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(Some Guy)   Press conference from the two who were arrested for the bomb scare in Boston yesterday is comedy gold   ( divider line
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2007-02-01 2:40:46 PM  
too funny
2007-02-01 2:41:07 PM  
That is not a hair question.
2007-02-01 2:41:15 PM  
"That's not a hair question. I'm sorry."
2007-02-01 2:43:28 PM  
Hmm, this marketing company just got a HUGE promotion and they are all wiping their asses with 100's right now
2007-02-01 2:43:33 PM  
I feel like, my hair is pretty perfect

/this is going to turn out AWSOME!!!
2007-02-01 2:43:40 PM  
Those 2 guys RULE!! They RULE!! Fark mumbles menino and his asshat stormtrooper wannabe wussies. LightBrights were up for 3 weeks in 10 cities and Boston is the only place to get their knickers in a twist. I hope these 2 guys sue and win BIG $$$.
2007-02-01 2:43:54 PM  
Well if they wanted to draw attention to the show they were supposedly promoting, then mission accomplished.
2007-02-01 2:43:54 PM  
perfect hair forever
2007-02-01 2:44:08 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen: the newest Cartoon Network vice presidents.
2007-02-01 2:44:08 PM  
Somehow, I don't think this will help them out in the long run.
2007-02-01 2:44:11 PM  
These guys will be famous now!
Bet they will be on Leno and Letterman within the week!
2007-02-01 2:44:18 PM  
2007-02-01 2:44:21 PM  
According to the last poll I saw (I think it was on ABC News), the country is pretty much split in half as to whether the "hoax" was funny or out of line.

I'd have to say that Fark is about 95/5, according to what I've seen.
2007-02-01 2:44:22 PM  
These are not the droids that you are looking for.
2007-02-01 2:44:50 PM  
perfect response if you ask me... since the only people that dont think this is a joke is the city of boston, the mayor, and the governor...

i would have went further talking aboot the most asinine stuff ever... why, because what is going to happen to these two in all seriousness? last time i checked, regardless of patriot act and all the liberties the bush admin has eroded, its still america.
if you honestly think because something has wires and a battery that it could be a bomb, then i expect every farker to make a half dozen calls to 911 on the way home tonight... since you cna find any number of items like that on your way home from work alone
2007-02-01 2:45:19 PM  
This is so awesome.
2007-02-01 2:45:20 PM  
The reporters are asking how does it feel like to put lives in Jeporady

WTFITS its unbelievable on how this is going down, and these guys are the only one thats sane in the whole situation. This is unbelievable
2007-02-01 2:45:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/bunch of stoners
2007-02-01 2:45:32 PM  
"We're taking this very seriously. Please don't interrupt."
2007-02-01 2:45:39 PM  
these guys need a hero tag.

thats not a hair question!
2007-02-01 2:45:47 PM  
Hahaha...suck it, press corps
2007-02-01 2:46:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/sure to approve
2007-02-01 2:46:15 PM  
2007-02-01 2:46:22 PM  
The term 'Comedy Gold" has just been taken down a notch... Real hilarity would be these two getting their salads tossed at the nearest Federal PUUTA facility.

2007-02-01 2:46:26 PM  
2007-02-01 02:45:19 PM Action Replay Nick

This is so awesome.

completely agree....
2007-02-01 2:46:29 PM  
Wow that was like....... incredible. Did they just pwn the reporters that created the entire hoax?
2007-02-01 2:46:39 PM  
2007-02-01 2:46:44 PM  
"Whatever happens, I feel like my hair is safe for the moment."
2007-02-01 2:46:50 PM  
So that's what douchebags look like.
2007-02-01 2:46:54 PM  
Is it just me or does anybody else think these guys are acting a little bit like asshats?
2007-02-01 2:46:56 PM  
Guerilla marketing is still stupid as hell, no matter how cool the show.
2007-02-01 2:46:59 PM  
Can we get these guys for Fark TV? It might be funny then.

