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2002-08-03 08:55:03 AM  
Sometimes YellowTimes actually makes sense. As long as we are in bed with Israel there will be unrest in that part of the world.

Israel started their land grab in 1948 before the British ships were out of sight and they won't be happy until they chase the Palentinians out.
2002-08-03 09:12:20 AM  
The guy made a pretty good point - rare for Yellowtimes. The U.S really does put itself in a difficult position with our constant backing of Israel, but if Sharon doesn't tone it down, that support may erode. Most people I know are sick of both Arafat and Sharon.
2002-08-03 09:20:28 AM  
Sharon can't stay in there forever, there are term limits. I'll bet that a more moderate from the Labor party will sweep him out of office.

This article is more tripe from the Yellow Times. He starts off with the usual "Israel is evil incarnate that tears the throats of sleeping babies" junk for several paragraphs then moves on to how it affects the US. I laughed my ass off while hearing him describe every single war Israel has been in as a war of expansion and invasion.

Then it typically goes into how the Jewish lobby is controlling the US on puppet strings and accuses the US of planning to invade Saudi Arabia's oil fields.

It touches on the Afghanistan oil pipeline conspiracy, which proves what a total dumbass this guy is, since there never has been nor will there ever be a plan to build an oil pipeline in Afghanistan. Its a natural gas pipeline. LMAO.
2002-08-03 09:20:50 AM  
These two are just so moronic. The Palestinians bring their kids up to be terrorists and Israel can't see how it is prolonging the situation so mcuh
2002-08-03 09:21:37 AM  
Talk about Yellow journailism.
2002-08-03 09:33:04 AM  
Bill Clinton would grab a rifle and fight....
2002-08-03 09:33:36 AM  
"The initial invasion of U.N. mandated Palestinian areas in 1948, the Sinai invasion in 1956, the 1967 war and the 1983 Lebanese incursion manifest a strategy that is expressly meant to expand Israeli borders and acquire resources."

You silly guy go and read history, it has always been Arabs and palestinians who initiated those wars not Israel, if they lose land as the consequence of their stupiadity its their own problem.
2002-08-03 09:38:18 AM  
finaly a good article on yellow times, very good article at that.

Israel started the 1967 war, not the 1956 war and I'm not sure about the 1983 one
2002-08-03 09:41:10 AM  
You know that oil pipeline conspiracy is getting so incredibly farking lame.

First off, its not an oil pipeline. Anyone who has actually researched this fact will find out that it is a natural gas pipeline in the first sentence of any credible article on it. The conspiracy theorists just like think its an oil pipeline because they hate oil, and they think that's what the US does everything for.

Secondly, not one inch of it has been built right now. If someone wants to accuse our country of bombing itself and destroying a quadrillion dollars worth of property, jobs, and stocks, just to benefit in some ill-gotten way, at LEAST accuse us of bombing ourselves over something that actually currently exists.

Third, how much is the natural gas pipeline actually worth? It can't be a whole farking lot, maybe enough for congress to pass like 1 or 2 bills if pressured enough by the energy industries, but certainly not worthy of some crack-pot massive conspiracy. The damn thing would cost billions to build, and would generate 1 or 2 billion a year, but not for the US government. All the money would go to some corporation and the pockets of numerous warlords. Pipelines like that only last 20-30 years max with those weather conditions anyways.

Finally, the pipeline will, in all likelihood, never be built. There is absolutely no way you can garauntee security for that thing. If the rampant guerrilla groups that sabotage and destroy oil infrastructure in South America is any indication, that pipeline will constantly be bombed by rival warlords fighting for a piece of the pie. And don't tell me that US troops can serve as its guardian. There have been numerous assassination attempts on the president himself and several high ranking members of his gov't. He's just one man. Line a billion of him up along the country and see if one of them is shot.
2002-08-03 09:42:52 AM  
"Controlling oil supplies is of course the linchpin in any U.S. strategy it cobbles together. So, it is not far fetched to see that the long-term contingency plan for Israel, along with the American presence already there, is to invade the Saudi oil fields when the time is ripe."

