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2007-02-19 01:56:47 AM  
http://www.startrek.com/imageuploads/200303/tng-237-picard-in-cardassian-h/320 x240.jpg
2007-02-19 01:57:51 AM  
Blackwell: No, I haven't read Ballsack Conundrum

You absolutely must. I just happened upon it while it was unfolding and cried with laughter all night. This thread may actually top it though by simple virtue of teh funny stuff in combination with the many awesome PSs. It's what makes the Fark go 'round!
2007-02-19 01:59:34 AM  
I'm an amateur photographer, so I'm really getting a kick out of some of these replies...

It's a streetlight.
2007-02-19 02:04:11 AM  
Is this longest active link Fark has ever hard? Not counting 911 know that was days and days long
2007-02-19 02:11:26 AM  
friend49: Is this longest active link Fark has ever hard? Not counting 911 know that was days and days long

13 hours? Not hardly.
2007-02-19 02:16:19 AM  
2007-02-19 02:20:39 AM  
Oh my god, I'm laughing so hard tears are rolling down my cheeks! This is the greatest got-damn thread in ages!

/it's a streetlight
2007-02-19 02:21:16 AM  
It's doubly nice to see everyone in agreement and that everyone also agrees with what I thought it was at first sight.
2007-02-19 02:24:54 AM  
[image from img502.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-19 02:26:20 AM  
Its a Streetlamp named Desire obviously.

Blanche DuBois: I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action.
StreetLight: I guess we must strike you as being a pretty harsh bunch.
Blanche DuBois: I'm very adaptable to circumstances.

/Its like Streetlight was made for that role.
//The guys just some sorta bright, and brilliant acting machine.
///Its just to bad he's always gotta be on the road.
2007-02-19 02:27:36 AM  
you think this thread is better than the one where the kid got his ballsack stuck in a wooden chair?
2007-02-19 02:34:00 AM  
OMG, this thread is the best!!! I got hiccups from laughing so hard. I was going to say that it was God's sperm looking for another immaculately conceived virgin for the Second Coming, but someone beat me to it.
It's funny that people mentioned Journey in here, because I saw two UFOs at their concert several years ago. I was tired of staring at the lead singer through cheap binoculars and trying to tell if he was Steve Perry, so I gave them to my friend and started looking around. As I looked to the right, I saw two small bright orange blobs hovering low in the sky. They seemed to vibrate and shimmer for at least five minutes before they slowly descended and faded away. I tried to get my friend to see them, but she wouldn't pry her eyes off the Steve Perry sound-alike. Grrr. I don't know what they were, but now I'm guessing that I saw a mirage or something, since I did see them on a hot humid Houston summer night. :)

Oh, and I was temporarily blinded while looking at the International Space Station through binoculars one night. I spotted it and thought it was a UFO, so I trained my binoculars on it. I was focusing on it when apparently one of the huge solar cell thingies reflected pure, ultra-bright sunlight straight into my eyes. I couldn't see for at least a minute. That was the only time in my life when I said the F-word. I was scared shiatless because I've had so many nightmares about bright lights and things suddenly zooming toward me.

Then again, I hope it was the ISS that blinded me...

/that is sooo obviously a streetlight
//or one of those glowing blimp thingies
///or a giant flying bioluminescent mouse
////or a giant white quarter note
//probably not a slashy
2007-02-19 02:39:46 AM  
all your streelights are belong to us.
2007-02-19 02:40:34 AM  
After 950+ comments - I have to say Forked at Fark has picked the RIGHT username.

Next Username: ItsNotAStreetlight

/Thread. Awesome. +1000?
2007-02-19 02:44:26 AM  
2007-02-19 02:47:41 AM  
friend49: Is this longest active link Fark has ever hard? Not counting 911 know that was days and days long

Nah, the 2,500,000th thread actually kept going strong until it got auto-archived. Unfortunately, I missed the final days of that thread due to massive-hangover-after-New-Years-and-plenty-of-work syndrome.

Jesse_M: you think this thread is better than the one where the kid got his ballsack stuck in a wooden chair?

Just thinking about that thread still makes me cringe, even like almost a year later.
2007-02-19 02:49:19 AM  

2007-02-19 02:50:27 AM  
[image from perryville.freeservers.com too old to be available]

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights, people
Ooohh ahhhhhh...
2007-02-19 02:51:44 AM  
Camel passing through the eye of a needle.
2007-02-19 02:57:38 AM  
[image from i70.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-02-19 03:13:15 AM  
Circle Girl: ...the Steve Perry sound-alike... ... I'm guessing that I saw a mirage or something...

There's your problem, you were listening to Journey. For you it caused an optical illusion, for me it causes vomiting, diarrhea and an intense yearning to jam sharpened pencils into my ears.

