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(UFO)   WTF did I just take a picture of? I thought it was a planet, but it looks really weird   ( web.ics.purdue.edu) divider line
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2007-02-18 08:12:43 PM  
[image from img201.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:12:51 PM  
Ill take Streetlamps for $1000 Alex.....
2007-02-18 08:13:26 PM  
[image from img512.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:13:53 PM  
Ok, so here's what happened. You were pointing your camera setup at what you thought was a planet. When you snapped the picture, the planet was obscured by an internal reflection of a streetlamp in your lens. The camera was pointed up, and the streetlamp image came into the lens system at an oblique angle from below. And if I recall correctly from my optical minerology class, this is the best case scenario to lead to internal reflection in a crystal or lens.

I've had it happen in my eyeglasses.

See how easy that was?
2007-02-18 08:14:02 PM  
Is it a streetlamp?
2007-02-18 08:14:32 PM  
DrumCorpsAlum: Q&D

2007-02-18 08:15:30 PM  
Did a vehicle come from somewhere out there?
Was it round? And did it have a motor?
Or was it something different?

/miss you, Frank
2007-02-18 08:15:30 PM  
"she said she had to do do something; she's been in & out. slack. cut."

You're right. It's only been 6 hours. I'll leave it until next April.
2007-02-18 08:15:46 PM  

Pam Anderson->Bea Arthur would be an improvement.

You just may have a point. Hubba hubba!

[image from img150.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:15:47 PM  
Well that definitely wasn't mine. I had the oil leak patched up a few weeks ago.
2007-02-18 08:15:57 PM  

[image from web.ics.purdue.edu too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:17:14 PM  
2007-02-18 08:17:31 PM  
Damnit, I always spend two hours reading epic threads, waiting for so long before I post that I can't beg for sponsorship.

//Oh well
///Thanks for the thread, tfers!
2007-02-18 08:17:51 PM  
2007-02-18 08:18:51 PM  
2007-02-18 08:19:38 PM  
Ok I was goggle imnage searching for a picture of a blunt to photoshop the streetlamp onto the tip and ran across this.

http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Doug-Winger/index05-by-date.html (NSFW)

/I give you Transvestite Furry Porn.

I// couldnt even photoshop after that.
2007-02-18 08:22:34 PM  
It's a giant eye crying.
2007-02-18 08:22:38 PM  
Jesus H. Christ, was it a slow day on Total Fark or what?
2007-02-18 08:22:41 PM  
LOGICAL_PSYCHO: /I give you Transvestite Furry Porn.

31 pages of thumbnails!? Dayum!

2007-02-18 08:24:48 PM  
and The Voice of Doom, you earned a month of TotalFark. welcome aboard.

Thank you very much.
It think I'll go and pay the Photshop queue a visit.. :)
2007-02-18 08:24:50 PM  
This thread is a streetlight manifesto.
2007-02-18 08:25:12 PM  
[image from img502.imageshack.us too old to be available]
with all seriousness, just adjusted contrast, saw a distinct "branch pattern"
2007-02-18 08:26:19 PM  
[image from img518.imageshack.us too old to be available]

Is it a jackal?
2007-02-18 08:26:44 PM  
Swamp Gas????
2007-02-18 08:27:15 PM  
It looks like a streetlight.
2007-02-18 08:27:48 PM  
This thread is freaking awesome ~ thank god the mods gave it a streetlight.
2007-02-18 08:28:29 PM  
LOGICAL_PSYCHO: Ok I was goggle imnage searching for a picture of a blunt to photoshop the streetlamp onto the tip and ran across this.

Well, not going to use this computer for presentations to my 5th graders anymore until I do some serious cleaning on the hard drive. NSFW is no joke.
2007-02-18 08:29:52 PM  
[image from img452.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:30:38 PM  
Guys, I think I'm gonna be probed tonight. I just took a photo from my balcony:

[image from img413.imageshack.us too old to be available]

2007-02-18 08:32:13 PM  
Big White and Round

.....Rosie O'Donnell eating the moon.

.....Donald Duck on a three day bender, tangled in fishing line, and wearing Trumps best florescent toupee.

.....Britney Spears airborne pictorial of a lonely vagina.
2007-02-18 08:34:56 PM  
Subby is either the biggest moran on the planet or having some fun with us.
2007-02-18 08:35:29 PM  
is it an alien ship arriving too late to save a drowning alien witch?
2007-02-18 08:35:39 PM  
The Voice of Doom: It think I'll go and pay the Photshop queue a visit.. :)

Ha! Amen. Welcome back!
2007-02-18 08:36:04 PM  
a rubber glove
2007-02-18 08:36:18 PM  
[image from img469.imageshack.us too old to be available]

2007-02-18 08:37:19 PM  
no votes for my peepee glowing white hot?

i'm disappointed

so's my peepee
2007-02-18 08:37:36 PM  
Cute joke and attempt at a cliche', but hey, it will prolly end up as one anyway. (Joke or Cliche'? Maybe both)

On a side note, your site, while interesting, needs to scale itself to AT LEAST a minimum of 1280x1024, but 1024x768 would be ideal.

/just saying
//I want to believe too, but it's a freaking streetlight....
///slashies FTW
2007-02-18 08:37:57 PM  
Ohh god I am late to this thread.

Has someone figured out what drugs Forked@fark is on? Cause damn I wanna smoke some of that too!
2007-02-18 08:38:00 PM  
[image from img463.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 08:39:14 PM  
Two pigs in a dress.
2007-02-18 08:41:22 PM  
I am surprised no one had thought of this before. Maybe forked_at_fark is really a psychology student and she is writing a paper on people's reactions to to being told an every day item such as a street light is really an alien ship. The joke would be on us then and further more


If not then I'm with everyone else it's a street light
2007-02-18 08:41:39 PM  
The streetlight for the international space station jogging path.
2007-02-18 08:41:40 PM  
TFT was too long to read, but I have a suggestion, smitty. Take another photo of the thing using a tripod at night. Touch nothing, then wait until daytime and take another picture with the zoom and direction exactly the same. That should solve your mystery.
2007-02-18 08:41:53 PM  
I came to post what PedroWonStopVoting already posted.

So I got nothing.
2007-02-18 08:41:54 PM  
2007-02-18 08:42:49 PM  
Has anyone even considered that our alien overlords in their infinite wisdom are smart enough to design ships that look like obvious street lamps?

Hey Colonel Mustard, get a clue.

/someone sponsor me damnit
2007-02-18 08:44:00 PM  
Holy Jeebus. This is the greatest Fark thread ever.

/better than Milk Force 9
//No, I haven't read Ballsack Conundrum
2007-02-18 08:46:01 PM  
Ziggy1138 enjoy TF
2007-02-18 08:46:18 PM  
The big dipper.
2007-02-18 08:46:33 PM  
hey you guys i dont know but i think its a streetlight, im suprised none of you have figured that out yet

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