-04 06:58:47 PM  
oh, yeah. i win.
2002-08-04 07:05:44 PM  
And to add insult to injury, your site is farked after only 300 hits.
2002-08-04 07:08:25 PM  
I got laid.
I got off...
2002-08-04 07:12:11 PM  
It started to play and after the mentioning of him stealing all the shiat it crashed.

Site farked.
2002-08-04 07:12:18 PM  
I didn't read the article, but I'll comment anyway.
2002-08-04 07:15:08 PM  
Got Bandwidth?

Didn't think so.
2002-08-04 07:16:13 PM  
IN Soviet Russia, Laid gets you off!
2002-08-04 07:18:37 PM  
join the fvcking club...
2002-08-04 07:46:02 PM  
I never liked Bruce Lee movies. Yeah, he was an amazing fighter, but his movies were nothing but a vessel that catered his oversized ego. Talk about larger than life.
2002-08-04 07:51:16 PM  
this is amazingly dildo like - well the site was farked anyway....
2002-08-04 07:59:15 PM  
After watching all that, I still feel unsatisfied.
2002-08-04 08:09:22 PM  
Speaking of getting laid off ... :(

Farker/Lurker/my hubby Miggy got laid off my IBM last week.

sucks sucks sucks sucks...

you put in 55 hours a week and whattyaget....nadda...corp bastards...
2002-08-04 08:12:23 PM  
I've been un-employed since March....and things don't look so hot out here in the job market....of course, there are beaucoup openings for job recruiters, but then, if I can't get myself a am I gonna' get one for someone else?
2002-08-04 08:17:50 PM  
I see a trend here. People get laid off. The retirement investments were already raided. Surely, someone must have made off like a bandit while everyone was working overtime for the last several years.
2002-08-04 08:23:02 PM  
Looks to me like the url got redirected to their main site.

Good job, people.
2002-08-04 08:26:26 PM  
go here for the guy that made that flash vid. he actually has an updated one too (since the original is over a year old....)
2002-08-04 08:30:47 PM  
Anybody else notice that he ripped and silhouetted the old Penny-Arcade character images from the main site for his background? I frankly dislike that.
2002-08-04 08:35:55 PM  
holy crap that's my friend's site. It's on a cable modem. You guys sure farked him good!

2002-08-04 08:49:05 PM  
Wow...I got to the site, surprisingly. Considering the average cable modem gets 128K upload I'm surprised it's still up.
2002-08-04 09:05:09 PM  
Punkmac is makin me say that he's the l33t hax0r cuz he's tight with JeffK.

What a punk biyatch!

2002-08-04 09:07:53 PM  
"Anybody else notice that he ripped and silhouetted the old Penny-Arcade character images from the main site for his background?"

Yeah, I did. That's pretty lame, seeing as they have nothing to do with that site. The flash isn't funny either.
2002-08-04 09:16:41 PM  
Yeah, nice. Steal from oddtodd.

2002-08-04 09:17:48 PM  
looks more like free advertising to me.

2002-08-04 09:34:01 PM  
January was a cruel month. Some spineless piece of fark at PCS, who didn't even know me decided that i should be laid off. I'm down with odd todd. fark it, i'm going to be the head (knee pads included) greeter at crap-mart.
2002-08-04 09:34:42 PM  
i just got laid
2002-08-04 09:54:42 PM  
You probably got laid off because your boss figured out you steal shiat and claim it's yours

2002-08-04 10:18:52 PM  
Wow. I guess there are still people that haven't seen that flash movie.
2002-08-04 10:39:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-04 10:44:17 PM  
me dont know why but i laffed ass at that
2002-08-04 11:05:06 PM  
not funny.
2002-08-04 11:08:09 PM  
that guy's voice is damn annoying and creepy. no wonder he was laid off.
2002-08-04 11:31:52 PM  
Trust me. This movie is much funnier if you've recently been laid off. Much like "Office Space", which I saw after being laid off, and found to be much more accurate once I was no longer working for the corporate man.
2002-08-04 11:35:41 PM  
yeah the voice is definitely annoying, but everything else was pretty funny. i'll have to check out Office Space
2002-08-04 11:42:10 PM  
that was funny as hell
2002-08-04 11:57:16 PM  
That kicked! Very well done. I was feeling a little blue before, but this really cheered me up.
2002-08-05 12:02:54 AM  
Ok, I don't know why this happened, but earlier, when I went to the site, I saw some Bruce Lee movie, but now it's the OddTodd Laid Off cartoon. Same URL and all. I believe there is only one thing to say to that.

2002-08-05 12:04:38 AM  
you know, that is 99% accurate in describing the life of Farker EMTOX these past few months....

ok, 100%
2002-08-05 12:20:12 AM  
Better than being laid ON, that's for sure...
2002-08-05 12:24:49 AM  
Wasn't funny the first time. It's comforting to know that some things never change.
2002-08-05 11:56:32 AM  
Stolen from Can't even be original eh punkmac? Loser.
2002-08-05 03:59:51 PM is way better anyway. can't we all just originally link to oddtodd, why must we be subjected to these shiatty sites that just "borrow" everything?
2002-08-05 04:52:07 PM  
If his job was making flash movies or being funny in any way at wonder he was laid off
2002-08-05 09:15:47 PM  
This fellow is trying way too hard. Not funny.

"Mon-eh" Yicch.
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