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2002-08-01 10:59:10 AM  
Ban air shows = more government regulation? Will the Sarbanes-Oxley bill restore confidence = more government regulation? This writer shoots his arguments in the foot by deliberately misinterpreting the instant polls, and in the very first paragraph.

He would be more credible if he based his arguments on reality, and not on strong anti-government and anti-"leftist" rhetoric. What happened to the bad guys? Their companies went bankrupt, and they now find themselves waiting for a court date. Yes, the Adelphia crooks got led off in handcuffs, and a couple WorldCom execs surrendered to the FBI today. But who else is awaiting a court date? Who honestly thinks any of these guys are going to prison, where the president has admonished that they will be going? ("Executives who commit fraud will face financial penalties and when they are guilty of criminal wrongdoing they will face jail time.")

There are approximately 3,000 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Fewer than 10 of these are known to have cooked their books. And how many jobs evaporated? How many CEOs and other execs that cooked the books are going to disgorge their ill-gotten profits?

I'll let those who know all the terms of logic have a go at this one. All I know is that it is a logical fallacy: What comes next? Forty thousand people are killed annually in car crashes--should we ban cars?

Yes, "keep an eye on this kid": one more right-wing rhetoric-spewer.
2002-08-01 10:59:47 AM  
Yeah- I'll keep an eye on this farktard.
How the hell does anyone with a reasonable mind take those stupid CNN online polls (as weighty as that daily graph in USA Today) and by the fourth paragraph get to:
It's amazing the distance the left will go to justify governmental intervention.
I never took a Logic class in college (wish I would have) but I'd like to see someone take his statements and subject them to a logic test.
2002-08-01 12:55:58 PM  
Hey kid...did you see what today's CNN poll is?

Do you think your dog's bark is:

*Just a bark

*An attempt to talk

*I'm a cat person

What do you make of that?
2002-08-01 01:55:51 PM  
You should read some his past "articles" about how non-white American lives are not worth as much as his own. The kid may have entered UCLA at 16, but he can't write worth a rat's arse. Then again, he'll probably end up being famous, have a huge following and make millions of dollars. Vitriolic attacks, justified or not, on "liberals" is a guaranteed bank account enhancer.
2002-08-01 02:00:54 PM  
ooops. "...are a guaranteed bank account enhancer."

That $100,000 english degree is really paying off...
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2002-08-01 02:11:29 PM  
Desecrated- for conserva-fundies it's pronounced like McCarthy would have spoken- "librals" and men who love men are "homa-sec-chewals." Both groups have "secret agendas."

While I strongle disagree with this guy, he really needs to take some more Composition at UCLA so he can better form coherent ideas and critique. Maybe then, I'll read what he has to say, even if I don't agree with him.
2002-08-01 04:16:18 PM  
Heh, DrToast, it's a liberal ploy to get the government pay for a billion dollars of research to determine what exactly the dog is saying.
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Desecrated: you don't have to "write worth a rat's arse" or even think logically--you just have to spew the vitriol and the bucks will come trickling down* like manna from heaven.

* my supply-side economics reference
2002-08-01 04:52:18 PM  
I was going to say a lot, but TexasSkeptic said it all first.

Keep an eye on this kid? Feh.
2002-08-01 05:47:18 PM  
Didn't read the article, but that kid needs to be raped with 19" pruning shears. What a farking wiener...
2002-08-01 05:48:21 PM  
Umm, since when CNN is "left"?
2002-08-01 05:48:34 PM  
I'm keeping an eye on him... in my crosshairs.
2002-08-01 05:49:42 PM  
wierd, he's right that more regulation isn't the answer, but he's still wrong on every other point. I hate when you have to disagree with someone you would agree with just because he's a total retard. oh well, c'est la vie.
2002-08-01 05:49:52 PM  
waah! waah! liberals are trying to make the government control me! waaah! No, Ashcroft is trying to make the government control you. Big difference.
2002-08-01 05:49:57 PM  
Stymie, EXACTLY.. CNN left? Only a true retard without basic cable would say that.
2002-08-01 05:50:27 PM  
I will not be reading dribble and blather from a kid so young he still figures out "right" and "left" by making an L with this thumb and index finger.

