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(Some Guy) Hero Deliberately inflammatory headline regarding political issue distorts actual content of article with intent to provoke irrational conflicts among debaters. Sarcastic request for members of opposing ideology to inhale sharply   ( divider line
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20702 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 24 Jan 2007 at 9:39 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-01-23 8:11:38 PM  
deragatory remark about submitter's promiscuous mother.
2007-01-23 8:15:25 PM  
Amusing picture of an animal.
2007-01-23 8:16:41 PM  
random strawman arguement intended to derail thread
2007-01-23 8:17:18 PM  
Shouted reminder of the fact that there is little remaining time until an arbitrary but menacing deadline.
2007-01-23 8:18:34 PM  
Surprised looking owl questioning the validity of your statement.
2007-01-23 8:21:06 PM  
MichaelMoron: random strawman arguement intended to derail thread

Grammar Nazi pointing out another poster's typo
2007-01-23 8:21:27 PM  
Picture of Our Lord and Savior assaulting himself on the forehead whilst proclaiming "Oh self, not this shiat again."
2007-01-23 8:23:39 PM  
Snarky comment reminding the participants that blindly following idealouges from either side is tantamount to self-inflicted blunt force trauma to the cranium.
2007-01-23 8:23:58 PM  
Sarcastic comment involving a deformation of submitter's party's name, possibly preceded by the phrase "suck it"
2007-01-23 8:24:49 PM  
Misleading graph

/Closing snark about misspelled words in previous posts
2007-01-23 8:26:08 PM  
Subby You're a magnificient bastard.
2007-01-23 8:27:36 PM  
Picture of man in colonial dress showing emotion with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound finding amusement in being derisive
2007-01-23 8:30:20 PM  
Inquiry into the whereabouts of subby's mother last night.

Oh wait nevermind.

CAT THREAD!!!!ELEventY111!
2007-01-23 8:30:36 PM  
Ad Hominem attack on opposition party leader
2007-01-23 8:30:45 PM  
Random owl with pithy phrase.
2007-01-23 8:32:12 PM  
Carefully planned clever cutting remark with incorrect use of apostrophe.

Italicized closing jab preceded with backslash.
2007-01-23 8:32:36 PM  
Picture of just awaken kitten with a caption ask you what you are talking about.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2007-01-23 8:33:02 PM  
Unpersuasive comparison to former high-ranking official.
2007-01-23 8:35:45 PM  
Obligatory reference to previous political leader with a penchant for cigars, blue dresses, and bovine interns.
2007-01-23 8:35:49 PM  
Off thread topic request for additional images of captioned nocturnal raptors.
2007-01-23 8:36:15 PM  
Comment (1) suggesting that Submitter is mentally challenged, (2) using a satirical nickname for Submitter's apparent preferred political party and suggesting that most or all members of said party share a similar lack of intellectual ability, and (3) suggesting that perhaps it would be appropriate for Submitter to immediately perish in a conflagration of some kind.
2007-01-23 8:37:23 PM  
Purposeful invocation of Godwin's Law.
2007-01-23 8:37:50 PM  
Surprised exclamation that nobody has mentioned that they have given this headline one vote in the positive direction.
2007-01-23 8:40:15 PM  
Several mentions of heating kernels of grain to point of explosion for purpose of ingestion while reading the thread.
2007-01-23 8:40:49 PM  
Being unable to accertain what is currently transpiring, offers an image of a small mammal in the family "Leporidae" with a stack of flatbread prepared from a batter that is baked on a hot griddle or frying pan as a substitute
2007-01-23 8:42:22 PM  
Comment supporting Submitter's view on this issue and asserting that others who disagree are indisputably mindless devotees of a certain named overweight (1) documentary filmmaker or (2) radio talk show host, about said overweight celebrity the commentor apparently takes a dim view.
2007-01-23 8:43:34 PM  
Clumsily executed request for mammary gland photographs encapsulated in internet mail from attractive female thread participant. Presented as sarcasm, but only thinly veiling mid-life male sexual desperation, enhanced by decades if co-habitation with maternal party.
2007-01-23 8:45:16 PM  
Xyling: Clumsily executed request for mammary gland photographs encapsulated in internet mail from attractive female thread participant. Presented as sarcasm, but only thinly veiling mid-life male sexual desperation, enhanced by decades if co-habitation with maternal party.

repetitive sound of hands being brought together in appreciation of the comment that was just made regarding this headline.
2007-01-23 8:46:10 PM  
Large grayscale graphic depicting the laughing visage of a member of the religious "Society of Friends" and said image displaying a pithy comment below the visage.
2007-01-23 8:46:42 PM  
Debate? I'm not here to debate. I pay $5 a month to tell you idiots what I think of you.

Pffft. Debate my eye.

rant does not apply to non-idiots
2007-01-23 8:46:44 PM  
Captioned photograph of mentally challenged child participating in athletic event, liking the current debate to said event and and asserting that the ultimate victors in the debate share key characteristics with said child.
2007-01-23 8:49:24 PM  
Logical fallacy, ad hominem.
2007-01-23 8:51:26 PM  
Comment proclaiming the superiority of this thread over any other similar thread.

\side comment preceded by slash
2007-01-23 8:52:38 PM  
Comment about providing article link to forum with more inflammatory or humorous description.

Comment that is proceeded by forward slash mark making what is felt to be humorous aside but is actually annoying to others.

Comment that is proceeded by two forward slash marks making what is felt to be humorous aside but is actually now extremely annoying to others.

Comment that is proceeded by three forward slash marks noting that two comments using forward slash marks have been made, making other forum members click on profile to determine if commentor is close enough in proximity to physically harm.
2007-01-23 8:58:06 PM  
Random blathering including nouns in bold type with -tard suffix attached.

Baseless attack on individuals' sexual identities.

[overused image of something on fire with witty catch written in red]
2007-01-23 8:58:58 PM  
Picture of obscure reference followed by caption "Approves"
2007-01-23 9:03:20 PM  
username in boldface type, followed by "wins!"
2007-01-23 9:35:39 PM  
Stern reminder from Moderator to keep the thread civil.
2007-01-23 9:41:23 PM  
indication that the thread was completed in the Boobies
2007-01-23 9:41:56 PM  
feigned indignation at the comment filtering mechanism
2007-01-23 10:07:01 PM  
Comment referring to my Boobies, followed by another comment querying why it said Boobies when I typed Boobies.
2007-01-23 10:19:18 PM  
Mention of self seeing one repitle with a shell consisting of a dorsal carapace and a ventral plastron.
2007-01-23 10:45:31 PM  
JPEG image of unidentified canine sitting at a dinner table with a plate of broccoli in front of him.
2007-01-23 10:46:00 PM  
Awestruck comments as to Moderator's ability to bend the rules of time.

Calling out of Submitter as an inherent winner of Darwin's Awards
2007-01-23 11:09:04 PM  
2007-01-23 11:18:51 PM  
Stu...Stut...Stuttering comment directing liability towards a womanizing President largely popular among those of the liberal persuasion.
2007-01-23 11:23:36 PM  
Sarcastic explanation phrased exactly backwards to illustrate how the proposal is ridiculous.
2007-01-23 11:38:45 PM  
Desperate bid to post after every other user in the thread in an attempt to secure "last post" status, to be used for bragging purposes at some future date.
2007-01-23 11:39:50 PM  
Expression of despair regarding outposting Moderator.

My physical presence in this thread must terminate soon, maximize your resting phase this nocturnal cycle.
2007-01-24 12:36:27 AM  
Shameless post placing my proboscis firmly in between the gluteus maximus of the fairhanded and intelligent site moderators for their infinite sense of jest.
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