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(CBS)   Wholesale gas prices drop 25% but retailers aren't passing along savings   ( cbsnews.com) divider line
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2001-07-01 12:08:01 PM  
Gas is 68.4 Cents(cdn)/Liter in my area (near Montreal). Down from a high of 88 Cents/Liter.
2001-07-01 12:11:42 PM  
gas here got up to $2.01 a gallon
2001-07-01 01:22:17 PM  
I bought gas last night in Indy for $1.08
2001-07-01 01:32:37 PM  
Those bastards. $1.91 I paid here yesterday.
2001-07-01 02:04:54 PM  
Down to $1.14 here in Cincy, and that's even for good gas. We're finally below average! It was something like $1.92 two weeks ago, when everyone else was averageing much less.
2001-07-01 02:56:41 PM  
In BC the price is anywhere from 66.9 cents to 82.9 cents. 26 cents of that is provincial tax :-(
2001-07-01 03:03:31 PM  
It is, and has been for a while, about US$1.90/gallon here for regular, going up to $2.05 for premium.

Sbrad: hah! You've got it cheap... I was talking to a friend of mine, runs the University's video lab(major, power hungry bits of kit). I brought up the subject of your power problems and how the utilities will have to be cranking up the rates for electricity. With a straight face, he replied, "Yeah. They'll be paying almost as much as we do now!" (o'course, if our power utilities screw up and underestimate demand, they'd just be wholly screwed. No neighboring states to borrow juice from, after all)

Cyc: lessee. 3.78 liters to US gallon...today's exchange rate is .66 USD to the Canadian dollar...so you're at US$1.71/gallon. Not bad...down from about USD$2.20/gallon
2001-07-01 04:32:38 PM  
WTF is this "Liter"???
2001-07-01 04:44:12 PM  
I managed to find it for $1.34 today in Utica, MI this morning and they gave me a free cup of coffee!

mmmmmm, coffee.
2001-07-01 04:58:17 PM  
Ishidan: thanks for the conversion, I was too lazy to look it up myself :)
2001-07-01 05:27:56 PM  
another reason to buy a Stupid Useless Vehicle
2001-07-01 05:44:34 PM  
Nobody gives a fark about Canada. NO! WAIT! That was just a joke! I know there are lots of Farkers from The Great White North. I love Canada.

All that extra Gas profit goes to Our Worthless VP, Dick head Cheney. What's Canada's excuse?
2001-07-01 05:52:56 PM  
Spacegoat: It's a misspelling of lighter. Which, as we all know, is a measurement of liquid volume equivalent to that of a standard cigarette lighter being 2/3rds full. So, given you now have a rough idea of how much liquid we're talking about. You can now make the realisation that Canadians really get FARKed on their gas prices.
2001-07-01 06:02:58 PM  
Cyc: no problem. After all, it's the US that's still using the strange, outdated system of measurement called the gallon...I believe even Britain, from whom we stole the name but not how much liquid it represents, has switched to metric.

Spacegoat: it's the same thing as a litre. Oh, you're welcome, no problem at all.

Octer: yup, we've got an oil family in charge of the U.S., they're telling all other governments off and appointing people that were hot stuff(or should that be "in hot water") 20 years ago! "I'm a uniter, not a divider. Oh, I made it? OK, here's how I unite. I simply don't listen to anybody who disagrees with me, and so we are all in agreement and united."
2001-07-01 06:37:56 PM  
Ishidan Ichiban Thanks. Well said!

Although I can't really agree too much with this: "it's the US that's still using the strange, outdated system of measurement " because it implies the Brits use a sensible system. OK, Metric, but not the Imperial system! Yep, like Farthings, Furlongs, Hectares, Shillings, Bob, Hands, on and on and on...

So don't get so cocky, Brits and Canucks!
2001-07-01 06:55:28 PM  

I know I live in San Jose and the cheapest is $1.72, but just go up the peninsula about 20 miles and the cheapest is $1.93. They screw us in areas where the per capita income is greater. In the US, refineries have not added any noticeable capacity in about 10 years.

Fact of the Week
Amount by which the world's top 10 oil companies exceeded 1999 profits in the year 2000:
-- Public Citizen

Is there collusion going on? Here in California we have only 3 major refiners. In other parts of the country there are 7, 8, 10, or more refiners. With only three companies dictating the supply, would they collude rather easily?
2001-07-01 10:19:22 PM  
About the article...gas retailers usually don't adjust the price until 1 or 2 months after the cuts/increases.
2001-07-01 10:25:42 PM  
Octer: thank you, thank you.

Pbsaurus: judging from how a similarly small number of refineries acts here...yup.

Americans who voted for Bush, could you raise your hands please? Ah, good, good. Now use your raised hands to smack yourself on the back of the head, it will save me the trouble. And for those of you who get those tax refund checks(I think my income is too low to get free money :-P), here's a reality-check to go with it. That surplus, the one he's giving back to you, never existed. It was a projection. Spending money we don't have, burning oil we won't have, and pissing off allies we DO have so we won't have them anymore, that is President Shrub.
(let's see if I can't trigger a cascade with that one, eh?)
2001-07-01 11:51:34 PM  
Yeah... the cascade IS:


2001-07-02 03:04:51 AM  

Did Someone say Coffee????

(Oh yeah, gas is $1.50 or so a gallon on MS Gulf Coast)

- I'll have mine to go, please....
2001-07-02 05:34:48 PM  
Ok this article is aold but what the hey..
killja wrote
About the article...gas retailers usually don't adjust the price until 1 or 2 months after the cuts/increases. "
This isn't true. When the price of crude oil goes up, the price at the pump goes up the same day. When crude gets cheaper, it takes a month or 2 like you say.
That is all.
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