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(Washington Post)   OJ says "Now girls chase me, it's that bad-boy syndrome"   ( divider line
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1779 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2001 at 12:04 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-02 12:16:37 AM  
look at me almost caring.
2001-07-02 12:19:09 AM  
But he DIDN'T do it, so there's no bad boy syndrome at all, right?
2001-07-02 12:20:51 AM  
Maybe if I [get implicated in the] murder my ex-wife, I could get women to chase me.
2001-07-02 12:24:03 AM  
This whole thing was just a career move.
2001-07-02 12:41:44 AM  
"If a girl wants to be with me, I tell them they have to be No. 3 behind my kids"

That should be comforting to the girl, that means he'll go after the kids first. She should have plenty of time to hide.
2001-07-02 12:43:26 AM  
You'd think someone would just quietly, surreptitiously take it upon themselves to simply off this nee-gah. "Now I'm not prejudice or anything", but something that brown and that stinks like that floats around too long, I say flush it.

Sure there would be a few stores looted, etc. But just think how nice it would be not to hear about this guy anymore. Everytime he gets any press, he is basically rubbing our face in the whole mess. He personifies exactly what is wrong this our pc judicial system. Wars a'comin boys. Wars a'comin.
2001-07-02 12:46:00 AM  
I am with ToasterThief on this one, if he didn't do it then, how can he be a bad boy? It sounds like O.J. is stuck on himself. I think what O.J. means is that he has a fetish and likes when women call him a bad boy and spank him. Anyways at least he isn't messing with little girls like Paula Poundstone
2001-07-02 12:59:36 AM  
I am all about funny... but please remove the 12:43 quote...


it makes all of us in here look bad.

2001-07-02 01:32:45 AM  
Now I know why your called Buttsteak.

'it makes us all looks bad'. Boo hoo. Get a spine.
2001-07-02 01:41:14 AM  
BigPeeler That's all right, Jesus is a racist too. So you're like Jesus! And I know the war is coming, that's why I keep my AK under my bed. But I think it'll probably be a war like me vs. people like you.
Let me guess, you're a Christian, right? Your kids deserve to be drowned in the bathtub.
2001-07-02 01:43:50 AM  
"get a spine"?

Get a farking drop of intellect, dumbass.
You are an insult to the quasi-intellectual humor found here. Needle-dicked fascists like you still running around... oh well.

I guess there will always be scared little whiteboys running the streets of the multicolored world before us...
2001-07-02 01:48:48 AM  
Actually... I am glad for posts like that...

it allows the rest of us with a conscience the ability to quickly and easily sniff out the location of hacks like you, peelerboy.
2001-07-02 01:55:17 AM  
Good job, Buttsteak
2001-07-02 01:56:26 AM  
...and you too, OcterDoctopus...
2001-07-02 02:11:54 AM  
Butt, Aarkie, don't be afraid to break some balls when the time calls for it...
2001-07-02 02:31:21 AM  
Hey Buttsteak, you idiot. I'm black. Now deal with that. You're typical. You think you got a grip on reality by hiding behind some feel-good agenda. And stick your 'quasi'. I've got chunks of guys like you in my stool.
My father dealt with his share of prejudice and so have I. Only difference is, I never let it affect my better judgement.

I had to deal with all the liberalism in college. All I was ever taught was a basic "It's all good" philosophy. The higher ups pretended that everyone was good, they only did bad things. Bullfark.

You thought you could tell my race by my comments. OJ is always a good barometer for that. Well guess what BS (how appropos), shows what you know. Get out and get a wiff of the real world. When you have been through what I have, give me a call. Meanwhile, stash your thesaurus and get real.

Oh yeah. Peace brother.
2001-07-02 02:38:29 AM  
BigPeelerInteresting that you could make the same mistake. How do you know what ButtSteak went through? Probably a lot with a name like ButtSteak.
I guess I changed my mind. OJ should die.
But what war is it you were talking about?!?!
2001-07-02 02:39:46 AM  
By the way. If you really want to continue this, get a hold of me at bi­gpe­e­l­er­[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamt­o­h­*co­m. Seriously, I love discussing politics, race and so forth. It boils my blood sometimes, but there's nothing like good debate.

What really amazes me is how fast people draw lines in the sand. I have no idea if you are white or black. I actually gave it no thought. I cracked a big one when I read your response. Took me back a few years.

I would call radio stations late night and the hosts would sometimes think I was white. When I told them otherwise, they'd always say, "well, well, well, you sure don't sound black."

I was one of the select few who felt (knew) OJ was guilty. Honestly, the concensus among blacks is that he did it. But it wasn't OJ that stirred our pot, it was the whole trial. Personally, I can't stand the guy. You mentioned me giving others a bad name. Well believe me, OJ did nothing for us. Do you have any idea how hard it is for us as a people to try to live that down? Any wonder I'm pissed at the bro.

