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(Some Music Lover)   The 10 Worst Concept Albums Of All Time.   ( divider line
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20148 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2002 at 11:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-03 11:14:40 AM  
Operation:Mindcrime rules!
2002-08-03 11:16:52 AM  
Ah, this should make for some interesting reading...

Close2TheEdge - NP: The Revealing Science of God, Tales From Topographic Oceans
2002-08-03 11:19:42 AM  
Understandable, all of 'em.

Personally, I find a good concept album is hard to come by, but can be done. Case in point: Grandaddy's "The Sophtware Slump".

[image from too old to be available]

It's got such excellent songs as "The Crystal Lake", "Jed the Humanoid" and the extremely well-titled "Broken Household Appliance National Forest".

Concept albums can be good. listen to this one for proof.
2002-08-03 11:22:04 AM  
Kilroy Was Here

Grand Finale: The members of Styx, unable to follow up this grand-concept album, break up for twelve years.

2002-08-03 11:22:12 AM  
FYI to everyone: This was originally published in 1996 in a local Houston paper (Houston Press) but it has been reprinted throughout the years in various publications.

Given that concept albums in general, and crummy concept albums in particular, are not done as frequently now as in the 1970s, it's still probably a good look at them.

Also, it has the classic comment it became the first album to ship platinum and return double-platinum. Ouch!
2002-08-03 11:22:33 AM  
You can pry my beloved TFTO LP from my cold dead fingers.
2002-08-03 11:25:01 AM  
ha ha ha, what about Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"? Ewwww. And I'm a big fan of Maiden.
2002-08-03 11:25:23 AM  
Do you like using your legs? Ask Kitty Kelley about having cars following her around all the time.

I'd say Prince's "Around the World in a Day" or "Sign 'o' the Times" really haven't held up well (they're sort of concept albums).
2002-08-03 11:25:38 AM  
Thank FARK! only one in my collection.

Still some credibility Left.
2002-08-03 11:25:39 AM  
Hmm, I still enjoy Tales From Topographic Oceans and 2112. I'd be curious to see what the author's 10 best concept albums were.
2002-08-03 11:25:45 AM  
Why is'nt Billy Thorpes' Children of the Sun on this list.
2002-08-03 11:29:27 AM  
Never really grasped what Genesis (w/ Peter Gabriel) was trying to do with "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." And I still haven't made up my mind yet about Bowie's "Outside"

Both had Brian Eno contributions, though.
2002-08-03 11:29:56 AM  
08-03-02 11:14:40 AM Flignir
Operation:Mindcrime rules!

AMEN TO THIS BROTHER!!!! I have just recently rediscovered this album in my collection and have been Jamming to it for like two weeks now. I forgot how great this album was. Geoff Tait Rules.
2002-08-03 11:30:29 AM  
Rush 2112? Not only a great concept album,but possibly Rush's best album ever!
2002-08-03 11:30:45 AM  
Bashing of this link by diehard Rush fans on Fark due to the inclusion of "2112" in 3...2...1...
2002-08-03 11:31:27 AM  
JRB: But hopefully you got what Peter Gabriel meant in "Foxtrot":

"The frog was a prince
The prince was a brick
The brick was an egg
The egg was a bird
Or hadn't you heard?"
2002-08-03 11:32:55 AM  
Aren't pretty much all or Rush's albums concept albums usually Neil writes songs around a semi-central theme for all his music. Take Roll the bones for Example the whole album is about whether Fate exists or not.
2002-08-03 11:32:59 AM  
I was 65 years old; the third disc was Gordon's idea. Besides, where else can you hear a swingin' version of The Beatles 'Something'?

I'm surprised she didn't mention "Watertown".
2002-08-03 11:34:55 AM  
Best concept albums:

Iced Earth-The Dark Saga
Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle Earth
Savatage-The Wake of Magellan
2002-08-03 11:38:21 AM  
if you want to check out some good shiat from DeSoto Records, go check out Shiner. Their album the egg WILL KICK YOUR ASS
2002-08-03 11:41:01 AM  
But hopefully you got what Peter Gabriel meant in "Foxtrot"

erm, no... but I figured out what he was asking for in "Kiss That Frog." Does that count for anything?
2002-08-03 11:41:14 AM  
Personally, I think A Passion Play by Jethro Tull really should be on there.

And I love Tull
2002-08-03 11:44:20 AM  

I'm with ya - got the Ryche logo tattooed on my ankle

k, so im prolly going to hell for saying this but its my opinion - Styx really just sucks ass - very deserving of 2 spots on that list
2002-08-03 11:44:49 AM  
Obvious, but the first good concept album that comes to mind would be Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
2002-08-03 11:46:54 AM  
How about Metallica's S&M?

It was a real poop, although not as bad (and not as conceptual) as a Styx opera.
2002-08-03 11:47:19 AM  
Hey! I say it again: Hey! Tarkus was my favourite Emerson, Lake and Palmer album!

Maybe he didn't like the atheistic theme of the incredible song "Infinite Space". Check out the lyrics to this gem at this site.


Can you believe
God makes you breathe?
How did he lose
Six millions Jews?

Strong stuff.
2002-08-03 11:47:27 AM  
08-03-02 11:25:01 AM Spamzilla
ha ha ha, what about Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"? Ewwww. And I'm a big fan of Maiden.

dear god i concur love maiden dont even own that one
2002-08-03 11:47:30 AM  
I got 10th row seats to see Rush in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. That sonofabiatch put Rush on 3rd. Grr!