Wake up you silly you're still living in the 70's. The amount of oil comming to US from the whole Persian Gulf has decreased dramatically and is on a decline curve. (something about 2 mil. at its outmost I believe). The majority of imports are comming from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Africa and Russia are on the queue to send more. The majority of Persian Gulf oil is going to China, India and Europe.
2002-08-03 09:44:34 AM  
Czar, Israel didn't start the 1967 war, Egypt did. The president of Egypt demanded all the UN peacekeepers be removed from Egypt, and when they complied, he promptly re-occupied Egypt, moving his troops forward all the way to the Israeli border and initiating a naval blockade of Israel, trying to starve them into submission. Also the other countries surrounding Israel, smelling fresh blood, began massing their troops along the borders as well. Israel struck militarily first, but it didn't start the war.
2002-08-03 09:47:09 AM  
YellowTimes should change its site's name from Alternative News to "Farked up, changing every fact, bringing every fiction to prove my stupidiaty"
2002-08-03 09:47:16 AM  
Israel is the reason 9/11 happened...or more precisely our blind, blithering support for the occupation government in Palestine.
Sadly our politicians and media are beholden to and in large part made up of the powerful Israeli Lobby and nothing will change until enough of the sheeple of the United States stand up and demand a change.
You'd think Israel was our 51st state but in reality we currently are ruled by Tel Aviv. We must cut the ties now!
2002-08-03 09:47:39 AM  
Err, the president of Egypt demanded the peacekeepers be removed from the SINIA PENINSULA. Sorry, my last post was confusing.
2002-08-03 09:48:29 AM  
Yellowbellies.org .. blech
2002-08-03 09:48:44 AM  
Ever hear of the U.S.S. Liberty?
2002-08-03 09:49:24 AM  
which took the first initiative that can be said to be "an act of war", that was Israel.
2002-08-03 09:53:02 AM  
"Rooting out the terrorists or revenge is often the official explanation. But tiny babies are not terrorists yet they are killed by the dozens. Olive trees are not terrorists yet they are uprooted by the hundreds."

University Students are not terrorists, women and children on buses are not terrorists, yet the plo targets them exclusively. The plo completely avoids any type of millitary targets in favor of civilian ones.

This is the same web page that said terror attacks against innocent civilians is ok as long as it is working.

Should be called Yellow_Journalism.crap
2002-08-03 09:54:35 AM  
Redfish, because you are a little slow, I'll explain to you why Osama Bin Laden is waging his holy Jihad against the United States.

First off, Israel is 54 years old, yet during the 1970s and early 80s Osama was fighting the Soviets for us in Afghanistan. Odd how he wasn't fighting those Jews, but then again Israel has never been his main focus.

The US trained him to fight the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan. After that he became some rich entrepeneur with guerrilla ties. When Iraq invaded Kuwait and began threatening Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden offered his jihadis to help defend Saudi Arabia (the holy land). He was rebuffed by Saudi Arabia in favor of the American Army. Osama was furious that he was passed up for a bunch of infidels who then proceeded to step foot in the Holy Land. After that he began bombing American targets in the Middle East, namely US military barracks. He has stated clearly in his many videos that he is attacking Americans because of the Gulf War. He never once said a word about israel before he needed widespread Arab support because he was being bombed in Aghanistan. The very president of Egypt pointed this out and thus discredited Osama's false support for Palestinians.

Surprisingly he never bombed a single Israeli target either.
2002-08-03 09:54:41 AM  
MrNiceGuy: No one's saying the Palestinians are blameless in the mess. But traditionally Israel has either been the agressor or promoted policies which keep the tensions high.

Israel was created because everyone felt guilty for the Holocast. Palestinian were forced away from their homes and farms to make room for the creation of a Jewish area in the Promised Land. Within days the Jewish immigrants got their hands on weapons left by the British and began attacking Palestinian villages. One of the first skirmishes left 254 dead Palestinian civilians.

Within a year of Jewish settlement they got some U.S. surplus bombers and started attacking Arab area.

Israel wants peace? Yeah, the day after the last Palestinian leaves.

2002-08-03 09:54:42 AM  
use a suicide bomber, it's terrorism. Use a (US supplied, most likely) missile, it's legitimate warfare.
2002-08-03 09:54:46 AM  
Israel started the 67 war with a suprise attack against Egypt. Stop with the "Israel can do no wrong" propaganda. Israel is no different from any other religious whacko fanatic state with a large military, they always start ethnic wars which spreads human misery and hatred.