Maybe that's the answer! forked_at_fark, did you happen to have Journey or some other crappy music playing in the background that affected the lenses in your camera and made them pick up the streetlight image well above its actual location?
2007-02-19 03:16:42 AM  
[image from tootsie.com too old to be available]
whatever it is i think i see...
2007-02-19 03:17:49 AM  
wow.. this is the thread that doesn't end
2007-02-19 03:26:27 AM  
Only one question remains, forked_at_fark...

Has the acid worn off yet?
2007-02-19 04:15:50 AM  
[image from img85.imageshack.us too old to be available]

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
2007-02-19 04:28:20 AM  
Damn. This thread is going in my profile.

And to think I was around when it only had 17 posts.

Good thing I didn't click on it then, or I would have never gotten anything done today.
2007-02-19 04:35:55 AM  
After doing some major academic studying of the image, I have determined that it is swamp gas.

Nah, just farking with you, it's a streetlight.
2007-02-19 04:47:16 AM  

I actually picked this up on Digg, since I missed Fark this morning, due to sleeping in exceptionally late.

As much as we love you, why are you being this pigheaded about it? It's obviously a street or parking-lot light/lamp, and you seriously need to clean the windows in your house/car, wherever that was taken from.
2007-02-19 04:56:33 AM  
[image from i129.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-02-19 05:36:13 AM  
Posting in a legendary thread.
2007-02-19 05:54:30 AM  
My Grandpa used to talk about flying streetlamps. He said he saw one up in upstate NY. My cousins and I laughed about it.
We're not laughing any more. I'm scared.
And, no.. Grandpa did not make a streetlamp out of mashed potatoes.
Holy crap... flying streetlamps. It came true.
I am SO SORRY, Grandpa.
He's dead now. When I get to heaven, I'm gonna apologize. Oh, sweet heaven! I can't wait to meet Grover Cleveland!
2007-02-19 06:02:04 AM  
I wish I had a streetlight.
2007-02-19 06:13:44 AM  
Hey, nice streetlamp. I see you're sticking with a monochromatic oeuvre here.
2007-02-19 06:20:11 AM  
how big was the planet in your viewfinder? Was it's diameter closer to the size of those trailing dots or the height of the horizontal streak? If it's not a streetlight, then I would contend that its a streaky photo of a planet.
2007-02-19 06:23:47 AM  
OK a quick recap for those not paying attention.

The first image was one I found from a Google search of streetlights. I assume it's really a streetlight and not a UFO!

The second was a picture of a streetlight that forked_at_fark himself uploaded. He acknowledges that this is a real streetlight and not a UFO.

The third picture is NOT a streetlight according to forked_at_fark. Definitely not. Not even a 1% chance. No way, never.

Click the link to make it bigger.

[image from img2.freeimagehosting.net too old to be available]
2007-02-19 06:25:03 AM  
Holy crap... is that a streetlight?
2007-02-19 06:29:35 AM  

Go to the location where you took the photo but in the day time this time and use your maximum zoom to survey the area for ANY streetlights, no matter how odd or far away. Then take a photo of them and post here please.

If we can find a streetlight above some houses and to the left of some trees then we have found your answer. If not, then it's a UFO and you win, we all go home.
2007-02-19 06:33:57 AM  
Onetime I got abducted by a streetlight.
2007-02-19 07:23:20 AM  
I was both abducted AND probed by a streetlight.

/It kind of burned
//Still walking bow legged
///The trick is to just relax
////I'll never look at a street light the same way again.

Thanks to all of you Farkers for bringing up bad memories.

2007-02-19 07:29:29 AM  
"I wish this thread could last forever"

[image from img225.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-19 07:49:22 AM  
I posted in this thread too..

But seriously, how many different posters are there here? might be a new record?
2007-02-19 07:57:45 AM  
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's a street light. Anyone agree?
2007-02-19 08:00:55 AM  
I just asked my seven year old son what the linked to photo was of and he immediately said, "It's a streelight!"

2007-02-19 08:03:21 AM  

/for the sake of posting
2007-02-19 08:05:46 AM  
Wow, you guys are all dumb.
Its obviously a glowing golf club.
2007-02-19 08:11:53 AM  
Hi, I was in the streetlight thread of '07.
2007-02-19 08:21:53 AM  
Haven't heard from forked_at_fark in a very long time. Thought we were going to get a daytime pic of the str**tl*ght!! She's in Germany? So it's...uh...lampen der strittenhausenfurburgerschlitz...or something like that. We at 1000 yet???
2007-02-19 08:27:19 AM  
2007-02-19 08:28:06 AM  
It's a zeppelin that dropped its anchor.
2007-02-19 08:28:10 AM  
Woo-hoo! 1000 streetlights...I mean...comments! Is this some kinda record or something? What's the prize? I hope it's not a crappy pic of a farkin' streetlight.
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