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(Team Christianity) Video I see your Terry Tate: Office Linebacker and raise you Dewey Gray: Evangelism Linebacker   ( divider line
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3233 clicks; posted to Video » on 29 Jan 2007 at 10:12 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-29 10:18:05 PM  
Well, it's a total ripoff of Terry Tate, but there's some funny lines in there.

"That doesn't compare to fourth-and-one for ETERNITY!"
2007-01-29 10:28:15 PM  
damn funny stuff
2007-01-29 10:32:20 PM  
2007-01-29 10:36:29 PM  
2007-01-29 10:50:47 PM  
Wow. How incredibly pathetic.
2007-01-29 10:51:11 PM  
The terry tate videos are much better. Boy, if only he really existed cuz I have been with some co workers that would benefit from a blind side tackle.
2007-01-29 10:56:05 PM  
The joke, much like the bible, lost a lot in the translation. (unlike the bible, it didn't gain anything)
2007-01-29 11:06:24 PM  
2007-01-29 11:10:17 PM  
The copyright thing was annoying, but Jesus Christ that was funny.

/Those Frequent Flyer miles really rackin' up.
2007-01-29 11:24:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The pain train's coming for you, rip off artists!

woo woo!
2007-01-30 12:08:11 AM  
I wish I had 10 Terry Tates...

To bring the pain train to whatever bible thumper made that travesty.
2007-01-30 12:11:29 AM  
Why oh why did Reebok not follow through on that campaign. Terry Tate rocked my whole office back then. The "You kill the joe, you make some 'mo" sign was still there when I left.
2007-01-30 12:20:33 AM  
My favorite Triple T quote:

"Playin hurt?! Baby that don't phase me. I don't got time for pain. The only pain I got time for is the pain that I put on fools who don't know what time it is!"
2007-01-30 12:43:19 AM  
Gaston Du Coque
2007-01-30 01:06:15 AM  
So the joke's what now? That they completely ripped off the Terry Tate commercials in the most forced and heavy handed way possible with a guy that's not so much built like a linebacker then superimposed a giant copyright symbol over the whole mess so that no one steals their stolen material?

Because that's actually kind of funny.
2007-01-30 01:55:11 AM  
I'm sorry, but the gag is hilarious. When he was sneaking up on the guy on the phone, I was laughing my ass off. Every hit just gets me.

Regardless of how much of a rip-off it is, or how silly or objectionable you find the sentiment, the gag is hilarious.
2007-01-30 05:44:24 AM  
SUH WEET! First Greenlight!

I cant believe it! I am in shock! WOO WOO!
2007-01-30 08:47:52 AM  
He looks like a Free Safety.
2007-01-30 09:17:28 AM  
These are not your pens Richard, these pens belong in MY HOUSE. You can't come in my kitchen, kick my dog, and then take a box of ballpoints. Your ass must be crazy!
2007-01-30 09:39:22 AM  
Inappropriate flying tackles make everything funny. Seriously, this guy could be selling Lipitor and I'd be laughing. Ripoff, no ripoff, whatever. The IFT (Inappropriate Flying Tackle) deserves a place of honor next to the UFIA.

Next to, not in front of. HEYO!

And I'm thrilled that a Christian Ministry organization got in on teh funnay.
2007-01-30 10:58:50 AM  
Nice fanvid. I fully expect to see Jeebus pictures with that Copyright sign overlaid elsewhere now...

The Lord gonna Save Your Ass!
/'Lord' is a Trademark of Jeebus Industries
//'Save Your Ass' is a Registered Trademark of BibleThumpers'R'Us
///Sending the video to anyone else will result in excommunication ...
2007-01-30 04:59:40 PM  
2007-01-30 05:14:07 PM  
When I saw Terry Tate, I lol'd.

When I saw this, I didn't even have a mini guffaw.
2007-01-30 06:48:41 PM  
If that video didn't convince you to spread the word, nothing will!
2007-01-30 09:29:05 PM  
And this raps up our broadcast of Comedy in Religion, once again proving that the two go together as well as Cajun seasoning and ice cream.
2007-01-31 01:28:03 AM  
Am I the only one that was expecting him to spear tackle a hasidic jew or some other orthodox religion? I think it would have been ten times as funny than what we saw; controversial and farked up but at least a little more honest and hilarious in the process.
2007-01-31 07:45:33 PM  
horrible absolutely horrible..and you lose the pot with that raise because I called
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