As soon as Israel stops stealing land so that it's "master race" can build settlements, them maybe the middle east can finally have peace.
2002-08-03 09:58:39 AM  
Czar: I suppost Poland started World War 2 as well?

Yes Redfish, I've heard of the USS Liberty and I know what happened to it. It was a US spy ship that was spying on Israeli troops during a war. It accidentally got bombed. shiat happens.
2002-08-03 10:02:08 AM  
This is not news, it's the worst kept secret in world. (and only kept from us dumb ass Americans).

My tax dollars at work.
2002-08-03 10:03:03 AM  
Well good for you, now go and read some ww2 history books
2002-08-03 10:04:07 AM  
Right Czar. Poland started World War 2. That's what I read in all my history books, what did you read in yours? :-))
2002-08-03 10:08:25 AM  
In soviet russia, land steals you!
2002-08-03 10:10:32 AM  
In ze Republic of le France, white flag holds you, no?
2002-08-03 10:12:10 AM  
What kind of name is Raff?
2002-08-03 10:16:16 AM  
Great more piss colored propaganda .. just what we need.
2002-08-03 10:48:23 AM  
Israel the land grabber who greadily holds desperately onto an area the size of New Jersey, who returned the Sinai Desert (an area larger than Israel itself) to Egypt in a deal for peace, a country who has continually had its civilians targeted, who offered the west bank to Jordan (who refused) and the gaza strip to Egypt (who also refused).

Israel who, according to some, was only annexed during a whim of "pity", yet jews have been on the land for thousands of years.

Israel, the "religious whacko state" who let Israeli Arabs of muslim religion serve in the armed forces and hold seats in their government.

Some of u people need to pull yr head out of yr asses.
2002-08-03 10:55:48 AM  
Well, we see all those people whining about "our tax dollor" when it comes to the money that goes to Israel but no whining about the same equal amount that goes to Egypt, Jordan. Even Syria gets some of those tax money too. So no whinig about them? Being a super power and the nedd to keep it as is has some expenses too. Even Europe gets some incentives from US. Now if you still want to whine, whine and nag about all of them.
2002-08-03 11:01:00 AM  
Yes Palestinian resistance!!! Right!!! targeting some kids in university (specially a cafeteria that is a regular place for foreigner's gatherings) is a great resistance. or targeting some arab neighborhood to create tension between arab community and the jew community is a greate resistance!!! Right on, go on resistance kill as many jews as you can!!! that's the greatest resistance!!! You know, writing in papers that jews are some bloodsucker who traditionaly use human blood to make pie is also helping to this great resistance!!! and not in only one paper print it in almost 10 different papers all arround the middle east.
2002-08-03 11:06:37 AM  
"A cursory look at the product of Israeli lobbying effort reveals a foreign policy strategy that is designed to isolate the U.S. from all countries in the Middle East. Banging the drum for an Iraqi invasion, resolutions condemning Syria and Iran, labeling Hezbollah as one of the foremost terrorist organizations in the world."

If you find one single democracy in any of those countries that US tries to isolate helself from it, all you say is right but look at the record of those countries that you're naming some of the worst dictatorships in the world.
If staying away from these countries and means isolationism, I for one am for being that. The last thing we need is to cooperate with a murderer regime who kills her own people.
2002-08-03 11:08:06 AM  
[image from mideasttruth.com too old to be available]
2002-08-03 11:21:20 AM  
Why should I give a shiat about Israel? They'd never let me become a citizen.
2002-08-03 11:45:06 AM  

Replace JEWS with Palestinian and replace the title of the cartoon with A JEWISH EDUCATION.
2002-08-03 11:46:36 AM  
The_Time_Master....sorry idiot...judaism teaches the complete opposite.
2002-08-03 11:48:58 AM  
MrNice Guy:
"Wake up you silly... ...The majority of Persian Gulf oil is going to China, India and Europe."
And what do you think happens to oil prices in the US if the Persian Gulf chokes the supply to Europe? It's not as simple as you think it is. Are all your opinions based on similar "facts"?
2002-08-03 12:07:21 PM  
[image from arabnews.com too old to be available]

Which hate school are the Israeli settlers graduates from? Must be some whacko terrorist school that teaches killing civilians and stealing land is "taking the moral high ground."
2002-08-03 12:09:03 PM  
MrNice Guy:
"Wake up you silly... ...The majority of Persian Gulf oil is going to China, India and Europe."