And for some useless trivia, on the CD 2112, Rush acknowledges the "GENUS" of Ayn Rand. Hrm, she was human, so what is her genus?
2002-08-03 11:47:47 AM  
Dark Side of the Moon could be considered a concept album.

Then again, so could all of those NOW (nee: k-Tel) collections that top the charts these days.

BTW, Rush rocks.
2002-08-03 11:49:29 AM  
Yes, people greatly underestimate Queensryche. It's their early hairband look and unbermetal riffs that have cursed them, I think. Most serious people who could appreciate the themes and arrangements employed in O:M, Empire, and Promised Land are probably the type to laugh their ass off at the back jacket photo of Warning and move on. Ah well, I suppose it's forgivable judging by the absolute shiat they pumped out after Promised Land.

I don't suppose anyone cares about this. Anybody Listening?

2002-08-03 11:50:09 AM  
Heh, guess what's in the CD pile by the computer:

[image from too old to be available]

Close to the Edge is there as well, Close2!
2002-08-03 11:50:34 AM  
Metalsill Do you know if they are still putting out copies of Operation Livecrime?
2002-08-03 11:52:11 AM  

He didn't like "Topographic Oceans" by Yes?

What's with this guy?

Worst. Web site. Ever.
2002-08-03 11:53:33 AM  
2112 on the list???? Um, sorry I don't think so... This should be on the list of the best concept albums. Rush Rocks.
2002-08-03 11:53:41 AM  
45cal, how about on DVD?
Try Amazon.

I've got that and Building Empires. Did they ever do one for Promised Land?

2002-08-03 11:54:13 AM  
RupturedToad: "Close to the Edge" is my all-time favourite Yes album! Put it on, put it on!

Gotta love those lyrics.

In and around the lake
Mountains come out of the sky
And they stand there...
2002-08-03 11:56:00 AM  
Flignir, I agree with you to a certain extent but I think what really killed them was Silent Lucidity which was played to freakin death when it came out. The funny thing was the Empire Tour though because they played Mindcrime in it's entirity (sp?) and very little from empire except that friggin song and best I can. If you go to their website it sya they are working on a new concept album now that is supposed to be realeased sometime in 2003
2002-08-03 11:56:43 AM  
I was a huge Queensryche fan in the eighties, and saw them in concert for the first time with, of all people, David Lee Roth. The had not released Operation Mindcrime yet, and were still touring as a relatively unknown band. They just blew me away. I still listen to their old CD's every once in awhile.
2002-08-03 11:58:15 AM  
Just looked at my Post Jesus I have to learn how to type one of these days. Cool I will have to get it on DVD Had the VHS version Years ago and lost it somewhere btween here and San Diego California.
2002-08-03 11:58:36 AM  
Timothy: I submitted this but don't agree with some of the ones she listed. I own a few of them including the ones you mentioned.

However, some of her comments are actually a bit amusing.
2002-08-03 11:59:08 AM  
The new Flaming Lips album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is most definitely a concept album, and most definitely excellent. VeggieGuy, if you like Sophtware Slump, you would like this a lot. Just trust me and buy it, along with anyone else who wants to take a stab on it.

I'm a huge Who fan, but really, "Tommy" should be on this list if only because it inspired most of this dreck. And because "Quadrophenia" is ten times better than "Tommy."

Also, amazed none of Rick Wakeman's solo output made it onto this list.
2002-08-03 11:59:13 AM  
I believe, as a side note, the album they were promoting at the time was....Rage for Order.
2002-08-03 11:59:26 AM  
Bradth27 wasn't that the Rage for Order tour?
2002-08-03 12:00:10 PM  
Geeees, the qualification for Tales was 4 sides/4 songs, so. This person seems to be unable to appreciate any song over 2 minutes. Pop is for those with Musical ADD. Unable to sit and listen. I love Tales, 2112 and Tarkus, and would gladly poke this person in the eye.

And, Yes, Wakeman did leave after Tales, but he was young then. And now he's back (again:), playing Revealing Science of God live, willingly.
2002-08-03 12:00:36 PM  

Yer getting your songs mixed up - those lyrics are from Roundabout off of the Fragile album. Mind you, one set of Jon Anderson lyrics are pretty much like another. I always use the vocal sections of Yes songs as an excuse to pop downstairs and top up on beer and rolling papers before the next church organ solo.
2002-08-03 12:03:10 PM  
I don't listen to Rush for lyrics anyway...I like the music.
The Trees ....? What you talkin bout willis? Who cares.. I dont

I hate critics anyway..
2002-08-03 12:05:01 PM  
Yeah I'd like to see the 10 best list as well. Tales and 2112 rule, even friends of mine who HATE prog rock are impressed by parts of both albums. Of course, I saw Rush 3 times in the past month, and I'm seeing Yes next Thursday so maybe I'm biased. Maybe if they were broken up into 3 minute pieces it could have kept his attention longer...
2002-08-03 12:05:20 PM  
45cal, you do have Silent Lucidity to thank for one thing (other than me hearing about the band in the first place). That is, if Empire hadn't made them a huge tour profit, the Promised Land tour wouldn't have had all those cool video effects and general expensive production value. That whole thing rocked.
2002-08-03 12:06:56 PM  
Sure would be nice to hear Slayerswines' comments on this.
2002-08-03 12:07:39 PM  
2112 is one of the best albums ever, not the worst. Hell, alot of my internet names have 2112 in them.

One thing about 2112 though: Isn't it amazing that a guitar survives that long behind a waterfall? Thing of all the water damage that should have been done to it. That, and damn, that boy sure did learn to play pretty quick. Wish I could learn to play guitar overnight.

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