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(Decatur Daily)   If you MUST bring pot to your court date, don't bring so much that you choke while swallowing it   ( decaturdaily.com) divider line
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2007-01-16 05:50:24 PM  
So I'm going to need like... 150... when you get a chance.
2007-01-16 06:23:12 PM  
$5 worth of doob and he chokes on it?

That can't be much.
2007-01-16 06:55:03 PM  
$5 bag? You'd really waste a bag for $5 worth of pot?

Hell, I shouldn't complain. Normally they would have claimed that the street value was $5,000.
2007-01-16 07:09:45 PM  

In school they always said if you're going to bring something like that, you need to bring enough for everyone.

You can't have it both ways.
2007-01-16 08:34:40 PM  
Figures it's Athens, GA.

This one is probably one of University of Georgia's "Honor Program" students. Here is the hint: if you're not a UGA honor student, you're an idiot, because EVERYONE is on the honor's list. You have to purposefully fail to not be a UGA "honor" recipient.

Unfortunately, sometimes the UGA trash tries to go into medicine, and we get the new post-UGA med students. Talk about dumber than a brick...
2007-01-16 08:36:44 PM  
Bummer. These guys give potheads a really bad name. Then again, our president gives leaders a bad name.

/get it?
2007-01-16 08:38:51 PM  
PSA tag surrenders?
2007-01-16 08:38:59 PM  

Figures it's Athens, GA.

Looks like Athens,Alabama to me.
2007-01-16 08:39:45 PM  
You don't tug on Superman's Cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger
2007-01-16 08:43:34 PM  
And it was swag at that, 5$ of hydro is nothing.
2007-01-16 08:44:09 PM  
Did he even take it out of the bag?
2007-01-16 08:49:08 PM  
Chicken or the egg? Is it that smoking pot makes people stupid or is it that stupid people smoke pot?
2007-01-16 08:49:29 PM  
When did Thursday become hyphenated?
2007-01-16 08:51:30 PM  
fark the police. Bust the head of a farken pretender. Smoke that shiat right on the arches.
2007-01-16 08:52:12 PM  
I'll be there soon.
2007-01-16 08:53:57 PM  
If you give me a $5 bag of pot on Tue-sday, I will gladly pay you on Thur-sday.

[image from popeyefreshfoods.com too old to be available]

2007-01-16 08:54:32 PM  
I don't get it. Why would he try to eat it? Why not just smoke a fatty BEFORE going to court? I dunno about anyone else but I am often more articulate when experiencing the 4:20. It might have helped him talk his way out of something, if not, at least he's still baked right?

2007-01-16 08:57:09 PM  
well, if it was a 5 bag then id probably choke too, probably some bunk ass schwagg (no one sells respectable weed in nickels and dimes)
2007-01-16 09:00:11 PM  
natemic: well, if it was a 5 bag then id probably choke too, probably some bunk ass schwagg (no one sells respectable weed in nickels and dimes)

lol, u think so?
2007-01-16 09:08:12 PM  
Never smoke anything larger than your head.
2007-01-16 09:09:48 PM  
Maybe it was a bag full of nickels, with a little bit of pot inside.
2007-01-16 09:11:27 PM  
[image from farm1.static.flickr.com too old to be available]

Stick to alcohol.
2007-01-16 09:12:14 PM  
[image from i3.photobucket.com too old to be available]

2007-01-16 09:23:51 PM  
[image from upload.wikimedia.org too old to be available]

See Exibit "C" for $5 worth of weed.

seriously, who gets a nik anymore? I haven't bought a nickel bag in about 14 years. I'm pretty sure any respectable dealed (respectable? sure) would laugh in my face if I asked for $5 bucks worth. I want to get high, not sleepy!

/choke on a fat one biatch.
2007-01-16 09:24:07 PM  
See, this is why I always keep my nickel bags securely shoved up my arse whenever I have court dates.
2007-01-16 09:29:17 PM  
g92vr4: seriously, who gets a nik anymore? I haven't bought a nickel bag in about 14 years. I'm pretty sure any respectable dealer would laugh in my face if I asked for $5 bucks worth. I want to get ripped off, not broken off!

Fixed that for you.
2007-01-16 09:29:55 PM  
Want fries with that?
2007-01-16 09:34:41 PM  
The question isn't should it be illegal, but rather is it illegal. And the answer? Right now,yeah, it is. What a douchelord.
2007-01-16 09:35:35 PM  
now you've confused me
2007-01-16 09:49:57 PM  
dynamicdog: Stick to alcohol.

2007-01-16 09:50:02 PM  
[image from economist.com too old to be available]
2007-01-16 10:00:22 PM  
Heh, I've brought drugs to court without thinking about it before. Most people get caught when they are asked to empty their pockets and actually do.

Only thing they ever gave me trouble for was when I has just returned from a surplus electronics store and had some random stuff with wires coming off it, a few electronic components, and laptop hard drives. That stuff they were worried about and I had to leave it with them.
2007-01-16 10:00:23 PM  
[image from img404.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-01-16 10:01:50 PM  
[image from img186.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-01-16 10:20:47 PM  
Police have released a photo of the suspect:

[image from stomptokyo.com too old to be available]
2007-01-16 10:22:23 PM  
Rules for handling pot

know your local and state laws.
when traveling from deal to home, make sure you have a passenger
have passenger hold purchase.
never take purchase with you when traveling alone. if you must travel alone, walk.
only smoke at home.
NEVER, EVER, take purchase with you into court houses, police stations, donut shops, or IHOP restaurants.

/legal limit in OK is 1/4 oz in personal possession. trick is this: never have it in your car.
2007-01-16 10:22:36 PM  
Hell, I'm even more confused than I was five minutes ago.

/can I have that five minutes back?
2007-01-16 10:24:35 PM  
haha black people, reguardless of if they are bouncing a ball around, jumping around on a stage, or getting arrested on COPs they are always a source of free entertainment.
2007-01-16 10:41:59 PM  
Better Off Dead: When did Thursday become hyphenated?

Looks like a low budget operation. They probably imported copy verbatim from the print edition.
2007-01-16 10:42:33 PM  
[image from tvinfo.se too old to be available]

2007-01-16 10:43:09 PM  
...psssst.. hey billy, swallow these.

2007-01-16 10:47:29 PM  
This far into the thread and there's no "Dude. Wait...What?" kitty picture yet?????
You guys are slipping.
2007-01-16 10:53:33 PM  
Better Off Dead: When did Thursday become hyphenated?

The note on this came out last Sa-turd-ay.
2007-01-16 10:56:00 PM  
I'm as lame and drug-free as one can get, and even I know $5 worth of Marijuana is a joke.
2007-01-16 11:07:43 PM  
margarine of error

You hurt my feelings :(
2007-01-16 11:11:55 PM  
Thur-sday that's how you know it's in the south.
2007-01-16 11:20:20 PM  
$5? I could snort that and not bat an eyelash.
2007-01-16 11:33:30 PM  
Court is bad- worse? I met a guy who got busted walking into the US Attorney's office in DC with weed.

If you're gonna take weed to a place like that, why wouldn't you take the time to bake it into something?

"Oh- that cookie, Officer? My girlfriend baked me a snack."
2007-01-17 12:17:56 AM  
Out in Western Mass, that much goes for 20$, g92vr4. Yeah, 20$ a gram these days. Few kids can afford to even buy by the fourth!
2007-01-17 12:18:37 AM  

[image from knitemare.org too old to be available]

There ya go.
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