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(UFO)   WTF did I just take a picture of? I thought it was a planet, but it looks really weird   ( web.ics.purdue.edu) divider line
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67258 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2007 at 5:03 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-18 05:15:03 PM  
ArbitraryConstant: If someone wants to e-mail it to me I can rehost.

2007-02-18 05:15:09 PM  
For once I can justify this month's $5

Thank you
2007-02-18 05:15:40 PM  
Moderator: another link to the image

have at it /\
2007-02-18 05:15:50 PM  
.... you thought that was a planet? I'm confused.
2007-02-18 05:16:12 PM  
Streetlights look strange when you're high. More at 11.

[image from farm1.static.flickr.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:16:55 PM  

Dude...here's an idea.

Wait until daylight. Then, go out and take another picture of the streetlight you're trying to pass off as "I thought it was a planet, but it looks really weird."

It'll save a lot of time, and keep you from being ridiculed.

/oh, wait...you ARE being ridiculed.
2007-02-18 05:17:00 PM  
Clearly, it is an alien probe that closely resembles a streetlight. It's like one of those three-legged Martian war machines from "War of the Worlds", only with one leg and a light bulb.

Villany is at hand! They want our internets, our megabauds!
2007-02-18 05:17:07 PM  
It's a ghostly image of the Vigin Mary!
2007-02-18 05:17:11 PM  
Best Fark thread in a long time.
2007-02-18 05:17:33 PM  
BGates: Uranus?

The anal leakage gives it away.
2007-02-18 05:18:19 PM  
Cartman's asshole?

...No, I'm wrong. Streetlamp.
2007-02-18 05:19:06 PM  
Assuming submitter is not jokin, now we see the true power of self-delusion. We can now understand why there are people who believe in ghosts, aliens abductions, Scientology, homeopathy, Christianity, crystal healing, Sylvia Browne and all sorts of other nonsense. :D
2007-02-18 05:19:32 PM  
Parabolic interpretation of a conifer array in the IR spectrum.
Barium filter w\ UV spectro filter.
2007-02-18 05:19:58 PM  
When in doubt I always vote "sammich". That's my guess.
2007-02-18 05:20:06 PM  
[image from zembla.cementhorizon.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:20:09 PM  
It's a Greenlight.
2007-02-18 05:20:09 PM  
Morrigan Sedai: Sylvia Browne

Who is Sylvia Browne?
2007-02-18 05:20:34 PM  
oh yah, the 'street light' from 2007-02-18 01:46:47 PM
[image from web.ics.purdue.edu too old to be available]
it's not a tumor
2007-02-18 05:21:18 PM  
Streetlights are strange, when you're a stranger. Lighting looks ugly, when you're alone. Wattage seems wicked, when you're unwanted. Bulbs are uneven, when you're down.
2007-02-18 05:21:53 PM  
This thread makes me want to hug you all. There is some good left in the world, and it's all in here.

/still in tears laughing
2007-02-18 05:22:25 PM  
Meet Us at the Stick: Sent

Looks like heap beat me to it. :)
2007-02-18 05:22:25 PM  
Streetlight. Of course, he knew that all along...

/smitty, congrats on hitting the front page
//shame you made yourself look like you had an IQ of 4 in the process
2007-02-18 05:22:28 PM  
It's clearly another form of the great FSM.
2007-02-18 05:22:33 PM  
You are all wrong...BOOTSY!
[image from i99.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:22:42 PM  
I see a turtle.
2007-02-18 05:23:01 PM  
2007-02-18 05:23:07 PM  
heap: oh yah, the 'street light' from 2007-02-18 01:46:47 PM

Just to the clear that is the actual street light. not to be confused with the UFO which looks... Well just like that.
2007-02-18 05:23:21 PM  
Sorry, I'm rubbish at Magic Eye pictures. Is it a Dolphin?
2007-02-18 05:23:32 PM  
I can't believe the all-powerful Total Farkers can't figure out this is a streetlight and they had to greenlight the thread for us poor people to explain it is a streetlight.

2007-02-18 05:23:35 PM  
It could be one of those sentient spaceship creatures depicted in the Star Trek:The Next Generation premeire "Encounter at Farpoint Station".

Except it's a streetlight.

/surprised no one has mentioned it.
//I mean, the similarity to a streetlight
2007-02-18 05:23:39 PM  
well, fark me silly.

I just took this picture the other day.

[image from neurosybir.net too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:24:25 PM  
Have you figured out that it is a streetlight yet?

2007-02-18 05:24:41 PM  
Grandmaster Poopypants

You 'aving a laugh?
2007-02-18 05:24:45 PM  
Clearly, it is forked's mom
2007-02-18 05:25:08 PM  
Combat Medici FTW!

/love The Doors
//thread's almost as good as the "Ballsack Conundrum"
2007-02-18 05:25:57 PM  
z_gringo: Who is Sylvia Browne?

Her (pops).
Make sure to read the "criticism" section. ;)
2007-02-18 05:26:33 PM  
[image from img406.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:27:37 PM  
It's definitely a streetlamp. I have one outside my window too. It's very annoying.

Every single time I leave my house, I have to fight my way through hordes of worshippers come from far and wide to gaze in awe and wonder at its mysteries. A small shantytown has sprung up around the artifact. During daylight hours the faithful mostly lie sleeping in their forest of tents and crude huts, but the lamp is never without some wakeful admirers. It's during darkness, however, that the makeshift village really comes to life, its inhabitants rising from their squalid berths to look raptly upon the mysterious glowing object. They perform strange rituals, and caper at its base like apes at a monolith. "I love lamp, I love lamp", they chant, dancing their strange dances in its benevolent light.

"Fark off out of my way, filthy hippies", I say as I shoulder my way through the crowd.
2007-02-18 05:27:41 PM  
Mister Peejay this is a turtle...myturtle
[image from i99.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:27:46 PM  
2007-02-18 05:27:46 PM  
Thanks to all the TFers who voted for and pled for this to be greenlit. Man what a read! Just priceless.
2007-02-18 05:28:28 PM  
Oh no.

This is indeed troubling. What you may have stumbled upon, dear submitter, is a classified project between NASA, the US Military and the reverse vampires to develop a secret technology which lights streets at night.

If this is true we're all in very serious trouble.
2007-02-18 05:28:41 PM  
[image from myimagebuddy.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:28:46 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new streetlight overlords
2007-02-18 05:29:02 PM  

Were you here for the cat's butthole on the countertop thread? That was so much comedy gold I start laughing everytime my girlfriend applies her makeup. I've never been able to bring myself to mention to her that some farker told some other farker to try that.
2007-02-18 05:29:15 PM  
Much cooler streetlight UFO photo:

[image from img266.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:29:52 PM  
why are we asking what a picture of a street light is?
2007-02-18 05:30:11 PM  
submitter: WTF did I just take a picture of? I thought it was a planet, but it looks really weird

Stop it.
You're making the rest of us weirdos look bad.
[image from i81.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2007-02-18 05:30:13 PM  
As a former TFer, I have to say that threads like this make me miss the complete stupidity of TFDs.

Great read, would recommend! A+++++!
2007-02-18 05:30:20 PM  
That's no streetlight - that's a SPACE STATION!!

//looks very streetlighty to me
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