This kid was born the year Reagan got RE-ELECTED, fer chrissakes.
2002-08-01 05:52:39 PM  
2002-08-01 05:53:11 PM  
I don't think anyone would find it unreasonable to take measures to ensure the person flying an airliner is sober, and anyone who does find that unreasonable needs to grow up.
2002-08-01 05:53:31 PM  
His picture would look better with a broken bottle sticking out of his head.
2002-08-01 05:53:49 PM  
This kid is a dangerous little fascist - read some of his other articles on the site to get an idea
2002-08-01 05:53:51 PM  
Cool.. Burbank is my home town, UCLA was my school, and I consider myelf conservative. I like this kid already ;)
2002-08-01 05:54:27 PM  
you also can't trust the word of someone who isn't old enough to have put his dick in someone yet. and if he has, I weep for the poor girl
2002-08-01 05:55:06 PM  
OMG, what a little barney. This guy's 17? At least he can't vote yet, what a maroon.
2002-08-01 05:55:37 PM  
So you, and already he is parroting down all those cliches about the left and the liberal. I've read those kind of articles and editorials dozens and dozens of times, and better written most of the time. Why did somebody think he was worth of publication?
2002-08-01 05:56:11 PM  
what a load of rich creamery butter. this kid probably whacks it to pictures of ann coulter.
2002-08-01 05:56:28 PM  
The illegitimate son of Ann & Rush:
[image from townhall.com too old to be available]
2002-08-01 05:57:03 PM  
Wow.. what a shock. Farkers are anti-"Conservative Kid".

What's wrong? Big mean kiddie scare you since he isn't out handing you a free check from Uncle Sam?
2002-08-01 05:57:24 PM  
(oops, I swear I can compose a coherent sentence)

Err, I mean, since when is CNN "left"?

These accusations from conservatives about the media being "leftist" remind me of the 'ol story about the devil's biggest accomplishment- convincing people he doesn't exist.

Corporate media left? Ha.
2002-08-01 05:58:18 PM  
This is the next Rush Limbaugh.
2002-08-01 05:58:56 PM  
No shiat Padraig,

I can find a dozen whiny little leftists who write ten times better in their self-published zines, yet I never see them get their articles into the mainstream.

Oh, that's right, their parents aren't millionaires and they don't wear shiatty little suits.
2002-08-01 05:59:20 PM  
You know, all my life I've always heard how "mean" and "uncompassionate" conservatives are supposed to be. But in reading these forums, I am amazed at the amount of vicious, snide, and nasty comments that appear to come from the left side of the fence.
2002-08-01 05:59:46 PM  
Ultra-Hal -

no, he's scary because he's so clueless, and already so biased.

He's 18, obviously believes everything his parents ever taught him, and will never have a free mind.

Which, i guess, qualifies him for a job in Ashcroft's office, anyway.....
2002-08-01 05:59:58 PM  
Rush Limbaugh's Mini Me...
2002-08-01 06:00:29 PM  
Well we can all take comfort in the fact he probably doesn't have a single friend at UCLA. Being 2-3 years younger than everyone else there, a "virtuoso violinist" (read: ego) and as conservative as he is, I wouldn't be surprised if they burn effigies of him at pep rallies.
2002-08-01 06:00:31 PM  
Why are you allcalling this kid names? Why bash a kid w/ ideas. Is it because you know he's right?
2002-08-01 06:02:18 PM  
So the left is responsible for the destruction of civil liberties following the typical knee jerk reactions of 9/11?

Wow, it's amazing what you learn on the internet these days.
2002-08-01 06:02:35 PM  
No, it's because we know he's left. Wait a minute...
2002-08-01 06:02:49 PM  
2002-08-01 06:03:19 PM  
Tyee- I don't care if he's "right"- his writing is sloppy and he uses copious logic see Texas's post about logical fallicy. He uses CNN polls to launch into an anti-Left/Gov't diatribe. He needs to organize his thoughts before committing them to paper.
2002-08-01 06:03:50 PM  

So you're saying since he's conservative he "will never have a free mind." I can say the same thing about liberal kids with liberal parents...
2002-08-01 06:03:56 PM  
Tyee -

he's not right. He doesn't even know how to form an argument.