Hey, it's like Chris Rock says, "There's black people, and there's noggars, and I hates noggars." Trust me, that's alot of weight to carry.
2001-07-02 02:41:28 AM man named Ross?...I think not. nice try!
2001-07-02 02:42:29 AM  
No... I didn't think I could tell your race. Only your IQ. You are a BIG part of the problem.

The fact that you are black, should not give you a right to spout of ignorance as you see fit. You are acting like a loud-mouthed embarrasment to anyone who might give a shiat about you.

"Stash your thesaurus"?
The fact that you actually see my words as that impressive is another example of the fact that you probably never even attended that "college" you speak about. I use very simple words.

Perhaps a good half of the "prejudice" you have so been dealt was due to your verbal-lack-of-respect for other people. In my opinion, if you want to be referred to as some inflamatory term.... then fine. But do not project your anger onto others in such blatant, uneducated generalities.

Project yourself as an asshole = an asshole.

2001-07-02 02:44:32 AM  
War between the races basically. It may be predicated on the polarized financial status of blacks and whites, or it may find it's roots in something as mundane as interracial dating. But there is a palpable tension on the streets that the goddy-goddy media/press has no clue about.

I can only imagine what sort of strategizing goes on behind closed doors of the white owned business structures of this world. I don't mean to come off as a conspiracy theorist, but it's been a long time since there has been this must unrest.

And while all this is going on, you have clowns like OJ and Michael Jackson shucking and jiving for the press. Like I said earlier, don't be surprised if someone ends up planting OJ somewhere. He's a distraction.
2001-07-02 02:45:31 AM  
Goddamn, you are a pretender... please, I am almost ashamed to say I am from Missouri now.

What race I am is unimportant. Your ignorance would piss off a thinking man of any race.

2001-07-02 02:51:47 AM  
Thanks, Peeler We most have posted at the same time. Scary, your race war crap is samne as the SKinheads say.
2001-07-02 02:54:53 AM  
Hey Buttsteak, FYI it's 140. I have no challenge with linguistics of any sort. I only hate when people wear them like a medal. And yes I attended college. You have to when you teach. If you want to serve and volley credentials around all night, knock yourself out.

I have no qualms at all with derrogatory names or perjorative terms. I feel the avoidance of those only serves to bottle up ones true feelings. Mind you, not everyone can muster up the right word or phrase at the precise moment in an argument. A little spice in that context is fine.

Just because a person is outtalked by someone with a larger and more proper vocabulary, doesnt mean they don't have valid points. I encourage those I teach and those with whom I associate to express freely. Man, it's cathartic. This world is hung up on trying to make the other guy 'feel good'. Screw that. You want to call me a noggar? Do it. But be prepared to tell me why.

Hey, you come across as a very intelligent person. Believe me, there aren't too many of those left. To you and anyone else reading this, please don't let the cowtowing of society to take the edge off of you. We have to be strong today, more so mentally. Have your opinions and by God, stick to them. (Jeez, I'm teaching class again.) Sorry.

Take care.
2001-07-02 03:04:06 AM  
BS, pretender is what sense? That I care? What? Honestly, it sounds like it's you with an axe to grind. What's up?

And regarding war. It doesn't have to be a literally war. I'm not prophesying another Detroit or Watts. Jeez, let me stop the car and back up a bit. I think this whole conversation exemplifies exactly why it is so difficult for A to see eye to eye with B.

Maybe it's our histories (both racially and personally) or maybe it's polital. Either way though, I sense our passion runs along separate courses here. I hate these chats and strings. They are so impersonal they serve no purpose. I try to drop in for entertainment, but I always let my flag fly and get into to some diatribe.

I sense a dead end here so I'll see you guys on another Fark post. Out.
2001-07-02 03:08:52 AM  
Oh and Roscoe, Paul (after Robeson) Ross (my greatgrandma's maiden name) Peeler. I'll send you a blood sample if you like. Hope you can deal with all that. (Ironically, I get called Roscoe by alot of my friends. Oooooo, spooky ain't it? Oops, I said spook. Can't say spook if yo be a black man.)
2001-07-02 03:13:05 AM  
1) I teach too... why else would I be here so much lately.. and THIS late at night??

2) I would never call you that. Nor anyone... "prick" is spicy language, "dickface" is spicy (albeit childish)... slurs generally assumed to be racial slurs are not spoken by me. Would you let your students talk that way?

3) What is 140... you lost me? I don't believe I asked a question where a number was an acceptable answer. I am lost...

wa wa.. wait... your IQ? Oh Lord... no need for you to bare your britches like that. I didn't ask for you to come up with a number resresenting your intelligence. Read more Howard Gardner, that number means little to me... and I teach gifted ed., so testing and evaluation of those kiddos is a big priority to me.

