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(Some Guy)   Guiness record: World's longest arm hair. Your Italian grandmother is jealous   ( gmtoday.com) divider line
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18953 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2007 at 11:38 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-02-01 10:21:19 PM  
Useless without pics...
2007-02-01 10:31:17 PM  
There can be only one... hair boy.
2007-02-01 10:43:55 PM  
a Homestead High School freshman,

He'll be really surprised soon enough.
2007-02-01 11:42:25 PM  
boy, that's gotta be some nasty mole its coming out of

© nevis
2007-02-01 11:42:41 PM  
[image from mgroves.com too old to be available]
2007-02-01 11:43:26 PM  
High school's gonna be nothing but a 4-year sex party for that kid.

/unless Homestead High is one of those abstinence-only places. Then it's a 2-year sex party and 2 years of changing diapers.
2007-02-01 11:43:29 PM  
I can see it now...

"Hey baby, ever been with a Guinness world record holder before?"
2007-02-01 11:44:15 PM  
No, that would be mole hair.
2007-02-01 11:44:44 PM  
[image from gmtoday.com too old to be available]
2007-02-01 11:47:35 PM  
My Italian grandmother happens to be Irish, thank you very much.
2007-02-01 11:48:02 PM  

High school's gonna be nothing but a 4-year sex party for that kid.

Yeah, I'd have to say his social life is pretty much fbxrd until he's burned the last copy of (a) the book and (b) this photo.
2007-02-01 11:48:15 PM  
[image from img356.imageshack.us too old to be available]

Not impressed.
2007-02-01 11:48:43 PM  
C'mon, how does Wisconsin not have a tag yet?
2007-02-01 11:48:52 PM  
[image from img103.imageshack.us too old to be available]

a record for shortest coke lines
2007-02-01 11:49:12 PM  
she's not jealous, just modest
2007-02-01 11:49:31 PM  
2007-02-01 11:50:04 PM  
Dammit, that always pisses me off. This kid is a freshman in High School. Thats pretty impressive. Usually people don't celebrate their body hair like that.

If we were still in the 70's and hairy chests were cool, I'd be getting laid like Burt Reynolds. But now chicks dig the baldshested dudes. I'm screwed. But I scared teh ghey away last weekend at a toga party.

Threadjack Alert: Chuck Schumer scares the crap out of me. This guy is a nutcase. Seriously. Turn on Charlie Rose now if you don't beleive me.
2007-02-01 11:52:51 PM  
i demand fbxrd!!!
2007-02-01 11:53:48 PM  
Is there a record for longest pubes?
2007-02-01 11:54:27 PM  
I have hair longer than that on my back.
2007-02-01 11:54:52 PM  
"I think every kid's dream is to have a world record,"

Yeah, but not for that being the longest thing on his body.
2007-02-01 11:55:17 PM  
Your Italian grandmother is jealous

No, she's been dead since 1938.
2007-02-01 11:55:48 PM  
He may not want to include that on his resume when he looks for work.
2007-02-01 11:56:08 PM  
Hell, most of my pubic hair is twice that long - well, realative to my six incher.
2007-02-01 11:56:14 PM  
Ah,no official records on pubes but found this gem

Longest female pubic hair
Pubic hair, short and curly in most of us, sometimes grows to quite extraordinary lengths. Havelock Ellis worked as a midwife in his early days, and he notes that only in one case did long pubic hair hamper his efforts. In some remarkable cases recorded by a certain Mr. F. L. John (1778-1852) the pubic hair was longer than the women's ordinary hair. Thus (Paulini): the pubic hair reached the knees.... (Bartholia): the pubic hair was plaited behind the woman's back. Ronald Learsall, who nicely notes these instances, observes with appropriate insight that such cases "are unquestionably freakish."

From The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records.
© 1974, 1982, 1997-2001 G.L. Simons

2007-02-01 11:57:03 PM  
I feel misled. This wasn't the longest arm hair, this was a freakish single hair on an arm. I was expecting an arm with hair all the same general length, but really long.
2007-02-01 11:57:21 PM  

You should go for a Guinness World Record like this kid, then. Until that happens, I don't believe you. Unless, of course, I see it. Then I'll promptly puke on it.
2007-02-01 11:57:51 PM  
Okay, this is just getting f*cking absurd.

Guiness has to draw the line somewhere. Not every "accomplishment" really needs to be recorded, you know? I'm clearly the record holder for being most like me in all the world, but I'm fairly sure my place in the Book is not yet secured.

An arm hair? That's not a record-setting achievement, it's just gross.
2007-02-01 11:58:00 PM  
[image from cache.boston.com too old to be available]

Sorry, that's not a hair question
2007-02-01 11:59:57 PM  
Holy shiat I went to high school there and I know that dude's sister.
2007-02-02 12:01:27 AM  
Alyssa Milano is jealous.
2007-02-02 12:01:38 AM  

Is she hot?

Is she hairy?
2007-02-02 12:03:29 AM  
For a sec I thought it said longest armpit hair.

I knew this chick who, all things considered, was pretty cute, but God forbid she wore a tanktop. It was almost... unholy
2007-02-02 12:04:37 AM  
Guess I'll have to document my freak nip-hair now.

/Extra credit for keeping a bead hanging from it?
2007-02-02 12:07:21 AM  

Is she hot?

Is she hairy?

Not hairy and definitely not hot.
2007-02-02 12:08:56 AM  

You bastard.

Now I can not only not get Rapunztwat out of my head, but also the hair matting act of coitus that caused me to now know this story.
2007-02-02 12:10:53 AM  
[image from aquateencentral.com too old to be available]
2007-02-02 12:11:51 AM  
you've got a freak nipple hair too? I'm cultivating mine for the least useful world record ever.
2007-02-02 12:15:48 AM  
your Italian Grandma would only be jealous if it were the longest mole hair
2007-02-02 12:17:34 AM  
Useless without towel.
2007-02-02 12:34:04 AM  
I hope that the bead/weight/nip-hair stretcher isn't cheating.
2007-02-02 12:35:12 AM  
The Guinness Book of World Records jumped the shark years ago. I'm glad someone's keeping track of who's run the fastest mile and stuff like that, sure, but the only time the Book issues press releases anymore is when some obscure nobody has done some obscure nothing better than anybody else on record because, let's face it, nobody else on the planet would want to be on record as having done it.

I mean, here's a Google News search for "guinness book world record". What do we have, hm? The arm-hair kid, the world's largest bed, stringing a raquetball racquet, throwing the Guinness Book itself, world's smallest steam engine, most guitarists playing one song... dear God, if it's fame you're after, would you people just get a blog like everybody else??

/tired and gripey
2007-02-02 12:36:41 AM  
When I was 12 I had one of those freak white hairs about 6-8" on my back.

But come on, as some world record, I think it's pretty weak.
2007-02-02 12:52:21 AM  
Hey, Chris Barr, my husband has chest hair. I like it that way. If there's no hair, what am I supposed to rub my face in?
2007-02-02 12:55:51 AM  
Hey submitter, my Italian grandmother made the best goddamn homemade pasta I've ever had. I would cut your throat right now for one forkfull.
2007-02-02 12:57:34 AM  
roloffa: Hey, Chris Barr, my husband has chest hair. I like it that way. If there's no hair, what am I supposed to rub my face in?

I've come to realize all women like chest hair. They just say they don't (generally).
2007-02-02 01:26:57 AM  
That's nasty.
2007-02-02 01:33:14 AM  
/God rest her zombie bones
2007-02-02 01:57:03 AM  
I don't know why I think this is so disgusting...but I do.
2007-02-02 02:55:34 AM  
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