"Are all your opinions based on similar "facts"?"

Me to Showlowl: What he said was an objective fact. LOL! Geez, some of you people never give up.

Oh, and yes, Israel DID start the 1967 war with a country that was navally blockading it trying to starve it. Also Egypt had been in a state of declared war with Israel for several decades and was massing its troops on their border in preparation for an attack (that is, of course, if you believe CNN or the BBC). But Israel struck first. They were the bad guys. You win. France surrenders.
2002-08-03 12:19:10 PM  
Stolen land? The land was won in a war in which Israel was attacked. Which other country would allow the people who participated in attacking it remain on land it controls?

Why is it that Jordan now controls a majority of Palestinian land yet their buses, universities and restaurants are free from Hamas attacks?

People accuse the settlers of stealing land in which jews have had a presence for a few thousand years yet criticise the Israeli's for refusing the right of return to Palestinians.

Attacks on civilians by Jewish settlers is a rare occurance while Hamas and the PLO have a definite strategy of attacking Israeli civilians, especially women and children.
2002-08-03 12:20:58 PM  
[image from mideasttruth.com too old to be available]
2002-08-03 12:21:12 PM  
God, i so tired of this whole region of the world
2002-08-03 12:26:18 PM  
Wow - finally a clear and compelling Yellowtiems article based in fact and truth. How come the Isrealis are so mean to the peaceful Palestinians, anyway? It hardly seems fair.

Thank you, Yellowtimes, for making me see the truth.

Does anybody have a towel I can borrow? I seem to have dripped sarcasm all over my floor again.
2002-08-03 12:38:18 PM  
I love how this topic totally polarizes people. Either you hate Isreal and feel sorry for Palistine or hate Arabs and belive that Isreal is mearly defending itself. Somehow I think that both the Arabs and the Jews would love for this conflic to go on forever. They love the attention. Im just sick of them dragging all the other countries in to their bullshiat. Both the Jews and the Arabs have their hand in controlling our US goberment. Oil intrests and land intrests are what run this messed up world. Why the fark do we support Arab states that act like their still in the dark ages? Why do we support Isreal when they are obviously a "Gods chosen people" based State?
2002-08-03 12:54:08 PM  
08-03-02 08:55:03 AM Eat More Possum
Sometimes YellowTimes actually makes sense. As long as we are in bed with Israel there will be unrest in that part of the world.

No, unrest in that part of the world will continue until either the Arabs or the Israelis are wiped out. If you study the history of Israel going back 3000 years, you'll see that even then the Arabs were trying to wipe Israel out.

The Israelis have always lusted for land acquisition.

That alone shows that the article is a pile of shiat. It's simply not true. Israel took the entire Sinai Peninsula away from Egypt during their war in the '70s, and Israel could have easily gone into Egypt proper - but it didn't because doing so would have started World War III in the Middle East - so Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty, and Israel gave Egypt back all of the land Israel gained during the war(even though it had the legal right to keep it). A lust for land?? Hardly.

BTW, that peace treaty cost Anwar Sadat his life - Hamas assassinated him for it. So much for peace-loving Palestinians.
2002-08-03 12:54:34 PM  
Whoa, there's a farker named Ronald_McDonald? And he's Aussie? Cool.
2002-08-03 12:56:05 PM  
"And what do you think happens to oil prices in the US if the Persian Gulf chokes the supply to Europe? It's not as simple as you think it is. Are all your opinions based on similar "facts"?"

First of all there wasn't any mention of chocking oil to Europe in that article, secondly even if it happens which is again something of impossible what would you think happen? More Russian oil, more Canadian oil, have you ever heard of strategic inventory? those inventories alone could supply US for a whole year. By other contributions it could last as long as 5 years. Could any of those oil dependant countries could last that long? I for one would be on this stupid oil embargo. Let's happen and see who will be hurt. The best thing (on long term) they did in the 70's to US was that embargo. It created the ground for alternatives which are blossoming one after another. It's not 70's anymore.
2002-08-03 12:56:41 PM  
I hate them both. I'd love to see all life in that region of the planet utterly destroyed.
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