4) I'm sure you are intelligent... OJ is a fark, yes-
but I hate slurs against any group of people.
2001-07-02 03:13:28 AM  
ummmm. bigpeeler, regardless of his race has a right to his opinion.
but hey, try to have his comments erased. who are the real fascists now?

actually attempting, or suggesting that anothers words should be stricken from the record is pretty much in accordance with the same fundamental principles behind book burnings and lynchings. intolerance of others, their looks, their ideas, their words, their presence.

does anyone remember "i hate what you say but i will defend your right to say it?" skipped class that day?

considering that you called big peeler a fascist, made assumptions about his race, suggested that his children be drowned in the bathtub and his words forever removed as if they didnt happen makes YOU the fascist and to no small degree a total hypocrite to boot.

maybe if you whine loud enough you can have MY comments erased. would that make you feel better?
2001-07-02 03:16:05 AM  
An axe to grind? A midwestern whiteboy?
What racial battle have i ever had to fight?

No... sorry. Rather, perhaps it is the difficulty I see in people all around me... only inflamed by the mouths of people like you.

I have friends and students of every race. I seriously hope you never let yours hear the crap that comes out of yours...

2001-07-02 03:19:00 AM  
I said NOTHING about anyone's children. Get it straight.... shouldn't be that tough.
2001-07-02 03:21:49 AM  
2001-07-02 03:22:17 AM  
what the fawk?
2001-07-02 03:24:44 AM  
'nite kiddos...

sort it out while I am asleep.
2001-07-02 03:29:14 AM  
no, YOU didnt. but OcterDoctopus did.

and perhaps you could learn to read a bit better (you do want to keep that job teaching the gifted, don't you?). last time I checked, my last post did not mention you specifically. but you thought it did, didnt you?

probably because i pointed out that historically its been a pretty solid trait for fascists to believe that a persons words should only exist on record if they correspond to their own conceptions of right and wrong.

so how aboutu YOU getting it straight. "it really shouldnt be that tough."
2001-07-02 03:34:01 AM  
12345678That was me talking about drowning kids. See that gray bar on the right of the window? You can use it to scroll up and down and see comments more than once.
That was a reference to God's children, drowned in a bathtub by their mother, who is highly religious. I believe BigP is "Christian" since he may be from Missouri, rants about "Liberals" and "PC" etc., anyway he shows a conservative side. Xian? I don't know. It's a good guess. Most Christians are total hypocrites.
2001-07-02 03:35:11 AM  
I think Big P left, so we may never know.
2001-07-02 03:38:10 AM  
you posted after i did. see that button at the top of the screen? its called refresh, and it lets you see which comments have been updated.

you may be right that bigp is a white fundamentalist christian. but i doubt it. white fundamentalist christians don't listen to chris rock standups. now do they?
2001-07-02 03:39:18 AM  
why the fuck is the bold tag on? and why the fuck won't it go away?
2001-07-02 03:39:37 AM  
HAHAHAAHA! Good one. YOu can't refresh while you're typing. Did you read where BigP said he was black?!
2001-07-02 03:40:39 AM  
MEAT I don't know and it's really really pissing me off. /b
2001-07-02 03:41:13 AM  
Hey meat how did ya get the F word in there?
2001-07-02 03:43:20 AM  
of course i read it. that doesnt mean i believe it. but i dont disbelieve it either.

like i said. white racist christian fundamentalists probably dont spend time listening to chris rock standups, anymore than they watch the cosby show.
2001-07-02 03:46:19 AM  
One quote does not equal "listening to". So ya must not believe or disbelieve that either. You have no opinion? I can quote Falwell. But I thank God every day I'm an athiest. Whatever. I was just trying to explain the drowning kids reference

Thank you Jesus!
2001-07-02 03:47:42 AM  
Enough with the bold tag! Get aggro,!!!
2001-07-02 03:47:42 AM  
satan walks the earth his name is o.j.
2001-07-02 03:48:55 AM  
i'm an atheist as well, and on that we can agree. there's too few of us i think...

regardless, and off topic because i'm bored,
check out this site. you may like it...
2001-07-02 03:50:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-02 03:53:05 AM  
how did i say "fuck"? it's a magic nerd power. they give it to you when you get your glasses, bow tie and pocket protector. i also get to say "shit", "cunt", and, were i so inclined, the alternative to "nubian".
2001-07-02 03:53:06 AM  
YES! Thanks. Bookmarked it for when I'm less wasted, more

It'll piss ya off. A perfect example of a negative argument
2001-07-02 03:54:09 AM  
OK, OK, youre cool. Now you're such a magic nerd?!?!

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