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(LA Times)   Pelosi: "The days of blank checks for President Bush are over." And the days of non-binding resolutions have just begun   ( divider line
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101 clicks; posted to Politics » on 16 Feb 2007 at 4:10 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-02-16 3:15:41 PM  
2007-02-16 3:35:35 PM  
Waste. Of. Time!
2007-02-16 3:38:31 PM  
Where's that rapid Gulf Coast recovery aid you promised to us back in August? STFU and do something that actuall helps people and knock of the circle jerk, you worthless windbag. How come Charlie Melancon had to have a closed door meeting with you to rip you a new one over that? You lying bag of botox.
2007-02-16 3:54:58 PM  
Non-binding resolutions are incredibly stupid.
2007-02-16 3:55:32 PM  
Is it ok for me to hate both of them?
2007-02-16 4:12:14 PM  
The Democrats are playing conservative politics. Basically the plan is to say:

"You're being stupid, but if you want to make things worse go ahead. We'll be here to collect more legislative power and hopefully grab the POTUS in '08."

Which is an appalling waste of human life and material resources.

As for Bush, he is either crazier than the Shogun for thinking this minor escalation would work or a gigantic dick for farking around with the military as a political tool. My money is on both, and I am with the good ChairmanKaga in distributing disgust to both sides.
2007-02-16 4:23:16 PM  
It's a courtesy to the Office of the President. Before they end Mr. Bush's Iraqi Adventure he's being given the opportunity to lie his way out.

Vote Republican for President in '08. Clean up your own messes.
2007-02-16 4:24:11 PM  
submitter: Pelosi: "The days of blank checks for President Bush are over." And the days of non-binding resolutions have just begun

Good. Waste your time and stop passing more laws that take away from the public that put your ass in office. Good.

/not sarcastic/
2007-02-16 4:26:37 PM  
That's one heck of an ass-gumming.
2007-02-16 4:40:34 PM  
Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the second-ranking Republican. "This nonbinding resolution is the first step in an all-too-binding spiral toward defeat in a fight that we cannot afford to lose,"

Can someone please explain to me why we cannot afford to lose this fight?
2007-02-16 4:40:43 PM  
Wha? No more "blank checks for Bush"...

But his "Global Thermal Nuclear War 2000" defense system just advised him to attack Iran.

I guess he will have to forgo it for a nice game of chess.
2007-02-16 4:42:11 PM  
ChairmanKaga Is it ok for me to hate both of them?

Ya, that's normal for Fark.
2007-02-16 4:58:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

she got a pearl neck-lace ... a pearl neck-lace
2007-02-16 5:26:23 PM  
the democrats sure do cry a lot, demand things and promise things, but when it comes down to it... they don't got the balls to do anything else.
2007-02-16 5:57:03 PM  
Would Congress even have the authority to do anything more than this? I mean, they are given the power to declare war, but it's not clear the Constiution permits them to withdraw deployed troops.

I suppose they could force a withdrawl by refusing funding, but that's about all they Constitutionally can do.
2007-02-16 6:10:00 PM  
Sure they could cut funding. However, I'm becoming more and more convinced Bush just wants to keep this war going on long enough for it to become somebody else's problem. I don't trust that, in the face of little funding and inadequate supplies, he would do the right thing and pull our guys out. I get the feeling he'd leave them in there no matter what just so he won't have to answer for the mess he made.

Just a thought.
2007-02-16 6:13:57 PM  

yeah, that's sounds like a solid course of action for an lying idiot coward..

/sorry, it's been a long day, I'm snippy.. Steve Harper up here in Canukistan is farking around lying his face off and I just can't stand to listen to right-wing bs anymore today lol
2007-02-16 6:57:26 PM  
Hey, but they support the troops!

/no they don't
2007-02-16 7:01:45 PM  
I think the non-binding resolution is a pretty pathetic answer to the President's troop surge, but we're only like a month into the session, guys.

/still, they'd better get something done
2007-02-16 8:36:23 PM  
2007-02-16 04:58:04 PM veedeevadeevoodee

and seemingly different colors, maybe multiracial gangbang?
2007-02-16 9:00:37 PM  

ChairmanKaga Is it ok for me to hate both of them?

Ya, that's normal for Fark the informed sane.

Bit of a error in your post, but easily remedied.
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