Exanple 1: "Or perhaps a ban on beaches because whales have been getting stranded on shore lately."

No, Ben. That would be equal to a call to ban ALCOHOL because a pilot was drunk, or a ban on AIRPLANES because of an air show accident, or a ban on BUSINESSES because of cheating.

anyone who thinks this kid's right are just looking for someone who agrees with them instead of thinking for themselves. This kid's the king of the Strawman debate, and you're buying it.
2002-08-01 06:04:09 PM  
i agree with him regarding capitalism. he sounds like the reincarnation of ayn rand, but he's correct: when these companies fail, it's capitalism working. as for the employees that got screwed: it happens to all employees of unsuccessful businesses. if illegal stuff goes on, heads should roll. but let that happen after illegal stuff has taken place. what problem is there for the goverment to fix? superbig businesses with bad models went bankrupt. that's what's supposed to happen.
2002-08-01 06:04:20 PM  
Kerouac's comment got me to look at the kid's bio.

Let the Liberals laugh at this one:
Brought up in the home of two Reagan Republicans, where intelligent conversation about politics and philosophy was encouraged.... But I thought Rush Limbaugh's disciples were called "Ditto-heads" because they let Rush do all their thinking and heavy lifting?

His controversial columns in the UCLA Daily Bruin have been reprinted nationwide on many major websites.... Let's see, there's NewsMax, Weekly World News...just because something gets "reprinted nationwide on many major websites" doesn't mean the ideas are valid or worthwhile.

He's 18 and a college sophomore. I knew a talented guy who turned 17 freshman year--it didn't make him mature, though.
2002-08-01 06:04:31 PM  
Beyond the rhetoric, I believe the point of the article was that people (liberals, conservatives alike) are clamoring for new laws to solve problems that do not need to be solved. If you want to live in a free society, you have to accept some risk. How much regulation are you willing to support to keep yourself safe from infrequent events? Are such regulations acceptable only if they do not inconvenience you?
2002-08-01 06:05:09 PM  
[image from townhall.com too old to be available]
Ed Anger
2002-08-01 06:05:23 PM  
There should be a law against this type of thing. Always blaming the liberals. Conservatives want to create as many laws to restrict civil liberties as liberals do.
2002-08-01 06:05:42 PM  
I agree that the writer of this article is far from impartial, and I don't much respect some dong who alienates most of his readers by doing so. But I also think the farking government needs to NOT regulate one GODDAMN more thing. The American goverment is already way too far up the American public's colon, and I want it the fark out and not furthur towards my small intestine. If you're worried that your pilot is drunk, ask to see the bastard. Take responsibility for your self. If it comes down to liberty or security, which do you want?
2002-08-01 06:06:23 PM  
Suicidal_Elmo -

no, i'm saying that because he's HIM he'll never have a free mind.

Same thing would happen if his parents were hippies and he wanted to pull out of Afghanistan.

Whether he's conservative or not means nothing.
2002-08-01 06:06:38 PM  
I would love to see any number of left-leaning farker brethren go up against this kid in a realtime forum or debate. He would kick their asses.

I challenge any Farker of an opposing position to
1. Post a retort to Shapiro's opnion here on Fark.

2. Then then send it to Shapiro via e-mail, with Drew as a CC: recipient and the ultimate return address.

3. If Shapiro even deigns to respond to the usual leftist claptrap that gets posted around here, let Drew put his reponse on this board for discussion.

C'mon, brethren. Don't let your sense of politikal correktness deprive you of this great moment and your freedom to OPENLY disagree.

Take the challenge.

(waits with baited breath and bad case of the political giggles)
2002-08-01 06:06:56 PM  
I consider myself fairly conservative, but this kid's column is the worst kind of mindless "what-next" loose-association drivel.

That being said, most of what I see in this thread isn't much better.
2002-08-01 06:07:04 PM  
Blacksmithking: You posted while I was typing. I agree with what you said completely.
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