/runs, and ducks behind asbestos shower curtain.
2007-02-01 2:47:04 PM  
That is awesome.
2007-02-01 2:47:22 PM  
The mass media sucks anyways. Bunch of fear mongering bastards. I salute these men and their mockery of the sensationalist crap posing as american journalism.
2007-02-01 2:47:41 PM  
I have two more heroes as of today.
2007-02-01 2:47:44 PM  
And may god continue to bless America.
2007-02-01 2:47:49 PM  
Transcript anywhere? I don't have (and can't install) Flash.
2007-02-01 2:47:55 PM  
2007-02-01 02:46:22 PM Just_Another_Drug_Overdose_Survivor

The term 'Comedy Gold" has just been taken down a notch... Real hilarity would be these two getting their salads tossed at the nearest Federal PUUTA facility.


okay internet tough guy, what you dont have anything to add that you would do to them for messing up your city?

seriously, what crime did they commit to deserve beign placed in PMITA??????????
2007-02-01 2:48:02 PM  
lol wtf these guys are great
2007-02-01 2:48:21 PM  
"It's clear the intent was to get attention by causing fear and unrest that there was a bomb in that location," Assistant Attorney General John Grossman said at their arraignment.

Bullsh*t. Are you psychic? How do you know the intent? Does a cartoon character holding his middle finger up cause you fear and unrest? It was an ad campaign and it was up in 9 other cities for 2 weeks with no complaints or panicked people.

"The appearance of this device and its location are crucial," Grossman said. "This device looks like a bomb."

Some in the gallery snickered.

Obvious they snickered. The things looked nothing like a bomb. They were lit up cartoon characters. The Attorney General must be on crack making asinine statements like that.

Fans of the show mocked authorities for what they called an overreaction.

About a dozen fans gathered outside Charlestown District Court on Thursday morning with signs saying "1-31-07 Never Forget" and "Free Peter."

"We're the laughing stock," said Tracy O'Connor, 34.

"It's almost too easy to be a terrorist these days," said Jennifer Mason, 26. "You stick a box on a corner and you can shut down a city."

Thank you! See earlier story about a toy panicking people. We've turned into a nation of scared sheep.
2007-02-01 2:48:23 PM  
Idiots, they're supposed to be shilling Aqua Teen Hunger Force, not Perfect Hair Forever.
2007-02-01 2:48:33 PM  
What happen to these two just illustrates how crazy this whole BS war on terrorism has become!
2007-02-01 2:48:49 PM  
dreadlocks are called Poos for a reason there, spliffy.
2007-02-01 2:48:54 PM  
Finnley Wren: So that's what douchebags look like.

Mayor Menino wasn't in that clip, was he?
2007-02-01 2:48:56 PM  
mathmatix: seriously, what crime did they commit to deserve beign placed in PMITA??????????

The hair alone is enough.
2007-02-01 2:49:06 PM  
So that's what douchebags look like.

Shouldn't you be in your bunker, sucking your thumb until the big bad tewwewists are behind bars?
2007-02-01 2:49:13 PM  
the joke is on the the city of boston, the mayor, that asshat DA. hahaha this promo has been out for weeks in OTHER citys with no problems.
suck it, press corps suck it Boston da and mayor and cops, your a laughing stock of the world now.

oh please take this to court and put these two on a 24 hour news cycle and 15 min updates for the next 5 months!
2007-02-01 2:49:22 PM  
alighier: Somehow, I don't think this will help them out in the long run.

Nope. Best for them not to say anything to the press about it right now. This is just a smartass "no comment."
2007-02-01 2:49:29 PM  
2007-02-01 02:46:50 PM Finnley Wren

So that's what douchebags look like.

i dont know, you've done a pretty good job of displaying the same...
2007-02-01 2:49:45 PM  
Very funny, balls of brass ;)
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